Trivia time #41

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, and I can’t resist this cute little girl! Who is she? Bonus points for film name and other trivia associated with it!

And thanks to Surjit Singh for the source!

28 Comments to “Trivia time #41”

  1. Baby Nargis in film TALASHE HAQ?

  2. I was to say it is a cute little boy with lots of make-up, but don’t dare to, after reading the comments above! ;-)

    • I don’t blame you Harvey :D. I heard many unflattering comments about her looks. As she progressed in her career, she became more camera savvy – she could give some breath taking shots in profile. And of course her love for Raj gave her that ethereal look.

      I for one would have loved to see her and Raj (say from their ‘Aah’ days) in a frame by frame copy of Lean’s Brief Encounter. I would have replayed that disc forever!

  3. It is Nargis (although she was called Baby Rani not Baby Nargis) :) with Yakub! And it is the eyes that give her away, that’s about it! The film is Talashe Haq, and it was produced by her mother Jaddanbai.

  4. You mean the baby version of Nargis? wow!

  5. She looks lovely. But not like her grown up version, somehow. Thanks for the picture, Memsaab. You always rock my day. :)

  6. Wow. I thought her eyes looked familiar, but I couldn’t tell, really. How old was she when this was taken?

    • Yes, she looks very different except those heavy-lidded eyes (which her son inherited too :)…she was about 5 or 6 when this was taken. Film was made in 1935, and she was born in 1929.

  7. Memsaab:

    On this blog, you should have more such trivia’s going like that Bollywood-ka-Baadshah (?) show that you went to or maybe have a trivia every mon or even everyday of week. If you want trivia questions, I am sure you can be receiving a whole bunch from lot of fans incl. myself

    • Ka Boss :) I can’t put that kind of pressure on myself, Vikram! I would never be able to stick to a weekly trivia post. Lately I can’t even get a review up every week!

  8. Interesting… I read about this film in comments to some of the YouTube clips from Taqdeer. (But, of course, she was very different in Taqdeer, having already reached the ripe old age of 14.)

  9. For me, it is her lips (also inherited by her son) that gives her away. The fact that I already read the comments above also helped. :D

    • :D Sanju inherited the best of both his parents’ looks.

    • I have no idea if I would have recognized Nargis if I hadn’t seen the comments first. :) It was easy to recognize Yakub… I saw him in a few films… The ones I remember off the top of my head are Dilruba (1950), Patanga (1949), and Lal Haveli (1944). He’s got a pretty distinctive face…

      • Oops, looks as though my Yakub-related comment appeared in the wrong place, so apply to the thread below it (hoping this one appears where I think it will – otherwise, I give up. :) )

  10. Yay, I figured it was Nargis much before I saw the comments section although I had no clue who the actor was! Her nose, eyes and lips made it easy to identify her. I didn’t know that she was a child star before!

    • Yakub passed away in 1958 so he didn’t appear in any major films of the 60s and 70s. :(

      Nargis acted in her Mother Jaddanbai’s films when she was a child. She came back after that at the request of Mehboob Khan in his Taqdeer (1944).

  11. Yaqub also had the leading role in Ab Dilli Door Nahin (1957) where he helps to take a kid to Delhi. The song ‘chhun chhun karti aayi chiDiyaa’ is picturized on him.

  12. Oh! yess,,”chun chun karti aayi chidiya”…that guy yakub was just awsome..i’ve seen that movie also. This song is fav of my 5 yr old daughter.

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