Artist Identification Project

Help the Memsaab identify people she doesn’t know but should! I will keep adding and subtracting to this page as people fill in my knowledge gaps. Once I know who they are I’ll move them to the Artist Gallery page, which hopefully will help people new to the Fabulousness of Hindi cinema figure out who is who!

Faces Without Names

I call this guy “Ruffled Shirt Guy” because, well, he’s often wearing a ruffled shirt. Ted Lyons has told me that he is NOT Vijay, of Oscar-Vijay the choreography team. He is always a background dancer, or the main guy dancing with the female lead.

I call this dreamy guy “Sombrero Man” for obvious reasons, and he was in Apradh. I haven’t seen him anywhere else, but I adore him and I really really really really really NEED to know who he is/was.

This poor woman has been booted out of the Gallery and back into unknown status thanks to Surjit Singh! Help me figure out who she is!

The guy below is a VERY familiar B movie staple (this from Lootera). He played a priest.

The woman below was in Patthar Aur Payal, and I feel like I should know who she is too.

Help me, fellow film fans!

Feel free to email screenshots to me—make sure they are clear enough to make out though, or I won’t post them—for inclusion here if you’ve been dying to know who someone is! And thanks for helping out this gori Mem (memsaabstory [at] gmail [dot] com).

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  1. I’ve been thinking of writing up Shair myself and have had some trouble identifying all the cast members (it’s not as though anyone would bother to list them!)… So, who is the other Bina?! Narrowing it down from the IMDb cast list, at least, I’m thinking it must be Dulari or Rekha Mallick.

  2. the man in caravan song monica .. is the guy who sang a song and danced with rakesh roshan in paraya dhan in the dance and song sequence “holi hai holi”
    he is a gujju guy… just forgetting his name.

  3. The name of v.v.v.v.v.handsome man is yogesh Chabra

  4. I am thinking that the blonde lady’s name is Lino Jones. That name appears on the cast list of several films that she’s in (either as Lino or Lino Jones). How many people named Lino Jones can there be?

  5. I am so happy that I could make a tiny contribution to this wonderful project. I am a great fan of hindi films from 60s and 70s. I found your awesome blog for some time back and I have been a silent admirer of your passion for hindi films since then. Now I felt I want to share my knowledge of hindi films with you and all the other people out there….so from now on you will hear from me whenever I have something to add to this very interesting project.

  6. no, the little guy is not nazir kashmiri. I think his name is thapa. He is a nepali

  7. I am sure his name is Thapa.
    I saw him in Hum Dono recently.

  8. Hallo memsaab!

    I am not sure the first two are the same guy. I think the name of the second man in your screenshot is Uma Dutt.

  9. trying hard to find out who Nazir Kashmiri is….

  10. I will try not to disappoint you memsaab…

  11. oh memsaab you are so sweet, but this project is really so interesting. It gives me a kind of satisfaction everytime I can match the faces with the names. I just love it.
    I tried to find out who “thesheikh” man is. I think his name is Habib, but I am not sure. Can any of our fellowreaders help? He was one of the dakus in Sholey.

    • Habib is definitely one of the names in contention—he’s been in lots of those Arabian Nights themed films, and I’ve seen him in Apna Desh as well. Will keep digging :)

  12. I think the name of “monicas darling” is Chinoo or Chinu. He was also dance assistant in some of the films in 70s like “aap ki kasam”, “jungel main mangal”, but again I am not sure.

  13. a very happy new year to you memsaa!

  14. the nepali was also seen in Shalimar (Dharam Zeenat 1978) as the tribals leader who shoots himself when coaxed by Rex Harrison

  15. mebsaab please identify the Doctor in Anupama (sharmila Tagore) who tells Her father that the mother is no more and the child (sharmila ) is safe, also is the father’s name Satyen Bose ?

  16. Hi, Memsaab, happy New Year!

    I wanted to let you know that I saw a picture identified as Nazir Kashmiri on the Jugnu 1947 page of that “Hindi Movies / Films Songs” site. It’s a bit blurry, but maybe this will help:

    • Aaaiiiieeeeeeeee! It is pretty blurry, but it’s as close as I’ve come to an id! I’m sure Surjit Singh would be an enormous help to me (well, he already has been without knowing it) if I could just sit through some films with him!!!! :) Too bad he has no doubt got better things to do.

      Thank you Richard! A great New Year’s present indeed!

  17. Waah Waah. So Nazir Kashmiri is finally identified ! He was proving nearly as elusive as the Himalayan Yeti, American Bigfoot and the British Lochness monster.

    • Yes, but he looks like a gazillion other people to me still. I won’t be happy until I can see him and definitively say: THAT is Nazir Kashmiri. So my quest for a clearer picture continues!

  18. Hi memsaab!

    Remember the man who played the role of Sharmila´s father in “mere hamdum mere dost”? He may be Nazir Kashmiri????…..

  19. The lady in the Shair (1949) picture looks very much like Shyama. What do you think?

  20. guess what pran might still be alive, just wanted to share, too bad no subtitles

    • Oh, Pran is most defiitely still alive, although he is in his 90s. Only the good die young (I am just kidding of course—I LOVE Pran)…thank you for the link, it is lovely to see him and his two lucky labradors! :)

  21. I think both photos of Nazir Kashmiri are for the same person. One photo is from 1950s and another from 1960s, but they appear to be for the same person. So Nazir Kashmiri is finally identified, I believe. Hurray !

  22. hi memsaab!

    The name of the lady from “chaudvin ka chand” is Zebunissa- She was Prans mother in “ram aur shyam” : )

  23. Isn`t the man in the last screencap in page 3 from 70s gallery Niranjan Sharma? He is not Kanhyalal….for sure….

  24. Hi memsaab!
    “Sharmilas father” played as Haria kaka in Aye din bahar ke. And I saw Nazir Kashmiris name in supporting cast.
    I am pretty much sure that he IS Nazir Kashmiri.

  25. yes, the guy is Bhushan Tiwari and the name of the lady from International crook is Sulochna Chatterjee:)

  26. ya, really hard to identify….

    Any other clue about Nazir Kashmiri?

    • No, but I refuse to give up! I looked for the guy from MHMD in Mere Huzoor last night but haven’t seen him yet. Nazir K. is credited in it but of course no character name is attached to the credit…but I noticed a couple of guys with small parts and will put up screen shots of them for comparison purposes. I still need to compare cast lists for Aye Din Bahar Ke and MHMD too, to see if there are other names credited in both (I look at the film credits, not the internet lists)…

  27. Guys in “mere huzoor” standing the outsiade of Mala Sinhas house and arguing with Raajkumar over his visit to Mala when her son fell ill. Anyone of them Nazir Kashmiri ? I tried to look for him among them, but it was hard to find out.

    • I did too…the problem is that there is no closeup of their faces, and they are all dressed alike and all have mustaches and glasses! They are a faceless blur of angry self-righteous men!

