Family photos

I love this picture (from a 1977 Stardust). Can you guess who these cherubic star kids are?


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  1. oh i know i know..
    it’s twinkle khanna and rinkie khanna

  2. My 9-year-old is looking over my shoulder and said, “One of them should be Kajol.” I asked, “Do you think so?” and he said, shrugging, “She should be.”

    His guess is better than mine, cuz I don’t have one!

  3. karishma and kareena, i think :)

  4. Oh those are apna Kaka’s bacchis Tina (Twinkle is her screen name which she says she HATES!) and Rinke.

  5. Yes, indeed!

    hmmlife: Good job! You know your Rajesh Khanna trivia :)

    ajnabi: Your 9 year old is very wise indeed. One of them COULD have been Kajol!

    anantha: Good guess on your part too, except I don’t think Kareena was born yet?

    Suhan: Of course you know the answer! I’m glad to know that Twinkle hates that name, because it is awfully stupid. But Dimple and Simple aren’t exactly clever names either ;-)

    I love this photo, there’s just something about it that makes me giggle. Maybe because it could almost be me and my sister…

  6. Oh what wonderful wonderful photos on there! Is that your blog? Or a relative’s? Fantastic.

    Although I think Tina and Rinke look kind of sweet in their little maxi dresses! It was the seventies, after all :)

  7. I love Rinkie’s maxi (I think I had a frock like that as a kid). And they are not very easily recognisable. I thought of Kajol too, but I remember seeing her childhood pics where she looked very different from these kids.

  8. Now that everyone has SAID who they are, I recognize ’em, but wouldnt have otherwise. Twinkle’s fashion choices have obviously improved by leaps and bounds since then :D

  9. I don’t think I even know what Rinke looks like now, although of course I do Twinkle—she always looks gorgeous, has great style NOW anyway :) She just needs to get to work on her hubby!

  10. Oh My…I had the exact same dress as Twinkle…I think it’s a lehnga- at least mine was. Same satin with work. I’ve said this before – NO ONE was immune to the horrible fashions of the 70s/80s/90s – it is only now that I see a clear divide between the clothes ordinary people wear and those that star-kids do!


  11. Ooooh I had guessed (correctly!) before I scrolled down to see the tags! I don’t know if I should be proud of myself or worried that it is so not related to my line of work at all!!! :P

  12. Omigod, Rinke looks adorable in that Sound of Music maxi! I want to pinch her leedle cheeks.

  13. Two golden eyes of super star Super Star Rajesh Khanna – TK & RK. Beautiful picture.

  14. Ah, delightful. And ghastly clothes notwithstanding (who am I to crib, though? I wore stuff like this when I was a kid in 1977!), they’re so cute.

  15. Memsaab: Thank you.
    Thats my elder sis (no. 1), who has taken to launching us all into cyberspace…us 4 and the horde of cousins: there was a large joint family at one point!
    Globalisation can be seen in the family tree she tried to draw up; but its still stuck on the maternal side :))

    My mum’s photo is circa 1938.

  16. M: Do you have a picture of yourself in the satin lehenga? Would love to see it!! ;-P

    deewane: You should be proud of yourself!

    Amrita: She really does. Like something out of a fairy tale.

    V. Manohar: He did have gorgeous children!

    dustedoff: They are, I just love this photo.

    bawa: I should scan some of my family photos before it’s too late. Good for your older sister for taking that on! The pictures are great :)

  17. Memsaab,

    for obvious reasons (they’re HIDEOUS) none of my childhood photos will ever see the light of the internets! Yes there are pics, but all back in India, at my parents’ house.

    I think my mother inflicted EVERY horror of 70s fashion on me – she made all my clothes and was very creative, so I’ve been subjected to White Floaty tops (thanks neetu’s Singh’s designer!) , polka dotted frocks (that I now cringe when I see Suri Cruise wearing – they are SO similar to the ones I had), satin lehngas, a purple chiffon gharara (I *still* itch, when I remember that one), maxis in a variety of fabrics and styles…sigh.
    Spent my childhood longing for the comfort of shorts/jeans (was a graceless tomboy) and changing out of the dressy stuff ASAP!
    And of course, I now have a daughter whom I long to dress in pretty pinks and who in turn shuns ANYTHING girlish and insists on living in track pants and t-shirts.

    Kama is really a B***H sometimes :-)


  18. Ha ha M! My mother also made our clothes, and though my sister is almost five years younger than I am she insisted on dressing us the same! We had very loudly patterned mini dresses and other such horrors.

    I always just wanted to wear BLACK, but she would have none of that. It was bright flowers, and polka dots, and swirly things or nothing. Oh, the humanity!

    My poor brother had to wear everything backwards (even pants and hooded sweatshirts) to prevent access to buttons/zippers/etc. because otherwise he insisted on taking OFF all his clothes. So he looked very strange for quite a long time.

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