The humanity!

This is quite possibly the finest example of drama overload in Biswajeet’s entire career—maybe even in all of Hindi cinema history! I can’t stop watching it. I shared it last week on the MemsaabStory Facebook page, but since it is still making me laugh every single day and laughter makes the world go round, I thought I’d share it here too.

Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan is seriously the mother and father of Nahiin Face movies.

60 Comments to “The humanity!”

  1. Xtended play Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. Lovely.

  2. Do you remember the “Sita scene” from “Dil Ek Mandir”(1963)? Rajendra Kumar was just way OTT !!

    • I don’t think I have that one…but that is certainly incentive to find it :) RK is a master of the Nahiiin! moment. I should go back and get the one from Arzoo where he discovers that his foot has been amputated.

      • A TV show named “Kehne Main Kya Harj Hai?” used to be hosted by Sajid Khan (the director of “Heyy Babby”) 14-15 years back. Look it up on You tube and you will get a whole lot of ham scenes. He played a number of scenes from “Clerk”(1989) and Joginder movies.

  3. ROFL :D :D :D ….. Do let us know the film’s name.

    Re: Censorship issue …. it seems like Big Brother is evolving and slowly coming into being. Even if any matter posted is offensive, ignoring it is the best option. And as to copyright ….. when such old films are left to rot in the cans, you and your band are doing us all a great service by keeping something of our past intact. All concerned should be sending you all a vote of thanks instead.

    • It’s in the tags: Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan. A film full of Nahiiiin!!!!

      I hate censorship. If it offends you, move on! Nobody’s forcing you to look at anything. And I agree—when the people who have the copyrights can’t be bothered to do anything to salvage history the least they can do is not try to prevent others from doing so. Sadly, greed and ego are more important to a lot of people.

  4. Before SOPA comes in, hope not, check out this website for Hindi vintage film photos and tidbits.

  5. memsaab, I have been signing petitions right, left and centre, for the cause of Internet freedom. :( I hope like hell they will manage to win the day!

    • I guess the response was overwhelming—got an email today that said that the number of senators opposing PIPA (the bill in the Senate, SOPA is the House bill) is up to 35 from only 5 before yesterday. Let’s keep pestering them!

  6. Hahahaha! :-D :-D

    IIRC you’ve posted it once before while reviewing the film, can’t remember which one, but *this* one can’t forget. LOL!!

    • I posted screenshots from the scene in my review of Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan, but the video I just put up last week. I came across it mining the movie for the Nahiiin Face Gallery, and it just needs to be seen in all its dreadful glory :D

  7. @Memsaab – This could well be Biswajeet’s reaction to PIPA! Looks like after yesterday the awareness of this campaign is spreading.

  8. It has just registered (Yes, I was watching it again :-D) that the nahiiiiin is in English—No. No. No!!!

  9. LOL!!! This had me in stitches!!! Maybe he was upset as he hadn’t yet won a film fare award and was hoping this this would seal the deal. Also another good Nahinnn!!! would be Mala Sinha. She had some real cringeworthy moments.

    • Yes indeed Mala has many fine such moments. I need to work on the Nahiiiin! Face Gallery more so I can put it up (it’s only two pages so far, although it’s a hilarious two pages). I need help collecting shots!

  10. A tribute to another forgotten gem of an artist from yester-years – Anthony Gonsalves.

  11. This is a video that keeps on giving. You are so GOOD to us, Greta.


  12. What does Biswajeet take out of the drawer which he opens? Poison? Pistol?

  13. How does one go about blackening the blog for the day with the censored caption appearing?
    I wanted to do it for my blog, but didn’t find it in the options. I would have like the stop.
    Can non-US citizens also sign up. The ZIP wouldn’t fit, would it?

  14. I’m in mourning. First Casualty – Megavideo!!

  15. This video is hilarious, it is more so if you mute the sound, I did not realize that the volume on my computer was on mute and the scene looked real funny.

  16. But I do wonder how WE would act in similar situations :-)

    • I doubtless could do no better, but I don’t make a living as an actor :) And if you mean if we went blind or got our hearts broken in real life…well, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be THIS hysterical!