  28. ya, I know….Nazir Kashmiri is also in “Nadaan”. The scene in which Navin Nischol goes into a blanketshop. One of the two guys in the shop is Thapa the nepali and the other guy is I think the same man who is “sharmilas father” in mhmd, but again there is no closeup of the man.

    • The first 2 b/w indeed Nazir Kashmiri, played 101 roles as RAMU KAKA, loyal and humble servant.

      The other 2 in color….. a lil unsure if he is Nazir, but the face is very very familiar, will hv to dig deep to catch ’em.

      Nazir SS sent via email to Greta, he plays as Madhav Kaka from the Film Aaya Sawan Jhoom KE-1969.


  29. The guy from Kismat yeah he is KAMAL MEHRA indeed and he Produced the movie also.
    Also in Budtameez 1966 where he played Robin Hood aka Devdas.
    He also Directed Naami Chor (1977).
    I have in my collection iChacha
    Chowdhury (1953 and Mahal (1969), King Kong.

    Quite a characeter.

    Sending SS to Greta on email.


  30. no, the thakur is not gulshan bawra. Gulshan Bawra is in the song”diwane hain diwano ko na ghar chahiye, na dar chahaye” from Zanzeer. He was a song writer too:-) A very thin guy….

  31. Oh, thank you!!! I know who he is—I get him mixed up with Paintal all the time. He plays one of the students, always carrying a trumpet in JMM…

  32. gulshan bawra died recently,he wrote mere desh ki dharti sona ugle…in purab aur paschim,that guy is not him.

    • U want some SS of Gulshan let me know, he is in Biwi Ho to Aisi, Aap Ke Diwane ETC…If yu saw Jangla Mein Mangal he is there also !
      Gem of a character and writer.

      SS tmrw if needed….?

      Cheers .)

      • Yes, he did die recently. I had not put the actor together with the lyricist (see how much I have to learn still?) but now I know who he is. I tried to get a good screencap of him in JMM but couldn’t. Will find him elsewhere :) I have lots of his movies.

    • “Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle” is a song from “Upkaar”, not from “Purab aur Paschim”.

  33. i think the third from last is kanhaiyyalal, he always played a evil munshi (accountant), he was in mother india as well. not sure though.

    • No Vinny, sry it is not our Munim Kanhaiyalal, he has very very distinctive features, we can pick him quite easily.
      Cheers .)
      p.s. In Madhubala made Naata from 1955 he played a good guy, dad of Madhubala and her real sister Chanchal.

  34. Memsaab remember I was telling you about zeroing on one of our ‘family’ members in this AIP, the evil but nice looking guy, well I can say with 99 per cent certainty that he is called Arvind Trivedi. I saw him in AAJ KI TAZAA KHABBAR FROM 1973, and he was in Jangal Mein Mangal as yu say also, and in Paraya Dhan.

    He has done quite a few mytho films, gotta be him ???

    When I get an opport I must run the AAJ KI TAAZA KHABBAR SS.


  35. Memsaab just sent yu a email confirming it is RAJ KISHORE aka Lahori in Padosan and Gautam in Shrafat, besides fake doc in Chhote Nawab, Deewar, Zameer etc etc….

    The 2 images, last but one row from the bottom…so another one for our AG….
    Cheers .)

  36. Khursheed Khan,
    Thats ‘im
    Guy with a Tikka, the guy yu thought is a wrestler. Surely hi has the built for it, check these SS out.
    Plays ONE OF THE thugs in EK MAHAL HO SAPNO KA
    remember I told ya I have seen in Dilip Kumar movies
    well he was in DIL DIYA DARD LIYA
    Gunga Jamuna

    Cheers .)

  37. Greta pls let me know if yu are aware which movie the SS of ‘The Sheikh’ is taken, this guy has been in many DARA SINGH movies and also acted as the right hand man in many gangster movies, I specifically recall a phillum where his style of saying YES BAZZ, it still sits in my mind after over a decade… Thx for any tips.

    Cheers .)

  38. Memsaab if our Sheikh SS is from Apradh, then we can say with certainty it is HABIB because he was with Dara Singh in Samson (1964)
    Faulad (1963) and he was also in Sholay, and Zimbo Comes to Town.

    I can not forget his face in these movies.. and since we are tweaking our brains he is def in Jewel Thief also, am 100 p.c. sure he is our man .) >0

    • I am pretty sure he is Habib too. So is Neena, who hasn’t steered me wrong yet either :)

      Even if the film is not Apradh, it is from a film which Habib was in. I do remember that. I’ll move him!

      • Memsaab
        Our Sheikh is still here and nameless .),
        he is def HABIB, as he is seen in the epic Sholay, as Heera.
        Mayb he is already added in the AIG, I will go and check that again, also for any new faces.


  39. Hi Greta,
    I have just sent you a pic. I have mentioned it as Radhakrishnan but it should be Radha Kishen. (There is a big diference. Radhakrishnan is a name from South India whereas Radha Kishen is a North Indian name – and this guy is most probably North Indian). Sorry for the mistake. :-)

  40. Re Bismillah Memsaab
    he is – Narayan in Madhosh from 1951
    have yu got this movie or seen it or some1 else has it.
    If we can get his SS then we can say he is our man.
    I hope to get my copy soon, its Directed by J B H Wadia.
    Cheers .)

  41. Yer right, only VCD seen so far of Madhosh, Aakash Video label, rarely seen a DVD from them, they shud sell the rights to Moser, maybe then we will, so sad……Ta Ta .)

  42. Dear Memsaab,
    How are you? I am visiting your site after month or so, was very busy. I noticed on January 2, 2010, a visitor to your site –Hemant- wanted to know who played Sharmila’s father in Anupama—well, it was not Satyen Bose (he was a director–he directed, Dosti, Jagriti, Jeevan Mrityu etc;), my father Tarun Bose played Sharmila’s father.

  43. Memsaab
    Yes indeed that wonderful lady is indeed RANI, she came in A grade .) movie
    the super hit musical Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon

    See her in the dance competition with Asha Parekh, wonderful classical dancer who matches the steps with Asha, another super dancer and mover .

    In fact quite a few A grade movies like Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966) played as Tarabai, Janwar 1965, Heer Ranjha, Loafer… and ofcors quite a few Tarzans, Zimbos, King Kongs.

    Cheers .)

    • Oh thank you Ash! Perfect timing too, because I’m just about to update the gallery page with new pdfs with lots more people added since the last one :D I think Rani is just beautiful, so glad to know for sure who she is.

    • Just as after thought, our beloved dancer RANI is also known as PADMA RANI, her original name in earlier movies.


  44. Memsaab
    I am quite certain the yung smashing lady from Shair is
    the Bengali ‘bombshell’ Rekha Mallick aka Rekha Mitra, but
    will try to get 100 p.c. confirmation by searching more on her.
    Must see again Do Bigha Zamin (1953) and see if it matches her features.
    Cheers .)

