Blog abandonment

Gemma and I are taking a short vacation (well, she is vacationing—as usual—and I’m working)…so please forgive our unresponsivness for the next few days!

23 Comments to “Blog abandonment”

  1. Well, memsaab, nice vacationing!
    But we’ll miss you!

  2. Tell Gemma to have a lovely time!

  3. Have fun!- but come back soon :)

  4. NAHIIIIIIIIIIII(Fall down stairs with shock and sadness) i’ll miss u!

  5. I’m not dead, I’m resting…well, actually I am *whispers* working…

    I know! Hard to believe!

    I’ll be back to my fillums in a few days though. And I did get sprung a little early today :)

  6. Good. Because your usual frequency in posting is enough to make other bloggers (well, us slack ones anyway) feel a little inadequate…
    PC x

  7. Thinking I was superclever and witty, I was going to write “NAAHIIIIINN” and leave it at that but I see others have beat me to the punch! Lol

    Hope you have a great vacay! Aww, little Gemma…Will miss the both of you!

  8. I am bereft.

    But I will comfort myself with some wine, men and song.

    Have a good blog break.

    Nuff said.

  9. Nahiiiiin! (Plants hands on cheeks in filmi horror) Memsaab, kyun? Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?

    Oh well. Hope work lets up soon so you can rejoin the blogosphere.

  10. Memsaaaaab! Well, I look forward to your return! I was gonna go on a blog detox sometime soon as well – but will wait for you to return first!

    (LOL at Rum falling down the stairs though. I get to go INSANE WITH GRIEF then! NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!)

  11. “Blog Abandonment” seems too strong… like gone for good or something…. Please change to Blog Vacation… :)

  12. Aww, I abandoned my blog without telling, and came back to find you’ve abandoned yours. Come back soon. But have fun in the meanwhile.

  13. Come back soon! :)

  14. 3 days and counting… This is beginning to look frighteningly like blog abandonment! :-( Come back sooooooon.

  15. I feel so lonely when Memsaab is not around.

  16. to all those ‘Nahiinnnn……’
    I would tell “Maine Injection de diya hai, subah tak hosh aa jayega”
    [I have given injection, till morning he will be alright- the famous hindi film doctor]

    Me too will mis you….[and its good taking vacy cause eyes needs rest from screens…am i right?]

  17. Another famous doctor dialog…
    VIllain’s moll: Aaj main Doctor ki pass gai thi…. Ab hamari pyar ki Nishani…. blah blah… Ab hameh shadi karni hain
    (I went to the doc and I am pregnant.. need to get married)…. the customary translation for memsaab..

    Villain (usually Prem Chopra): Worried look but feigns happiness and has to plot getting rid of the moll….

    Leave a sign memsaab… :)

  18. Come back soon. I’m waiting.

  19. Wow. It’s so nice to be missed! Thank you all :-)

    Love the doctor dialogues!!!!

  20. “Maine Injection de diya hai, subah tak hosh aa jayega”


  21. Haiii acute separation anxiety Memsaab! Wapis aa jao jaldi pliss :-)

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