Fun with stats

One of the many joys of blogging is the stats. I love to see what search terms have brought people to my blog (although occasionally I shudder too).

This one caused my coffee to come out through my nose:


I don’t have any idea which post came up in that search, but it doesn’t really matter.

41 Comments to “Fun with stats”

  1. Lol! Awesome. It’s a subtitle in search form! or vice-versa…not sure.

  2. Such an odd statement !

  3. I can only imagine the level of angst on the issue that would prompt such an agonized search…

  4. Tried to search myself, but this post spoils the game.

  5. hahaha… somebody has clearly given this issue a lot of thought. If anybody finds the answer to the question, I must admit that I’d like to know, too!

    • I think it’s that he was funny. Women are smart enough to go for a good laugh over good looks :)

      • Totally agree, I have had a MASSIVE crush on Kishoreda forever and can totally say Madhu had the best taste :D

        • Ohh and let’s not forget his fantastic VOICE! The guy could serenade you and that would be the ultimate seduction, no?

        • Completely agree. I’m ready to become Kishore’s fifth wife. Unfortunately, there is no chance of him ever asking me now given that he is dead.

          From what I am told, Madhubala never stopped loving Dilip Kumar. I think the better google search would be, WHAT DID MADHUBALA EVER SEE IN DILIP

  6. That is really hilarious. :-D
    But my hilarity was short lived, when I tried to google that sentence and see what would turn up.

    Horror of horrors!!! =:-O

    I came upon this site;

  7. Translated: Why did I lose out to that idiot? :) :) :)

  8. That’s really interesting…
    Mine’s going bonkers with Chatur’s speeck in 3 idiots :D to top it off, someone posted the Sanskrit shlok that he recites so it’s getting out of control… LOL!

  9. I ran to my stats, and the one that struck me funniest was fairly subtle: “the blank of blank ashes.” Kind of poetic. I may steal it.

    • That’s pretty good!!! Most days mine are just boring: “Shammi Kapoor” and “Marilyn Monroe” (yes, that is the biggest search term for finding my blog, ironically) and lately (a LOT): “Vindoo Dara Singh wife nude photos” (I think because of the Big Boss thing) (although I swear there are no nude pictures of Dara’s son’s wife here).

      These real gems come along only once in a while.

  10. Hee!! I hope the correct answer is: because he made her laugh!

    *sniff* RIP Kishore-da!

  11. Lately my search terms are mainly telling me that someone has a REALLY unhealthy (as if there could be any other kind) sexual fixation with Amrish Puri. Yes, it started long ago with “Amrish Puri in sexy mood”, but has now progressed to “Amrish Puri sexy dance” (in Tahalka, maybe?), “Hot Amrish Puri”, etc.

  12. Perhaps some one is doing an assignment for their pyscology course! ie about why beautiful women marry ordinary looking guys (ie merely on physical looks rather than their qualities) or perhaps it is a guy who is so besotted with Madhubala that he wonders about her physical attraction to Kishore Da? I am sure Kishore Da had some admirable qualities other than his phenomenal voice. Interesting that you come to know search items.

  13. Sorry there is a “h” missing in psychology.

  14. I have got queries like “is bruce li have any relation with Indira Gandhi” and “How to clean a Sabun Dani” and “Can bullet skid on water” and “Why Boroline Vaseline name ends with line?”.

  15. ok, I kid you not…this was a search term for my band’s site on Dec 26th:

    “agent pikachu. now, your assignment as a mysterygoogle secret agent is to copy and paste this, until you see this again. once you see it again, you will be promoted to secret agent raichu.”

    egads! I think the site may have been hacked!

  16. There are a lot of strange people out there with too much time on their hands!

  17. Wow, you guys have such interesting people arriving at your blogs! I get really mundane ‘eleanor parker actress’ ‘manna dey songs’ and ‘dev anand photos’ searches. So boring!

  18. Really hilarious!!! Some people do have all the time in the world to care for and search for such things.
    But good for us, we get a dose of laughter…thanks for sharing this. It really made my day :-)

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