From the archives: eye candy

More like a gay cowboy than a gay knight, but what does it matter when he’s so so very handsome?

But why isn’t he in color? I WANT TO SEE HIM IN COLOR.

Images from the February 1956 issue of filmindia magazine.

18 Comments to “From the archives: eye candy”

  1. Too too fabulous. I think I see a colorization project in your future!

  2. Beautiful, even if I never expected to see that day that Shammi Kapoor would be pictured in western gear! LOL!

  3. Ah, the joys of Filmindia and Baburao Patel!!!

  4. To die for! And who cares if he is in Black & White or in Colour? : – )

  5. I have a new stash, so stay tuned! :)

  6. these were hand coloured. the pity is, i did some digging and found the originals are nowhere to be found, just the reproductions in the magazines
    the covers of the magazine are even more delectable, often done by the great artist pandit

    • I know…I’ll be posting the covers of my new issues (and have put other ones elsewhere if you haven’t seen them—just use the link for the “Baburao’s Poisonous Pen” category :D). They are works of art in themselves for sure along with the color plates (my favorites). There are probably originals gathering dust here and there in closets and attics, or rotting away more likely. They’d be so great to put in that film museum that will be going up any day now ;-)

  7. Please colour him, Greta! Please.

    And ooh, I want to see Sipah Salaar now!

    • Me too! I wonder if it has survived…would love to see a Shammi cowboy film.

      And I think I might take a stab at coloring him—Photoshop is fun and gets me through a lot of conference calls, ha ha.

  8. Shammi should indeed be in color – he just doesn’t look right without red lipstick. :-D

  9. Love his do- you -know -what- this- is look! :-D.

  10. I guess Shammi hadn’t started shooting yet for “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” (1957). But he looks so handsome even with a pencil moustache :-)

  11. WOW memsaab j’adore these vintage pin-ups!!!!! God bless you for sharing them with us…

  12. Shammi Kapoor had learnt the art of sponteneous acting from his genius wife Geeta Bali.

  13. B’Day for the big boy.A red gramophone in lieu of red lips,a guitar in lieu of stetson,a true western setting for ‘bar bar dekho’ a bar a lass and a dude.

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