Edu Production update

So. I know I have been missing here for a while; I have had to travel some for work and actually pay attention to the job that helps me keep body and soul together, where people don’t understand that this is more important—but who also pay me. And Callie (my little dog with encephalitis) relapsed recently so I have had to start from square one with even more toxic medications to try and keep it under control. This depresses me as you might imagine although she seems perky enough about it, bless her.

Khair. I am very glad to have an excuse to post something short (and cheerful), and here it is: Tom has finished putting together a subtitled dvd of the 1962 film Sautela Bhai, starring Guru Dutt and Pranoti Ghosh. It’s not out anywhere else on dvd or vcd as far as I know. It is based on a story by Bengali writer Saratchandra Chattopadhyay (“Boikunter Will”), with music by Anil Biswas; it also features the likes of Bela Bose, Bipin Gupta, Kanhaiyalal and many more.

As usual, you have the option to download dvd files, or to watch the film on YouTube. Check out the links on the “Edu Productions” page link at the top here, enjoy, and don’t forget to say thanks to the team: Raja and Ava for their subtitling, Tom as the General, and Shalini for providing the source video.

20 Comments to “Edu Production update”

  1. Wow, you guys have been busy. Thanks to everyone who worked on it.

    Memsaab…so sorry to hear about Callie. I’ll keep her in my prayers. Best of luck, as the saying goes!

  2. You do wonderful job at the edu productions. Thanks Raja, Ava, Tom and Shalini!

  3. Sorry to hear about Callie, Memsaab. :( I hope she gets better soon. Thanks, Edu Production team for the collaborative effort that keeps on giving.

  4. I hope Callie gets well soon. Thank you, Memsaab, for everything you do here.

  5. Best of wishes for Callie. Here is hoping that she will respond to the treatments this time.

    • Me too, Atul…the treatments are themselves very hard on her body. She’s now got heart trouble because of the meds which isn’t very good news :( But I’ll do my best to keep her happy and comfortable.

  6. Cuddles for Callie.

  7. Sending love and best wishes to Callie

  8. A lot of love to Callie and you. Thanks, Edu Productions, Tom, Raja, Avi, Shalini and Memsaab.

  9. Sorry to hear about Callie.Hope Callie gets better soon.

  10. I have fallen totally in love with the song Phule Ban Bagiya from this film that I helped translate. It is a gem.

  11. Edu Team certainly picks up quite rare movies for thier projects, thereby giving such hidden gems a fresh lease of life.
    A wonderful , selfless, work!
    Thanks, on my behalf, and all others who may someday watch the results of these untiring efforts.

    • If you haven’t skimmed The Artist’s Way’, give it a gadner. Just write away or over the doubt monster. Give it a swift kick in the arse and send it packing. Trust in your words, and keep writing.

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