      • I have read somewhere that Hindi films for a long time were influenced by theater so a lot of scenes would be enacted in a somewhat theatrical fashion even though they might not have needed such treatment.
        Often actors (unless they were fairly established) did not have much say in the way some scenes were played. I am not sure if it applies in this case, but it might explain why we see some over the top moments where we do not expect them.

        • Especially true if they were South Indian productions of Hindi films. I remember Meena Kumari commenting that if she gave a restrained shot, the Southie Director would say: ‘Madam, a little more emotion please” (Fellow Southies – no offence – I am half Southie myself :) )

          • If this could happen to ‘tragedy queen’ Meena Kumari herself, then I am sure others would not have been spared :) Critics have been known to remark on how Ashok Kumar and Dilip Kumar could be restrained while their costars got ‘jyada emotional’.

  17. While we are in laugh mode :D, here’s another link to a video which I found hilarious. (it true vice versa as well)

  18. Thanks for sharing the laughter. This is unforgettable, even if you watch it only once. I want to see the movie now, though.

    • Isn’t it great that you don’t have to watch it only once? I still laugh every time I watch it…it never gets old. The film is chock full of things like this too (Nazir Hussain really lets go at one point :D)…Here’s another classic:

      • Arzoo is one of my favourite films (don’t go by the CD version; they have hacked it to pieces). I found it very touching the way Sadhana tries to make it even by attempting to get her leg chopped off – but amazingly all the women (my Mom, cousin sisters, neighbours) inevitably found her said act hilarious!

  19. Not really talking about this movie, but Indians don’t have to share the sensibilities or tastes of europeans , who are a unemotional lot.
    Indians are horrified by the thought of putting our old parents in old age homes , a very common occurance in the west.
    No attachment to your own parents , a movie is a distant subject.

    • That’s a pretty sweeping generalization or two! I love Hindi movies precisely because they are emotional, and many people in the west take good care of their parents.

    • All this talk about people not caring about parents in Western culture whereas in India they are “oh-so-caring” is just one of many canards spread about the West by Indians. There are several reasons why Indian parents have to often stay with their (adult) children, chief among them being social taboo, lack of decent alternatives (like good care-homes) and economic constraints. Besides, working adults use their elderly parents to take care of their young while they are at work.

      Of course there is love and affection also involved, but this is no more or less than in Western society IMO. It is just that there may be different levels of DISPLAY of emotion. To claim that Western society is less attached to parents is just rubbish. In general, people in the West are more independent-minded and therefore prefer to lead their lives on their own, if they can. It has nothing to do with love/affection.

      I know I am generalising here too (and there are exceptions in every society) but I get annoyed when Indians constantly go about bashing the West on family values, cultural values and stuff like that. There are so many things Indians can learn from the West (and vice versa). Having lived over 20 years in both the West and in India, I’ve learnt to appreciate a lot from what I’ve observed in both societies.

  20. Sweeping generalizations indeed! Parents may not be put into old-age homes in India but why was ‘Avtaar’ in 1983 such a huge super duper hit (and it’s pathetic rehash 20 years later ‘Baghban’)? Because it was/is a reflection of how things ‘generally’ were/are!

    • I asked my mother if she wanted to come live with me, and she said “Hell to the no!” (basically)…she likes living in the old folks’ home, and I gotta say if I could afford it I would move in there too as soon as I hit 55! It is super sweet.

  21. I just watched a ‘Doc Martin’ episode yesterday which had something on this and echoed your mom!

    Have to take you back into 20 hanky drama land with ‘Avtaar’ and ‘Amrit’ :-D Say when you are game for some MAJOR catharsis!

  22. Please to note that the Nahiiin! Face Gallery is up. Link at the top of the page! :)

  23. MAybe you’d like to do a post on Balraj Sahni. I find him so charismatic and handsome, esp in his later roles. Just watching Mere Hamsafar with Jeetendra and Sharmila, and Balraj is so alluring-I can’t imagine why Sharmila doesn’t just melt for him.

  24. I AM going to try this at home!!!!!!!! :-D

  25. I am disappointed in myself ; I have failed the black twisted part of my humor section – I have said that I would reenact this scene if I ever got laid off from my job. My opportunity came last week, but I all managed to do was cry pathetically. Shame shame ;-)

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