    • That’s what I’m thinking too, because it was the only name credited to which I could not put a face. But I haven’t been able to find her elsewhere (although I haven’t looked very hard either)…

  45. If I may Memsaab, for yr readers pls see
    our Ramu Kaka in his early days from Film Jugnu 1944,
    interesting SS

    Cheers .)

  46. Oops sarry forgot to add…

    Saw a glimpse of him as a doctor in super musical Ek Musafir Ek Haseena also…… a few frames but looked very sophisticated .. did I get the spelling right .)


  47. Please post an article on Brham Bhardwaj

  48. did you get my email with pics of junior artistes from Guru Dutt films?
    If you collect them I’ll send more.

    • I did, haven’t had a chance yet to do anything with them (was away all weekend) but do send more! I will use them if they are clear enough and big enough. :) Thanks!

    • Junior artists from Guru Dutt films? like extras? Link plz.

      The big ones are Moolchand, Nazir Kashmiri, Ratan Gaurang, M. A. Lateef (though he’s credited in most Guru Dutt films)..

  49. I was not aware that Madhubala had a sister called Chanchal who also worked in a few movies.

    Here is a youtube clip from “Pardes” (1950). The lady lip syncing in Lata’s voice is Chanchal.

    • Chanchal’s biggest movie is ‘Mother India’ where she’s Kanhaiyalal’s daughter that Sunil Dutt teases and then tries to kidnap.

      She does some nice dances in ‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai’ also.

      I have no idea why she didn’t make more movies after those.

  50. OOps I forgot to include the clip.
    Here it is

  51. SqcutAtul .)

    Madhubala and Chanchal made many movies together and in fact Produced also together-
    Mehlon Ke Khwab (1960)
    Rockin kaamedy with Kishoreda

    and Madhubala also was Producer for Naata (1955)

    and one more.. er.. hmm.. can not remember but Jhumroo she and Chanchal were superb, Naata again paired together was the opposite, a very serious role by both and one more Teerandaz (1955), a super musucal.

    Chanchal was g8 also in Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti hai as Bijli, thats what she was on stage, BIJLI.

    Cheers .)

  52. I have been vaguely aware of Chanchal from reading the biography of Madhubala…but haven’t paid much attention to her. This is a lovely song!

  53. To identify the little known stars, first one should check out and movie name..Many don’t have pics so you will have to match character names or guess by seeing two of their movie list and make out their Id. Hope this helps, if not already tried


  54. We have discussed Nazir Kashmiri a lot in this blog. Here is another Kashmiri- this time a lady. Look out for the cute lady in this lovely comedy song with Johny Walker. She is called Sheela Kashmiri. She acted in about a dozen movies in late 1950s and early 1960s.

  55. Another find (at least for me). The girl on this picturisation from a song in “Modern Girl” (1961) is called Nalini Chonkar

  56. The last guy has a close resemblance to Narendranath, the younger brother of Premnath, though it could be Hercules. Amar Akbar Anthony also had Zybysco, the Irani toughie from Bombay who died too soon, alas

    • He does resemble Narendranath, but I know Narendranath and it isn’t him (also Rajendranath’s brother, incidentally :D)…What happened to Yusuf Khan/Zebisco? He did disappear from the screen kind of abruptly. Do tell. Even if it will make me sad :(

  57. Gosh, I wish I were knowledgeable enough to help with this project… maybe in the future! The only thing I can say, now, is that if I didn’t know better, I’d say Dreamy Guy was Robert Wagner, on vacation in India in the ’50’s… check him out in these snaps (not postable, of course, as they are for purchase)…

    • LOL! Sombrero Man does look a bit like Robert Wagner! Except this screencap is from the early 70s. And as much as I adore Robert Wagner, I think SM is even dreamier :D

      • And anyway, it couldn’t be Robert Wagner, as he really doesn’t like to wear hats, check the databases, it would muss his “do” too much.

        • Noooooo really?! He is that vain? *sad*

          He needs to learn to tolerate bad wigs like Hindi movie actors! :D

          • Poor RJ, I was actually teasing. I don’t know about that hair thing, really….I just was commenting on the sheer number of pompadour shots back in the ’50’s. And as far as I know, he still has his own hair now… no need for wigs, good or otherwise. Just to set the record straight, as you have so many readers :-)

          • Ha ha, I’ll bet he is NOT one of them :D

            I’ve been watching him in “To Catch A Thief’ on television recently. So much fun! He is a dashing man still.

  58. in the film rafoo chakkar there is a scene where rishi and paintal are hiding below the table and host of bad men sit and chat – that scene contains all prominent villains – except pran,ajit,prem chopra…
    an u just post all thier names??
    rajan haksar, k.n.singh,madan puri, manmohan,anwar hussain – only this much i could identify….

    also another confusion i have is the the person who is wheel chair driven in ram pur ka laxman -who plays dad to hatruhan sinha – sme tiwari – bhushan tiwary or they both are different from each other.

    last point ram mohan’s foto and other villains from gaddar-1973, johnny mera naam and rafoo chakkar please post them in gallery

  59. even in film mukti – 1977 there are host of old men in thier sixties playing role of Judge in Court ,Judge when Shashi is being hanged and another one doctor who witnesses Shashi being hanged..
    i want to know the names of them do let me know and also put them in ur gallery of fotos of seventies …

  60. Memsaab yu are on the ball, the fair guy next to our henchman is def HARI SHIVDASANI, father of BABITA in real life, yu can safely move him with this name tag.


  61. I am inclined to agree with Ash.
    According to me the guy on the left IS Hari Shivdasani.
    Greta, what makes you think he is NOT Hari Shivdasani?

    • Here we can see him in Aarzoo.
      I remember seeing him also in Harjaee and Kismat.
      Surely this IS Hari Shivdasani? And is the same person as you have posted as “to be identified” from Chacha Bhatija?

  62. Maybe he is, but he isn’t credited in the film which I would think he would be, and there is another guy who looks just like this too who plays usually very bit roles, often as a bad guy.

    • I recommend memsaab u see the movie Doli(1969) ,Raaz (1967)

      Pinky’s Father – in chacha bhatija is hari shivdasani and college director in doli

      • I would rather kill myself than watch Doli ever again. It is one of the worst films I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch.

        I know who Hari Shivdasani is. I do. And maybe this guy is him. I will find another screenshot of the guy I am talking about.

  63. Dear Memsaab

    The above Picture of Sheikh (Kasim of Zabak) is Muzaffar Adeeb (not Habib). He born in Bombay and initially work there. In 1960, he shifted from Bombay to Lahore, Pakistan and resumed his film career that lasted until his death.

  64. Forgot the add imdb link (Muzaffar Adeeb)

    • Hooray!!!!! I knew he was not Habib, I think Habib has been moved to my gallery, but this man who played Kasim Beg in Zabak and I’ve seen him in other similar films has haunted me. THANK YOU. I will very very happily move him into the gallery too!!! :D Made my day.

