Mini-review: Nanha Farishta (1969)

You said it, Baby Rani.

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  1. My goodness thats a scary looking kid! Someone shoot the costume designer and director for violence against children! :D

    • She had this creepy bared-teeth smile fixed on her face at all times, except when she was whining in that loud insistent monotone that kid actors are famous for. Horrifying! And she wasn’t even the worst thing about it (although she was close).

    • Ha Ha.. was abt to say the same thing. Nanha demon more likely..

  2. That kid look’s like chucky!!! What scenario caused this tantrum? It looks horrifying!!!! Did baby Rani grow up to be a modern actress???

    • Chucky is EXACTLY who I thought of whenever I looked at her. I have no idea, but if she did grow up and keep acting I hope she got better at it. She didn’t like the way her “uncles” (Pran, Anwar Hussain and Ajit, which is why I got it) had dressed her up, with good reason. It was about the only sensible reaction anyone had to anything in the entire film but that really isn’t saying much.

  3. Were the songs bad too?

    • I liked two songs, one a fake drunk song (“O Re O Re Sharabi”) and a children’s song (“O Natkhat Nanhi Ladki”). But the first featured a very uncomfortable-looking Padmini trying unsuccessfully to channel Helen and the second featured Baby Rani channeling Chucky. So I would say LISTEN to them rather even than watch them on youtube :D

  4. That was a very ‘Nanha’ review :-)

  5. I am so glad I did NOT get this one. I had the vague feeling that it might be good (Pran+Ajit+Anwar Hussain reformed by a cute kid) but then remembered how annoying Bolly-kids often are, and resisted. Did you manage to sit through the whole film?

    • Bollyviewer, totally agree on the saccharine-like Bolly kids. There are always exceptions. I think I like junior Mehmood (though I’ve not seen him enough) and the kids in Boot Polish are good actors and sweet too.

    • It was a waste of a good concept and three of my favorite grand old men…a total waste. Baby Rani was beyond annoying. And the story was dumb, dumb, dumb, and badly executed. Avoid, yaar!

  6. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for this one, as it was the very 1st ever Hindi movie I can remember watching. A favourite family anecdote involves my parents recounting how they took little me to this movie, thinking it would be one of those child-friendly movies with lots of sweet kids, animals and assorted innocent fun and games. Instead, there was quite a lot of violence and maar-dhaad.

    Apparently the 1st time the bullets rang out, I dived for cover under my seat, and spend most of my time there, coming out only for the final scene where (if memory serves me right) the 3 reformed (?) criminals are waving goodbye to the angelic kid, while handcuffed to the back of a truck. Hope that wasn’t a spoiler! ;-)

    • I guess you have a soft spot for this movie since you didn’t watch it in the first place ;-)

    • Ha! You poor thing. Yes, the opening is BRUTAL—mindless murder and mayhem…and then we are supposed to feel sorry for the guys who perpetrated it all. Total disconnect from the very beginning. Very badly made movie.

  7. Mini review ! What a clever concept !

    • It may become a staple…I watch a lot of films I don’t much like and can’t imagine sitting through again for screencaps—or, like this one, which I fast-forward through large portions of so can’t really write a longer review.

  8. Oh, oh. Is not this the little girl who was in the song ‘Kya Hua Tera Waada’ from Hum Kisise Kum Nahin?
    The tranformation from cute to creepy is worthy of a good horror movie.

    • OMG!!!!! You are totally right! And I loved her in HKKN! She was really cute in that and not at all annoying! Well…I guess she worked on her acting skills in the eight years between. Or else we can blame the director of this one for her scary smile and dead eyes.

    • Ramsay Brothers where art thou, baaachaooooo .)

  9. ‘mini comment’


  10. Eek! That’s a spooky screenshot!

    • It was actually the best part of the film (not saying much): the three men dressed her up like a nautch girl, basically, and she did not care for it AT ALL. Was pretty funny…

      • Sounds hilarious. Although I must admit, in that screenshot she looks more like an elderly vertically challenged adult trying to desperately look younger rather than a child forced to play dress-up. If that’s the look the guys were going for, they succeeded. :)

        • Yeah…it was a lone subtle moment: she wanted to play dress-up and they wanted to help her but all they knew about women clearly came from their forays to the brothels :)

  11. I read the plot, it’s like three men & a baby isn’t it? – only they kidnap a maid too…

  12. what a short, succinct and precise review!
    Took me some time to brace myself from laughing and wirte this down. More of it!

  13. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I loved this movie!

    • Really?! Do tell what you liked? I thought it was so bad. Even Pran, Ajit and Anwar Hussain couldn’t save it (and themselves)! I just couldn’t buy into them adoring Baby, she annoyed me so intensely.

      But variety is the masala of life, I kind of love that you loved it :)

  14. LOL! Wild guess here, but you didn’t like the movie, did you?:-) Were the sub-titles amusing at least?

    • Since you did not bother to ask me what I meant here, I thought I better clarify. :-)
      “Av” is the mini-comment for this movie for “Avoid yaar!”. ;-)

      • Shouldn’t that be AY!!! As in AY CARAMBA! :)

        • That’s right. I took the first two letters from avoid but, following convention it should have been AY.

          Cannot help feeling that a lot of your movie mini-reviews from now on are going to be for movies in the AY category. ;-)
          Avoid yaar, waste of time and space.
          AY, WOTS. :-)

  15. How much of your not liking the movie was down to the kid and how scary she looked?

    Had this been Honey Irani, you think you would have liked the movie? Or was everything else also so bad about it that even Honey would not have saved it for you?


  17. MEMSAAB…i need to know one movie which i had seen many years ago but not getting which movie it was.I remember a particular sequence in the film. It had Asok Kumar or Pran as husband of Nirupa Roy. Whereas Prem Nath is brother of Nirupa Roy. The brother-in-laws even sing a song at night in a railway station. Later when Prem Nath says he has to go out of town – Pran or is it Ashok Kumar i dont remeber says – when u return buy one BANARASI saree fro your sister – Nirupa Roy also smiles – infact Nirupa had been asking for that saree since many scenes in the film. Something happens and there is a twist..while Prem Nath returns to the village – he founds a crowd gathered and finds that now Nirupa Roy is a widow…..I had loved the film at that time. I guess I was 8-9 years when I saw the film. Now iam only 24 years old….Pls find from some where which was this film – whats it sname….I searched in Imdb but did not get.

  18. That movie was Aap Baeti 1976 with Ashok Kumar, Prem Nath, Nirupa Roy, Hema Malini, Shashi Kapoor

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