Hrithik and Wilbur…

So I am going to the NYC premiere of Kites this weekend, and the private party afterwards! I have to admit that it took me about half an hour to find my steam iron, but I’ve even pressed my little black dress and I’m as ready for it as I’ll ever get. Ready or not, Roshans, here I come!

Of course fun things to do always glom themselves together, and I am also entertaining a dear friend visiting from Panama so I will be more absent on the blog front than usual. I hate to leave without giving you something to look at, and Tamilian Renaissance Man Wilbur Sargunaraj cannot be beat for entertainment value (and thank you to Ed for finding him and then kindly cluing me in).

Check out Wilbur’s vocal chanting and how-to videos, and marvel at his particular brand of enthusiastic marketing. Really, you won’t regret it. I’ll get you kick-started with “First Class Meat (Chicken 65)” (my other favorites are “Cobra Cobra” and “Blog Song” although his most popular—Roger Ebert even tweeted about it—is “Love Marriage.” Or as the artist himself calls it: “The cry of Wilbur’s heart.”):

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  1. Yay! You are going to look divine and have a blast! So happy for you. Pls take a photo with Hrithik! And I love Wilbur, he’s the man :D

  2. BTW a friend of mine and I keep arguing over whether the lady in the Love Marriage vid is supposed to be his mom or girlfriend. She says it’s gf, I say mother! What do you think?

  3. I can’t wait to see the photo of you and Hrithik on your blog! Although, I might expire of jealousy–on behalf of my daughter, who was ready to quit her summer job and take your place at the Kites party, had you balked.

    • Well my camera isn’t working and my sister can’t find hers so I will be dependent on others for any photos…so no expectations on that front. I figure it’s a sign I should just enjoy myself and not be so busy worrying about pictures that I miss things. But I will def. report back on who, what and whoa! (if there is any whoa!) :)

  4. Lucky you, Have fun (i’m sure you will). i’ve just entered a competition to attend the London premiere, I really hope i win

    • Anurag Basu (yes I am name-dropping, but he was quite sad about it) told me that London is cancelled because of the Icelandic volcano :(

      Updated: but apparently the volcano cooperated! Did you make it?

  5. Oh wow! Have fun. I probably won’t like this movie but the party should be fun. As for Wilbur, well I know it is cool to say he is entertaining (I subscribe to his channel) but really I cringe.

    • I had very low expectations of the film, but ended up loving it. It was very entertaining, emotionally satisfying, and completely enthralling. Not perfect, but really really a solid film.

      (Ooh and ps. I think that making us cringe is at least part of Wilbur’s intent!) :D

  6. Have a great time, Greta.
    If you can get some pics, wonderful, but the most important thing is that YOU have a good time. :-)

    • No pictures…I had fun, and am maybe there in the background of paparazzi photos of Raju H., but yes I had a great deal of fun :)

      I got to meet Mira Nair and Anurag Basu (the director of Kites), and then had dinner with Karan Johar and Ayan Mukherjee (the director of Wake Up Sid) (and of course Raju and my friend Shelly). Ayan is a sweetheart and Karan was hilarious, just as anyone would expect :) Was lots of fun and I really liked Kites too.

      • Wonderful ! You know what – you REALLY could be doing something in the Hindi film industry. If you do it on your terms, your passion will ensure you have fun in whatever you do. And you have talent too. And contacts and well-wishers. You just need to take that first step. :-)

        • What Raja says is true. In another post a while ago, you or someone came up with a Bollywood postcard idea. With your contacts you can do a lot better than that.

        • Well, honestly my only contact is Raju (although he is a really GOOD one ;-) and I don’t want to flog the poor guy (although he too keeps saying the same things you are)…

          But I know that I need to do something more with my love for this cinema. Just need to figure out WHAT :) I’m waiting for Ajnabi to start the postcards up—it was her idea, and she’d be great at it!

  7. How lovely! Will you see Filmi Girl there? So exciting!

    I made the mistake of pushing play on the video while my kids were in the room. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing a LOT of Super Chicken 65 in the coming weeks.

    • I didn’t see Filmi Girl, although I saw my friend Virginia! Had a great time. Glad you like Wilbur (or at least your kids do)—I think he is FAB.

  8. Hope you have a blast, memsaab! And don’t hug Hrithik too hard…you don’t want to get make-up on your dress! :-0

    • Hrithik came, gave a short speech, and left. I did not meet him, but had a great time anyway and met some other luminaries and really fun people (see above) :D He and Barbara Mori have some of the best chemistry I have ever seen onscreen. Kites was a lovely surprise (my expectations were not that great :)…

  9. Now now G
    we hear ‘ a lil black dress’, .) ?

    now now we dot want our Memsaab to be ‘cat’napped, do we ??

    Have a nice time and we look fwd to hearing yr journey to the Big Apple flying Kites in summer .)

    Cheers .)

  10. chicka chicka chicka….


    /on computers
    //having so much fun

  11. Hey, I’m sure you had a blast. Waiting to hear all about it.

    Now I want to go to Madurai and eat Chicken 65.


  12. Hope you had a blast and ogled Hrithik enough for the rest of us (I know you wouldnt on your own account!). Cant wait to hear about the film, too.

    • I ogled him onscreen in Kites. There were lots of opportunities to examine every pore on his face if you know what I mean :) But he was truly fantastic in it—he’s not been one of my favorite actors, but he was really great in this. I loved the film.

  13. Yes, I was definitely counting on you doing some vicarious ogling for me! What’s the news? How was it?

    • I had lots of fun, am glad I am not famous and having people shoving microphones and cameras in my face constantly, I got to hang out with Karan Johar and he is truly HILARIOUS, and generally I just enjoyed being with Raju and Shelly. Film was very entertaining, truly. I am not sure I should write it up until it releases, but I definitely will then, and I definitely recommend it.

  14. Woot! Woot! I’m going to watch Kites based solely on your recommendation. At least this time I’ll know where to send my letter of strong protest. :P

    • It’s got its problems logically but is so emotionally satisfying that I didn’t care. I give it a big thumbs up for sure. Some other people who were around didn’t care for it that much (they were more sticklers for detail), but Raju and Karan and I genuinely loved it.

  15. Had never heard about this Wilbur Sargunaraj!
    Sound sgreat!

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