  65. Could the Chacha Bhatija henchman be Hercules?

  66. Great job, as usual! I will be posting another 100 or so pictures on my website, in a day or two.

  67. BTW that girl from Shair 1949 is Shama Dulari. A duet is picturized on her. She is also in Jan Pehchan 1950. Since Dulari is another actress, it is a common mistake in books to list her as two females, Shama (confused with Shyama) and Dulari :)

    • Very interesting images Surjit,

      now we also have SHAMA in Premi Gangaram from 1978, I wonder if it is Shama Dulari ? I know this is 1978 movie but just curious. Shama is credited in the movie titles of Premi Gangaram.

      Now more ‘scratching the head’, is Shama and DULARI same bcos the latter we all know has been in 100’s of movies, latest I saw her married to g8 veteran Jeevan, in Khota Paisa 1958. Both Jeevan and Dulari are parents to one and only Johnny Bhai, hilarious movie !

      Pls share yr knowledge about this. Thx

      Say hi to our other buddy Trini bro, take care

      • Not sure exactly what you are asking Ash, but this Shama Dulari and the other Dulari are not the same at all.

        • Ok thx for the confirmation Greta ie Shama and Shama Dulari are not the same.

          Now I am unable to spot SHAMA in Premi Gangaram, if I can then I am clear in my mind. Will run the movie again… someday and re check. Cheers

          P.S. some of my confusion stems from the earlier movies where the artist was given incomplete names or let us say not their full names or even incorrectly ‘spelled’ or no names at all in the credits!

  68. Here is a photo of Rekha Mullick
    Binota Bose (left) and Mrs. Rekha Mullick - Indian Actors of that time

  69. Hai Memsaab,

    I think I spotted Nazir Kashmiri in Kaagaz Ke Phool (he’s not credited):

    and Polson in what would be his first film role:

    Also, here a few possible inclusions in your gallery:

    Chand Burke in Boot Polish

    Tony Walker in Kaagaz Ke Phool

    Bhudo Advani in Boot Polish

    Upendra S.

    • That looks like Nazir to me! :) Great screencaps, I will use them def. Am away from home right now but will add them to the appropriate galleries when I return…thank you :)

  70. Upendra, yes, that is Nazir Kashmiri. Another clue is is his voice, very distinctive and difficult to miss.

  71. Guy labeled Haroon in the 50s gallery is not Haroon. He looks familiar though. In Sawan, it is not Naaz, but Naazi the dancer in many movies.

  72. Also, in the 50s Gallery, Anwaribai does not look like her. M A Lateef looks like Rajendra Singh to me. Everybody else looks OK.

  73. In the 60s, the guy labeled Krishna Kant is not. Will try to remember his name. BTW Zeb Rehman is also called Preetibala.

    • Thanks Surjit, I am happy that there are so few mistakes actually! It is so hard to find out people’s names, and so many different spellings (and name variations for the same person) that it is kind of nightmarish. I usually go by the name/spelling given the actor/actress in imdb, since it is the largest database out there (even though it is rife too with inaccuracies etc.)…

      Thanks for uploading more, I will definitely be using them as I keep watching films! :)

  74. Superb effort Surjit re new upload of Artist GALLERY, you sure have managed to give a name to so many wonderful artists who up to now were nameless and forgotten. Thx a lot.

    Now I must make a correction as I have mixed two faces and names and thanks to Surjit it is cleared now.

    It is Nemo aka Mirza M. Begg, his real name, right ? I always thought he was Pahari Sanyal or Pahadi Sanyal aka Nagendranath. A guy with outstanding contribution to Bengali Cinema, also he did quite a few roles in Hindi cinema.

    Now this is him, Pahadi Babu……..

    We saw him in- Aradhana, Dharti, Nai Roshni, Mamta, Jagte Raho etc….

    Memsaab sorry for the mix up, cheers :)

  75. OOps sarry folks, in the last reply there was a link break so the image of Pahadi Babu missed, but here it is again under this link now..


  76. In the 40s gallery, please change the name of Amarnath to Amar. Amarnath is a different person.

    • There seem to be about fifty people called sometimes Amar and sometimes Amarnath, are you sure that this guy is not the same as the Amarnaths in the other galleries (50s, 60s)?

  77. Absolutely sure. The other two Amarnath’s in your gallery are the same person. But this one is different. He is usually called Amar, once in a while L. Amar. Actually he is a muslim. He is often found in Dilip Kumar movies. In Leader 1964, he is elder brother who works as a fireman. I will locate his real name soon and let you know.

  78. In the book Lahore, its melodic culture by Saeed Malik, his real name is mentioned as Nazar Mohyuddin.

    • Okay, thank you :) I will correct it along with all the others ;D I am really glad to have your participation in this project!!! I so want all these unsung and muddled-up people to be given their due…

  79. Me too. I wish I had twenty assistants :)

  80. I am also an applicant for assistant`s job


  81. Great! Let me think how to organize this.

  82. Just sent an email to Greta with two spreadsheets and a request to post the project plan.

  83. Dear memsaab!
    I am visiting this page after a long time. I think the man who resembles Hari shivdasani is D. Billimoria, a famous hero from silent movies.

    • @Neena
      there has been quite handful Posts re Hari and buddy Billimoria .

      Wud like to share with the readers the following images of Hari from 12 O’clock 1958.

      It wud be interesting to hear comments if the readers agree to these SS ……

      Cheers :)

    • @Ash—I know who Hari is, see the new SS above of the guy I think resembles him so much.

      Neena—you could very well be right!!! I remember reading about D. Billimoria and that he continued to act for decades in small bit parts…Thanks for giving me a starting point to look into it, and if you decide that you are positive about it let me know too :)

      • Oooops sry did not see the addition of Billimoria, I will recapture him as seen in many movies and share the SS.For sure he looks like Hari S

        Be back on Rajen Kapoor saga tmrw….wish to reconfirm one more phillum…


  84. hi memsaab!
    I was wrong. The “hari guy” is not D. Billimoria.
    I found a page with a ss of Billimoria and ruby Meyer. I dont know how to post it to you.

    But who is “hari guy” then? I think he too was a famous actor from silent movies.

  85. Memsaab the guy I thought is Bismillah has to be SARDAR MANSOOR OR SARDAR MANSUR, because he is in Zimbo also. He is def in Zabak and 4 Darvesh as yu mentioned above.

    Now, our PAL DO has just added a review on Baghdad Ka Jadoo 1956 and she has a SS of him, if DO can pls check if his name appears in the titles then we will have another g8 artist with a name.

    He is in 3-4 movies where Fearless Nadia acted !


    • I will check with Madhu to see if she can add any light to the subject…she can confirm if Rajan Kapoor was in Shaheed at the same time maybe.

      Cheers :)

      • This ‘un is gonna be a long ‘un G.

        So are yu prepared :).

        I have never been so baffled and run into circles for so long, trying to verify our buddy Major Domo aka Ranveer Singh re Aaj Aur Kal.

