They like me!


My pals over at Turbanhead have made me a guest contributor on their wonderful site.

Do check it out: it’s eclectic, hilarious, eye-opening and chock full of goodness (like the photo above), and I am very honored to be part of it in whatever way they deem fit.

(ps: I do not have a creepy porcelain doll collection, but only because I never thought of it.)

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15 Comments to “They like me!”

  1. Of course they love you–who wouldn’t? ;-) And who wouldn’t love that photo, either?

  2. It’s one of my favorite photos of all time :-) I can look at it endlessly and find new charm in it. And thanks!

  3. lolz… off to check out the site.

  4. Heh. Let me know what you think! I could spend the whole day going through it.

  5. Cool! Turbanhead is da bomb of a site. Look forward to seeing your stuff there!

  6. Agreed, totally da bomb and totally merited! Vah!

  7. Oooo that pic is cerrtainly da bombz. Off to check out the site…

  8. ppcc & beth: Turbanhead really IS da bomb!

    bollyviewer: And yes, so is the pic! :-)

  9. Cool bhai, very, very cool. It is a waste-your-whole-day-reading-awesome-stuff site.

  10. Congratulations!!!

    (And I have a doll collection, too, although not the creepy kind…)

    This reminds me that my grandmother gave a me a set of Indian dolls for Christmas. She found them at a thrift store so I have no idea about what they are. Do you have any Indian Doll-wallah friends who could help me ponder it out?

  11. What an adorable picture! And congratulations :-)

  12. Banno: It is, isn’t it (and I have)…

    Filmi Girl: They are probably from different regions, which you can tell by how they are dressed…but I would have to see a photo. You should do a post on them! With pics! :-)

  13. Suhan: It just makes me laugh every time I look at it :-)

  14. Hehehe – I LOVE that photo! It is just soooo cute.

    And yes, congratulations! :-)

  15. Shabash! Job well done hai.

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