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August 25, 2009

Fun with old people

This is an actual real (unedited) email that I got from my mother today (my Dad has just gotten a wheelchair):

Thought you’d be interested in our first wheel chair outing.  It was exciting to say the least but Dad and I are able to laugh about it now. I had thought we’d take an easy walk ’til I got the hang of it and so headed for 9th St and Harbor View Hospital.  I didn’t think the sidewalks were that steep that way but we’d only gone a few blocks before I realized how heavy Dad is so began to think of ways to return.  Going down hill I really had to dig in my heels but we were coming along.  I finally got down to area where I could cut across by the Town Hall and decided to go down the alley away from street traffic.  About half way down I realized I had lost control as speed became a problem. So I turned the wheel chair towards the fence to try to stop it which sent Dad over in wheel chair and I flying face down over the tarmack scraping my nose, cutting my lip but all I could think of was I now understand why so many folk at H House have black and blue faces,  By then Dad had rolled out of the wheel chair but I heard a voice asking are you alright.  Yes, I replied as I began to get up so he immediately went to dad who was trying to sit up.  We soon had Dad back in the chair and thanked the fellow for his help.  You’re sure you’re okay.  Yes,  this is our first run so we are trying out where we can go.  Do you have brakes.  Yes.  You can use them going down hill.  Anyway he was most helpful getting us squared around. So I decided on Plan B for return and continued over to the plaza where sidewalk had several openings into the park there.  The one I chose mistakenly had large cobbles so of course I got the wheel chair stuck and couldn’t push it out.  But I saw one of the homeless guys on a park bench coming over to help so he pushed Dad down to the level spot and then pointed at the walk I should have chosen. From there on back home it was a piece of cake. Thanks to two helpful men.  Restores my faith in mankind.  Dad says I didn’t get any exercise out of that.  I assured him I had.  So I told him the gym downstairs was for him to do his exercises and the wheel chair is for getting out and around.  We did find if he helps turn the wheels going up hill that helped me but you know Dad he’ll have to learn how to handle that.  I’m going to have black and blue areas tomorrow. And a swollen lip but as Dad said you don’t look bad. We were glad we had waited to have tea until after our walk! (-: All’s well that ends well.

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