        But I set out to do, it never got done BUT en route found a name to a character who has been in many movies, a very distinctive voice like BIGB, a guy with a very pleasant face, lean and tall and who has also been in a TV Series (Yankee :)),

        Shortland Street (TV series) from 2008-09, he was a Poojari in it, I have not seen it btw !
        Have a look at his movie-o-graphy, impressive, eh, under

        This guy is Rajen Kapoor, pardon me if I have over looked yr AIG, but I can not trace him anywhere, I have to update the AIG though very soon.

        Here he is, pls use any SS for yr AIG, he def needs a place in yr Hall Of Fame-

        Now this has left me blank about the ID for our Major DOMO, he is everywhere, I just did a random check on 5-6 movies but imposs to match his name anywhere, thx a lot to our Producers. This guy has been around for decades and we do not know who he is, this is gonna be my priorrrrty, to find him a place and a name in yr HOF :)

        Have a look at him from various phillums-
        First 5 from Tower House 1962
        rest from 12 O’clock 1958

        And then this guy also seen in many movies, whose name I am sure I knew in my Youngistan days and forgotten now, can any1 put him in HOF ??

        The SS is from Tower House, I have seen him in many movies with Anwar Hussein ?

        First 2 from Tower House 1962
        rest from
        12 O’clock 1958

        And while browsing for a name to our guys, I came across this interesting SS, guess who ??? Now we must be all awware of who he is ?
        First 5 answers receive a cake piece from DO, :), she just had her bud-day :) :)

        And the grand finale for today G,

        who are these guys ? Pls help out if yu can, thx and enjoii the hunt

        Cheers :)

        • [quote]And while browsing for a name to our guys, I came across this interesting SS, guess who ??? Now we must be all awware of who he is ?
          First 5 answers receive a cake piece from DO, :), she just had her bud-day :) :)

          Nazir Kashmiri, the greatest uncredited actor ever!

          [cit]And the grand finale for today G,

          who are these guys ? Pls help out if yu can, thx and enjoii the hunt

          The bald guy could be Paul Sharma.

          The lawyer guy is also in CID. (Is that where you got the screencap from?)

          • Upen
            no my SS is from Tower House and as far as I can recall Paul Sharma is not credited in the titles, but that is a common practice in our movies so……

            But when ever I get to see King Kong from 1962 I will look for him bcos he plays as –
            Senapati !!!!!

            The other 2 as per my SS, sry still hunting.

            Yes indeed it was Nazir Bhai, as a judge, thats kinda rare role, but he sounded as solid as ever.


        • The unknown police sort actor is also in Jagte Raho (1956) as one of the policemen called to the tenant house (he doesn’t have any lines though — just stands behind Inspector Bhupendra Kapoor).

        • And then this guy also seen in many movies, whose name I am sure I knew in my Youngistan days and forgotten now, can any1 put him in HOF ??


          I think that is Rajan Kapoor and not the first guy.

  86. I tweeted Bib B asking him about the koala-faced henchman guy (I saw him Amar Akbar Anthony). Let’s hope he knows his name!

  87. I wondered who could be the lady on whom this song is picturised. A recent comment in youtube (quoting Harmandir Singh Hamraz of Hindi movie geetkosh fame) mentions that the actress is Honey O Brien and that the song in fact is sung by her as well. If so, then this is a great discovery.

  88. I recall reading that the gori in “Awara” singing “Ek bewafa se pyaar kiyaa” is Honey O Brien. Can you confirm that the same lady figures in both the songs ?

    • It’s hard to tell from the youtube video of Ek Thi Ladki alone…I will get out the vcd and have a look (have you looked at the credits?). It very well could be her, does look like her. And yes it is definitely Honey O’Brien in the Awara song.

      • It’s definitely Honey O’Brien in the Delhi Se Aaya Bhai Tingu song from 1949’s Ek Thi Ladki, and she apparently really is singing for herself:

        She’s the woman in Awaara, and she also does a pretty bad ballet in 1951’s Afsana:

        Richard discovered and posted about another song she did in 1951’s Rajkumari:

        And if my feeble attempts at embedding the videos don’t work, can you please fix it for me, memsaab?

        • Ha ha—I remember the ballet in Afsana! :D Thanks for the info Tom, and looks like you managed to embed all three videos in one comment…it’s the first time I have seen that accomplished :)

  89. I’ve seen the guy in that last screencap many times. He has a decent talking role in Bluff Master (1963) – he is the guy who’s shown early on in the movie, wanting to be India’s wrestling champ, the guy who’s shown doing push-ups, the guy to whom Shammi Kapoor sells massage oil.

    He is also to be seen in the song “Govinda Aala Re” from that movie.

    Since he had a decent role, assuming he was in the credits, we are looking at one of:
    Charlie Walker
    Jugal Kishore
    Anand Joshi
    Santosh Kumar.

    Of course, it is quite possible he has not been credited at all. :(

    • For some reason I think he may be Jugal Kishore, but I could be completely wrong about that…

      • He looks like a Jugal Kishore I think. :)

        I love his face. It’s like a bird.

        Did you see him in Parasmani? IMDB credits Jugal Kishore as Senapathi for that.

    • Raja,
      Here we have ‘im- Jugal Kishore

      A true all rounder but not remembered, let us hope
      we see some write up on this g8 artist. I am quite sure we do not have
      him in AIG or ???
      Cheers :)

      P.S. his voice, I cud be fooled, it is very close to Mona Darling aka Ajit Bhai …..

    • Of the actors you mentioned — Jugal Kishore and Santosh Kumar — could be eliminated. Shyamlal doesn’t seem to be him either.

      That leaves:
      Charlie Walker
      Anand Joshi

      … if he is credited; the long-haired professor wannabe singer guy is unidentified and could be one of the two names too!

  90. Hei Memsaab,

    This g8 artist is 100% KUNDAN, pls see the SS from that wonderful entertainer USTAD 420 with Sheikh Mukhtar, Sudhir as the hero, Maruti Rao and 101 other g8 character artists.
    So I see a lot of resemblance in your last SS IN AIG, the SS is a lil blurry but I am sure he is the man.


  91. I’m almost sure that the koala-faced henchman is Mohammed Ali, stunt director.

    He’s credited as a stunt fighter in Bluff Master and look:

  92. Memsaab
    you can safely move our henchman with tag KUNDAN, he plays himself as strict PI in Dara Singh’s Home Production Nasihat 1967, Lilting music by OP, and a a host of all the g8 character artists, including the guy above Kundan !

  93. <— Sardar Mansoor is not the turban actor according to Surjit Singh!

  94. <— Memsaab, can you put up the fat guy from Jagte Raho! (not the one at the beginning — that's Nemo — the other fat guy with cloth around his head) He's so great in that film!

  95. Could you please please identify this musical family which plays a role in “Taxi Driver”?

    I’d love to see a post on this fantastic, almost noir film. Thanks.

  96. In the Jagte Raho Jhooth Boliya song, the fat and gap-toothed sardarji is Mauji Singh, usually credited as Mauji. He is seen in many movies around that time.

