Trivia time #38


This is the voiceover spoken as the emblem for Mehboob Productions is shown at the beginning of Mehboob’s films.

Can you tell me whose voice it is? Hint: He was a music director-composer.

And our winner is Madhu from dustedoff, who knew that it’s the voice of Rafiq Ghaznavi (or Rafique Ghaznavi), the composer for films like Sikandar and Prithvi Vallabh. Thanks to the good people at Hamara Forums for this little trivia gem; the things I’m learning over there could stump anyone!

16 Comments to “Trivia time #38”

  1. Rafiq Ghaznavi, who was a composer for Sikandar?

  2. I’ve wondered about that too… Cant wait to find out who the nameless and faceless voice is!

  3. Once again, Madhu of dustedoff has crushed her competitors :-) It is in fact Rafiq Ghaznavi, who composed the music for Sikandar, Prithvi Vallabh and other films in pre-partition India. He also acted, and was reputedly very handsome although I sadly have not had a look at him myself. After partition he moved to Karachi, where he continued to compose as far as I know.

    Thanks for playing, those of you brave enough to venture a guess! :-)

  4. More of these please… also great if you make section where bloggers can put up their Trivia… I got tons to ask and would love to play more…

    • I am always happy to welcome questions, but I won’t post any of them under Trivia unless I know the answer and can supply it. If you have questions plus answers you can email them to me at memsaabstory at gmail dot com…and I’ll post them (with attribution to you) IF I think they’re interesting—it’s my blog, after all! :-)

  5. Rafiq Ghaznavi debuted in a film called Braveheart in 1931 (and before you imagine I’m really clued into trivia, here’s the link where I discovered this interesting fact):

    I didn’t know he was Salma Agha’s grandfather!

    • Oh yeah! I forgot about that piece of trivia (Salma Agha)…I found out about that after my post on Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki…would love to see a photo of him sometime. Thanks for the link!

  6. Aw, What a pity, I missed it!

  7. Had no clue about it. Awesome! The fact is also mentioned in Mother Indiaā€ˇ by Gayatri Chatterjee. Also according to writer Manto he was quite a ladies’ man.

  8. Wel, that’s a nice little fact to know!

    Duestedoff, what a great site for info on Pakistani films!

    Memsaab, if you want to build up your Noor Jehan collection, maybe you can fill in some gaps from the list on this site (I’m referring to it right now myself :) …

  9. mera nem munir ali hai pakistan lahoer gowalmandi saye hai mae bohat shok se ind pka old movi dekhta hon

  10. I like very much to this blog.

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