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As I find the time to watch a few films (I have been going through some serious withdrawal!) and the energy to write them up, please visit Nivedita Ramakrishnan’s blog at Passion For Cinema, in particular her recent write up of the 1933 English-language film Karma with Devika Rani and her husband Himansu Rai (the only film apparently in which they co-starred—with a steamy kiss!—and his last as an actor). She has uploaded a couple of videos from the film, my favorite being the first one where Himansu discusses the whereabouts of his lady love (hiding nearby) with a squirrel (I’m planning to show it to Gemma)! Her YouTube channel is one of my favorites too.

Lovers of antique Hindi cinema zindabad!!!

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  1. Being without wine is one thing, but being without Hindi films is quite another!

    Thanks for passing the link along — more fun things to discover.

  2. Yes thanks. How nice! I had never seen the site or you tube channel before

  3. Just returned from the site you linked to memsaab.
    WOW! I’ve spent a pleasant time listening to and reading Meera. Just when I was lamenting about the loss of such gems a writer of a comment there mentioned seeing it in IIFI in 2009. So it must be somewhere.

    And those Mohd Rafi songs!!!!
    Thanks for unearthing this treasure. :-)

    I’m really glad to read that you are soon back. Am really missing your reviews and news of old films.

    Joining in;
    Lovers of antique Hindi cinema zindabad!!!

    • She has written up Raj Nartaki very nicely too, a film which I need to write about myself one of these days (haven’t hurried since she did it already :)…glad you enjoyed it all. Let’s just hope Meera doesn’t end up in the hands of fIENDS or Nupur or T-Series…or Ultra…or….well, you get the picture :)

      • What is very special about Meera is MS Subbalakshmi. That’s her singing. After hearing her Mahatma Gandhi wanted to listen to MS. MS is probably the most beautiful 80 year I have seen or will see. I like to think that because of her music and her devotion she grew more beautiful as she grew older–quite the reverse of most of the rest of us.

        • I really believe that the way you have spent your life shows on you as you age…probably why so many people turn to plastic surgery!!! That’s a lovely tribute to her, sophy :)

  4. Nivedita ji ka collection zindabad! Memsaab zindabad!

  5. I love Nivedita’s YT channel too – i’ts like an audio/video library of Hindi films. I know what a pain it is to digitize videotapes, so I’m especially grateful and appreciative of her efforts to convert her VHS collection and share them with the rest of us.

  6. Nivedita’s “Alaknanda2007” YouTube site is one of my favorites also – and I regularly check my subscription to it over at YouTube.

    In fact, the other day, I “favorited” that conversation with the squirrel, and I think I was the one who gave it those five stars :) …

    I was also thinking about mentioning her blog post on my blog, but I was waiting for it to appear in the Blogger version, because I like the format of that one more. And look, here it is:

  7. I’m so happy to have put a picture to the characters of Himanshu Rai, and Devika Rani, as I had really wanted to see what they looked like after reading Manto’s “stars from another sky”. Kudos to Nivedita!!

    • That is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK period. On any subject, at any time…I love Manto.

      You can see more of Himanshu Rai on my post on Throw Of Dice, and Devika Rani from Acchut Kanya, but I love seeing them together. Want to have Karma appear magically!!! *sad*

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