  97. I think the Turban guy is Ismail. The Turban guy has a big role in ‘Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves’ and Ismail is the highest name credited that I don’t know.

    Ismail is also credited in Char Dervesh and Zabak (I bought the dvds! because they looked so great here).

  98. The Gora Gentleman in:
    Seeta Aur Geeta

    Yaadon Ki Baarat

    I don’t think he is credited for either. Maybe Yaadon..

    • He was identified post my Yakeen writeup :) His name is Gautam Mukherjee and he was a wannabe actor who worked as a production assistant. I’ve got to add him to the Gallery.

      • oh, I didn’t see that! Cool!

        Is Gautam Mukherjee really him? He looks like an old British guy to me (and I thought would have an old British guy name). :)

  99. Guatam Mukherjee can’t be the Gora Gentleman. That name appear in the ‘China Town’ credits but GG is nowhere to be seen!

  100. The young guy who plays police officers, etc. seems to not want to be identified I think. Almost 90% of the films I’ve seen him he’s not credited! Raj Kumar is the best guess for his name (from Aaj Aur Kal and Ziddi — where he plays Joy’s doctor brother).

    • No, I think Raj Kumar has been identified as someone else…Hindi film credits are notoriously incomplete, one reason for this page to begin with! Sigh.

      • I think there’s a bunch of Raj Kumars! There’s the famous Raaj Kumar and the major Kannada star Rajkumar but there’s also another Rajkumar who did Hindi mythologicals.. The guy who was identified is possibly another Raj Kumar (and I don’t recall seeing him in Aaj Aur Kal.)!

        ‘Aaj Aur Kal’ and ‘Ziddi’ are the most likely movies that this actor would be credited in (none of his police officer roles from Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt films are credited of course as those credits are notoriously incomplete) — in ‘Aaj’ he has a major role and in Ziddi he’s the brother of Joy. Since Bela Bose is credited for that film (and she plays a sister) without having a single line (that I recall) this guy should be credited too.

  101. The actor identified as Bihari is actually Dhanna I think! That orange-haired guy is not seen in a lot of films that credit a Bihari.

  102. Upen If I am on same wave length, then orange colored hair guy is Bihari is credited as Bihari, he is a old timer, latest seen in Haathi Mera Saathi.

    • I just watched ‘Haathi Meri Saathi’ but I don’t recall seeing him there. Do you remember when he’s seen?

      Randhir has orange-hair (as I remember) in ‘Haathi Meri Saathi’.

      • I am positive that Bihari is identified correctly.

        • How come?

          I couldn’t spot the Bihari in the gallery in Pakeezah, Sholay, Haathi Meri Saathi and Don which credit a ‘Bihari’. And where I’ve seen a person like him (‘Yaadon Ki Baarat’ and ‘Jewel Thief’) there’s also an actor named Dhanna credited.

  103. Is this Bihari?

  104. Upen
    I do not remember which frame is Bihari in Haathi Mera Saathi but from now I will surely take SS of him, he is there in many phillums as gang member or chief of a gang, it is a face yu can not miss it, ah….. Memsaab’s reply and SS, him with a suit n tie is taken from Jewel Thief, he was there in many frames :)

  105. Memsaab, that’s not Rajan Kapoor you’ve added to the artist gallery. I know you’re going by what’s on IMDB — but that’s wrong! Rajan doesn’t play Ramesh in Singapore; this is him in Singapore:

    I’m very sure of this because I’ve Idied this guy in Sholay, 12 O’Clock and a bunch of other movies.

  106. Also, I don’t think Gautam Mukherjee is the Gora guy. That name is Bengali; our friend is completely white. He’s also not in China Town (which credits a Gautam) and doesn’t seem to be in Singapore either — (though I’ve not watched the whole film yet).

  107. Upen
    Me thinks there is a mix up re Rajan Kapoor, I can confirm 100 % he is here

    RAJAN KAPOOR IN Rustom-E-Rome 1964

    He plays the role of Daresh Baba.

    Pls see these SS

    Cheers :)

  108. And as Ramesh in Singapore 1960

    As far as my memory goes this is him , these are from my collection and release.

  109. Okay I am only going to say this once: I don’t mind a little speculation, but I have discovered through my years of researching these people that not only are they misidentified over and over (and imdb is no exception) but also everyone is always convinced that THEY know who that person is—and then they turn out to be wrong. Film credits too are notoriously incomplete, and sometimes appearances by these “lesser” actors may have been cut out of the vcd/dvd; it’s happened to the likes of Helen and Mumtaz, so I am sure nobody is concerned if some guy named Rajan Kapoor or Bihari or whoever ends up on the cutting room floor.

    I will change things in the galleries if there is proof, but it needs to be verifiable and I get to make the call. So for now, Gautam Mukherjee stands as our “gora” (he doesn’t look that gora to me BTW) gentleman, because the person who identified him originally gave me more detail about him which makes me think he knew what he was talking about. It is quite believable to me that there is one (or more) other Gautam Mukherjees, especially in Bengali cinema. And Rajan Kapoor stands for now too, because I need more proof that he is someone else if he is indeed someone else.

  110. Proof that Rajan Kapoor is the henchman in Singapore and not Ramesh! (from book by Shashi Kapoor on his Father’s and his theatre work): (Rajan is seated at bottom and he’s identified in the photo credit)

  111. So sorry Greta, try again, as wrong codes last time for SS :)

    Well we have to give it to Upen that he indeed is Rajan Kapoor, I have him here also from Black Cat, Tower House etc, in fact quite a regular in N A Ansari movies :)

    it is back to the drawing board for this ‘nameless’ guy now-

    and this guy, man of 100s of movies still baffles me and my buddies on the other side? Who is he ?

    We have quite a lot of homework left as there are quite a few more nameless folks.

  112. Here are some compilations of screencaps for the Aaj Aur Kal guy who I’ve started to call Raj Kumar until his real name is found:

    Films he’s been in:

    Gora guy:

    Possible additions to the “Artist identification / who are they?” gallery:

    This guy with the near one eyebrow was a constantly sad presence in the background of 60s movies but cheered up some in the 70s when his hair started greying:

    This guy had a multiple scene supporting roles in Awaara and Shree 420 but has since been relegated to the back of dancing groups where he seems to have started in Barsaat and Albela:

    Stern looking guy who’s a constant in 70s Amitabh movies; his biggest roles (one sceners) are in Namak Haraam as a Nawab and in Zanjeer as the anti-corruption officer; also he’s a villager in Sholay:

    Possibly named Dinanath, the go-to-extra to play tabla-harmonum musicians — Do Bigha Zamin, Devdas, etc. etc.

