Trivia time #34

In what film do Helen, Laxmi Chhaya, Jayshree T, Bindu, Faryal and Padma Khanna all appear as dancing girls (not all in the same song; there are three songs in which they appear)?


Sy, Juanito and Harvey all figured it out in pretty much the same minute! It is possibly the best dance number extravaganza ever, in Sharafat Chhod Di Maine (1976). It features Jayshree T, Padma Khanna, Bindu and Faryal all in one songĀ (and the costumes are beyond fabulous!), and Helen and Laxmi Chhaya each have a song and dance of their own. Also Hema Malini and Neetu Singh star and have their own dance number. Feroz Khan loves him his dancing girls, I guess. Review is coming up soon! (Sorry to those in different time zones, what can I do when people are so dedicated to figuring it out?)

Edited to add: Harvey informs that the first girl in the dance may be Jayshree T’s sister Meena T, who also appears at the end as an older madame in the brothel with Jayshree. I learn something new every day here! :-)

42 Comments to “Trivia time #34”

  1. is it by any chance: Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpatty from Mohan Chotti?

  2. I should probably make it clear, that they are not all the same SONG (although some of them are—there are three songs altogether in which they variously appear). They are all in the same FILM.

    I haven’t seen Mohan Chotti or the song you reference, but it’s not the one I have in mind :-)

  3. Wow, all of them in one film? Awesome! Come to think of it, I might have seen this one some time ago but not recognized some of them… but I’ll refrain from answering too early. :-D

  4. It is TOTALLY awesome. Plus it has a couple of other my favorite actresses as main characters too!

  5. Wow. I have no idea which movie this is, but it’s definitely something I want to see!

  6. Be-Sharam?

    That has the best finale ever. Nirupa Roy (mom, of course) is thrown into a pit with leopards. There’s a fist fight, sword fight, gun fight, cobras and a doomsday device to blow up the bad guy’s secret lair under the graveyard.

  7. or is it dharma, starring Rekha, Navin Nischol and Pran?

  8. mohan chotti is the actor-producer of the movie: Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpatty.
    Awful, but true!

  9. Is it Teesri Manzil which came in 1966???

  10. harvey: LOL, sorry completely misunderstood. Did not know that Mohan Chhoti produced a movie! But it’s not Dharma either…

    @dustedoff and Alex: It’s a pretty loony film, but in a completely different way from Be-Sharam :-)

  11. Oxy: No, although both Helen and Laxmi Chhaya were in it! :-)

  12. u r right dharma doesn’t fit the bill but comes quite close.
    It has a ‘cabaret’ song with helen, faryal, sonia sahani and jayshree T in it and the famous Bindu-Pran ‘qawaali’ in it.

  13. Wow memsaab,
    You’ve got everyone stumped. I’ll check back since I know I want to see this movie.

  14. harvey: Ooh, now that I have to see!!!! And a Bindu-Pran qawwali?! *goes off to search for Dharma*

    sitaji: I will be posting a review of the film once I have it written :-)

  15. Well, I think I’ll throw my guess out here now – Sharafat Chod Di Maine.

  16. Is it Sharafat Chod di Maine (1976) with Feroz Khan??

  17. I know, I know, I know!!!

  18. o sy beat me to it!

  19. looked up in imdb for this movie. a really big star cast.
    Am totally curious about your review. Looking forward to it!

  20. LOL three answers in a minute!

  21. For the Bindu-Pran qawaali:

    and the ‘cabaret’ number:

    Enjoy, thanx to myfullneedsdotcom!

  22. And the right one too :-) I’ve updated the post with the answer, including a Youtube link to the dance number where Jayshree, Bindu, Padma Khanna and Faryal all appear.

  23. Fantabulous job, guys… Great fun… :)

  24. Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpatty? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    I love it.

    I have in real life, seen all three in use at the same time…. on chowpatty! Those were the days before public toilets were constructed on Chowpatty!

    My god, I am old!

  25. Really? I didn’t even know about this. Thanks for the trivia.

    LOL @ Another Kiran in NYC’s comment. :D so funny.

  26. Indeed, it also woke me up to the meaning of the film title :-D

    Really a great song, do take a look at it :-)

  27. Thanks harsh, your comments are always so encouraging!

    BTW, memsaab, I think the first lady in the song is Meena T, Jayshree T’s sister. She becomes old in the course of the song and seen as the Madam in the last part of the song with Jayshree T.
    That makes it 5 actresses!

  28. Oh wow!!! indeed! They look a lot alike, so I just thought Jayshree was repeated! :-) I will correct my review of the fillum right now. I wondered about the Madam, because she looked familiar (aaaarghh!!! I’ve been fooled by a Hindi movie disguise! Nahiiiiiiiiiin!)…

  29. Nahiiin beta, mat ro!
    She is her sister so anybody could have been fooled. Even old foxes like my aunt get fooled by their appearances. They starred together in many films.
    Looking forward to your review!!!

    what do you say to the cabaret number from dharma?

  30. I have discovered that I OWN Dharma, and have decided that I must watch it tonight. So I will save my curiosity for the big screen, as it were…:-) (thank you for the links, though, I think I forgot to say that).

  31. I think you will love Dharma.
    Has a lost and found story with Pran.
    Swapped children!
    Rekha married to Ajit!!!
    this and more!
    Watch Dharma for more sensations!

  32. And Pran is a dacoit, hai na? Sublime.

  33. is it sharafat chhod di meine??

  34. oops, too late…:((

  35. Ha beta, he is and a noble one at that and a loving father too!
    enjoy memsaab!

  36. the bindu-pran quawali is great, and Rekha before she reinvented herself!

  37. I too have the videos of “Sharafat chhod di maine” and “dharma”, but like memsaab, I too am too lazy to watch them. ;)

  38. Correction. “Sharafat chhod di maine” is a movie of 1970, not 1976.

  39. Atul: Actually, Sharafat Chhod Di Maine was released in 1976. You may be confused with another Hema-starrer called Sharafat, which did come out in 1970 (and interestingly enough featured a song called “Sharafat Chhod Di Maine”!). Neetu would’ve been only 12 had this been released in 1970, I don’t think she debuted as a heroine until 1973. :-)

  40. But Neeta looks so very young in those pics… !!

  41. I am halfway through Dharma and LOVING it :-)

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