    The Chinese actor who plays major supporting roles in Awaara and early Shakti Samanta films:

  113. G8 detective work Upen :)
    Pardon me Memsaab if some points are duplicated, today I have re d/l the full AIG alas, so will load and re check what changes and additions you have made, it has been ages since the last d/l.
    Ok if I may add-

    It is indeed Raj Kumar as Upen also says, because in Ziddi 1964 he is in the credits as Raj Kumar, he is brother to Joy and then third brother is Mahender or Mahendra. I have to check if the latter is in your AIG also, a face in many movies, can try to get SS if need be. Let me know as the movie is out on my desk.

    And the Rough Guy, maybe yu have listed him in yr updates now?, if I may add Rough Guy and the other very regular who came in many movies with him is Harbans Darshan Arora ( he is luckily having a Name in the GALLERY)

    Chinese looking guy is indeed Chang, did we see him in Singapore,China Town, and my fav Wahan Ke Log !


    • Harbans Darshan M. Arora is a legend! He’s only second to Moolchand in appearing in every movie uncredited.

      I don’t know if the Aaj Aur Kal actor is another Raj Kumar or if the Chinese actor is Chang. Those name only appeared in two of their films and have been missing since then. Wahan Ke Log has an extensive credit list so he should be credited there.

  114. On page 9 of 1960s artistsgallery, two pictures are there showing Raj Kumar (1965) and Raj Kumar (1962). Raj Kumar (1965) is the same Raj Kumar that we are familiar with. The screencap showing Raj Kumar (1962) which is from “Sautela Bhai” (1962) is a different Raj Kumar. The full name of this person was Raj Kumar Gupta. He was younger than our well known Raj Kumar and he in fact played a spoilt brat in “Jaagriti” (1954).

    Interestingly enough, both these Raj Kumar’s figured in the movie “Do Gunde” (1959). The well known Raj Kumar obviously gets credited at the top and the other Raj KUmar at the bottom.

    It is unfortunate that even sources like imdb etc havegot the two Raj Kumar’s mixed up. I suggest that the junior artist Raj Kumar should be described as Raj Kumar Gupta to clear the confusion. That is what I am going to do in my blog.

    The above discovery is a result of extensive research by the knowledgeable readers in my blog.

    • squarecutatul ji. Please let me know your reasons for believing that Raj Kumar II is Gupta and not Pande. Thanks..

      • Surjit Singh jee, I hope you have received the email by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh explaining the reasons why we belive that the person is Raj Kumar Gupta.

        For the information of readers here, this Raj Kumar plays Ajay, a spoilt brat in “Jaagriti” (1954). In this movie, he got credited as Raj Kumar Gupta. He has also played roles in movies like Aaj aur Kal,Aap aaye bahar aayi,Ayodhyapati,Bombay ka chor,Agent 999,Anmol Sahara,Chattan Singh,Daman aur Aag,Dooj ka Chand,Ek phool ek bhool,Flight to Assam, Hanuman Vijay, Har Har Gange, Hatyara, Jai Chitod,Jailor,Jawani diwani,kisan aur bhog, Maryada, Mere lal,Mujrim,Naya safar,Pathan aur Paayal, Puraskar, Radhakishen, Ramnavami, Sampoorna Ramayan, Sant Raghu, Shaitan, Sultana Daku, Tower House, Warrant and Ziddi. In these movies, he gets credited as Raj Kumar.

        Raj Kumar Gupta also finds mention in Marathi magazine article, which mentions that he hailed from Ranchi. The person Raj Kumar Pande mentioned in the credits of Maaya Baazaar by Geetkosh appears to be a different person, who does not find mentions anywhere else other than this entry.

  115. You recall the famous melodious song of Waqt Aage bhi jane na tu… peechhe bhi jaane na tu in a club, song is of Sahir sung by Asha Bhonsle, but i wonder who is the singer foot tapping and singing it on screen. Is is Pamela Chopra in her younger avatar, Yash Chopra was the director of the film… any one can enlighten ?
    Ravi Pipal

    • This has been replied to in the past. the actress is an American lady (later married to an Indian) called Erica Lal.

  116. The Black henchman is Julian I think (not Mohammed Ali). In ‘Bombay to Goa’ he’s called Julian and the actor Dilip Dutt is called Dilip. :)

  117. The Youth Club member is Baldev Mehta. (credited as B. Mehta in Bhoot Bungla) Confirmed right now from Aandhi (1975). Cheers.

    Also, Azim seems to have not made it to the gallery.

  118. Gora Robert is Supariwala apparently.

    • Also spelled Sopariwala.

    • Mool Narain Sardana
      Supariwala our native Englishman(because of his fair coloured skin & light eyes),parsee by birth, to my knowledge ,was from the silent era of hindi cinema.Like Bilmoria brothers, he also fallen for bad days ,after the advent of talkies,& ha…d to get himself enrolled as “Decent” extra.Like wise today,foreigner extra were not available in plenty in those days,so he fitted the bill.Because of his imposing personality,he always stood out,amongst guests attending the party. With Sulochna(Ruby Mairs),an actress of bygone era,he had platonic relationship & at the end of the day they were living together.The moment of glory for Supariwala was,when he enacted a major role 0f villain,with bald pate,in Yakeen.

      • I had an inkling it was Sopariwala because the name is so unusual and it was in the credits for Yaadon Ki Baraat and Yakeen but couldn’t confirm until now..

        • Wah! Wah! Upendra!!!! I believe you :) I will add him and poor Mehta to the gallery as soon as I can figure out all my software requirements on the new computer!

    • yes. he was Parsee . Supariwala

  119. Fabulous section, Faces without Names should be identified as a tribute to their contributions to our cinema. Cheers.

    • Thanks Rakesh, if you can help us out in any way (being an “insider” and all) we’ll appreciate it :) If you have photographs of musicians/music directors/lyricists etc. with the dates they were taken, I would love to add them to the Gallery pages as well!

  120. Just love this section.


  121. You added Jullian!

    On the new pictures..
    The guy on the left is Paul Sharma — he’s also the genie in Char Dervesh. Babu Raje is no the old guy — he’s the comedian in Zabak as seen here:

  122. I did a bit of identifying of my own recently. I was watching my current favourite Indian serial and realised that the “nani” looked familiar. After that thought, I instantly managed to identify her as I cast my memory back to one of your blog posts. Jayshree T:

    Of course, she’s not the first classic Indian film actor I managed to recognise in my years of watching Star Plus. I think the first was Aruna Irani:

  123. Can’t confirm but the Bluff Master guy seems to be called Jerry (not to be confused with (Mohan) Jerry who acts in Bhoot Bungla, Sholay, Guide, Jewel Thief).

    Bluff Master Jerry — consider that he appears in Raj Hath, Shikari and Mere Huzoor and there’s a Jerry credited in those that isn’t Mohan Jerry.

  124. I watched a documentary on 4oD recently called Aashna House. It featured a very interesting gentleman, Mr Sen/Son, who acted alongside so many famous film stars. He looks familiar as if I’ve seen him before on the streets or on TV. Do you recognise him?

    If you’re unable to view the vid, I could take screencaps if you want.


  126. This one is gonna be interesting hunt :)
    I chanced upon one name which has been in my mind from my big hall days as first bencher first show.
    A character called SODA WATER ( I have yet to open and edit yr AIG so I hope he is not there ?), I
    saw his name a couple of times in the 60’s and was lucky to see it again while viewing
    SHRARAT FROM 1959, also starring
    Raaj Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Meena Kumari, Kumkum, Rajendra Nath, Sunder, Jagdish Raj

    Now let us hope your readers start the hunt and try to give him a place in the AIG, who, when where and how, any info will be most welcome, and while you are at it why not include 2 more from same phillum

    A SS coming up soon, so folks do not GET the impression that II am hunting for some soda water for my drink :)
    Cheers n THX :)

    • I need a good screencap of Coca Cola too! :D I’ll post this on my FB page too, just in case someone there knows who Soda Water, Prabhu Arora and Rirku (?) are.

  127. And here is the SS as promised
    that SODA WATER exists.
    Thx G for taking out my ANONYMOUS= Ash=swarint :), reply from yr side, dunno why it failed to log me in with my propah Siggi :)
    And the lady in the last SS, I saw her in a B/W movie a few weeks ago, have to remember which movie,hmmmmm……., right now a blank, she resembles very much like Chand Burq, but she is not her !
    cheers :)

  128. My search for character actors of the 70s was finally met by you. Thanksalot. Indeed a great site. It was great to identify actors like Julian (negro like), Harbans Darshan and Kedar Sehgal. However I still miss one actor who I once saw in Essel Studios has appeared in hundreds of movies is well built and plays sidekick and police inspector (hardly delivers any dialogue). I call him “blue banianwala” which we wore in the studio. He was sitting opposite Aruna Irani in the Bombay to Goa bus and next to the man who steals Aruna’s bag. Can u identify him please?

  129. Memsaab one thing is sure our pal COCA COLA is saada Punjabi, he is in Punjabi phillum Naukar Biwi Da Year – 1976, besides quite a few more, should be able to get him in the AIG :), my hunch is that SODA WATER is also from Punjab, because Punjabis love giving such names, nick names ET AL :)

  130. Hi Memsaab, one request. I see the name Kathana in a few movies (most recently in Sautela Bhai). But cannot put a face to the name She isn’t in your gallery either. Any chance we could get her in there? Even imdb has 28 movies listed for her (and I’ve the feeling she’s acted in many more).

  131. Raja/Memsaab Imdb has erred, Kathana is a man, not a lady as they say so, because I saw him in Black Cat, Shree 420 and one oldie goldie Hyderabad Ke Nazneen from 1952, he has a very distinctive voice, and our buddy Surjit also confirms this, here he is then..

    • Awesome! HIM I have seen before :) I’ll add him to the gallery, great screenshot thank you!

    • Thanks so much!

      Are you sure Kathana is male? I was going totally by imdb’s records. And though I’ve often found them to be wrong, it’s never been on something as basic as this. Come on – they’ve got Kathana as an “actress” on record for 28 films!!! If this is indeed a male actor, then so much for their checking input from their contributors!!!

  132. Oops sarry wrong code, let us try this again

    cheers :)

  133. Raja pretty sure because Surjeet bro who is also very good with these g8’s also confirmed it, the problem if one can call it, is that right from the start we never saw any importance given to these artists when the films were released, they were not even mentioned in the credits of the film,barring a few, so if it was not for Internet and Forums like this and our back bone Torrents we would never known a thing about them.

    Slowly but surely we are getting to know them more, at least a face has a name now :)

    Am re running my image from August 17, 2012 at 12:16 am , its gone in Cyber Space, and Raja will try to dig out a SS of Katana/Kathana from Shararat, he is there along with Soda Water, Rirkoo et al :)

  134. Seems WP had link probs, so the original SS is restored so pls ignore the link on the above post, sry inconv folks !

  135. The lady on the poker table from Pathar Aur Payal, most likely Raj Rani, have to check one more time to reconfirm from one of the movies I saw a few weeks ago, name of which I can not recall.. yet :), cheers

  136. The ruffled shirt guy is dancer Dilip.
    The old woman is Anwari.
    The old man is Aziz Siddiqui.
    The lady from Phool Aur Patthar is Shahgul.

  137. Upendra & Surjit Sahib! Adab

    Azeem Picture from a film of 1946, Plz Confim:

    Master Mohammad (Right) & Azeem (Actor of 40s) in Flying Prince-1946

  138. The above mentioned picture was not of M A Latif, Here is the correct one from Aandhiyan:

    M A Latif (Character Actor) in Aandhiyan-1952

  139. Can anyone know about an article written on Jillo Bai ?

  140. Here is another one of AZIM from House of Mystery:

    Azeem (Actor of 40s) in Bhedi Bungla (House of Mystery)-1949

  141. Fearless Nadia giving punch to Azeem:

    Azeem (Actor of 40s) & Fearless Nadia in Dhoomketu (Comet)-1949

  142. I salute all those lovely people here who have a wonderful command n expertise in identifying the “Bricks of Hindi Cinema”

  143. Veteran Actor Uma Kant, a rare Picture:

    Uma Kant (Actor of 30s) in Hamara Ghar-1950

  144. Indian Silent Era:
    Indian Silent Movie Era, Saraswati, Imperial film companies. Luskhmi Pictures of Talkies Era etc. A very Rare Piece by Lahore Writer Late Agha Ashraf:

    Indian Silent Movie Era, Saraswati, Imperial film companies. Luskhmi Pictures of Talkies Era etc. by Agha Ashraf-01

  145. Nalini Chonker in Saazish-1959

    Nalini Chonker in Saazish-1959

  146. Can anyone tell me the name of actor (Other than Dev Anand, Sunder) who was in “Hai Apna Dil to Awara”. The young man with Wahida Rehman.

  147. See this rare picture of Shakir (Actor of 30s) in Sikandar-1941

    Shakir (Actor of 30s) in Sikandar-1941

  148. Rare Picture of Nazir Kashmiri:

    Nazir Kashmiri (Character Actor-Left) & John Craves in Zimbo-1958

  149. Can any friend help me in getting the picture of Sardar Mansoor, I got one from Surjit Sahi’s site:

    Sardar Mansoor (Actor of 30s)

  150. * Surjit Sahib

  151. Iam working on artist identification since last 6 months, uploaded almost 400 rare picture at after identification.

    See a very rare picture of Jaddan Bai from nsaan Ya Shaitan-1933

    Jaddan Bai-Insaan Ya Shaitan-1933

  152. For those friends who can read Urdu, an excerpt from the interview of veteran actor Late Luqman in which he briefed about Jaddan Bai:

    Jaddan Bai and Her Lover and Husband Mir Irshad Hussain & Mohan Babu-01

  153. And here is our smart hero Prem Adib along with Gulab (Actress of 30s) and Shakir:

    Gulab (Actress of 30s), Prem Adib & Jeevan-Station Master-1942

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