My ten favorite rain songs


The title of this post really should be “My nine favorite rain songs and one rain scene” but—too long! The rains have a special place in Hindi cinema, as many before me have pointed out. I have always loved rain and thunderstorms, and I am determined to someday run around some trees in a (not transparent) sari as it pours down rain. Until that day dawns, though, I’ll settle for watching the cinematic rain fall.

So here are my nine favorite rain songs and one favorite rain scene! I have selected them based on how much I like the song, the picturization and its place in the film (I’m only using songs from films I’ve seen, not so much because I’m a purist but to make my task easier). And of course in my own selfish interests I can’t wait to find out about others that I haven’t encountered yet (hint, hint). Enjoy!

10. “Rimjhim Ke Tarane Leke” from Kala Bazaar (1960) (sung by Geeta Dutt and Rafi, music by SD Burman). Waheeda Rehman and Dev Anand come face to face on a rainy day in Bombay after being separated by circumstances despite loving each other. Taxis are all taken so they have to walk; they are silent as they go, each lost in their memories of the other as the song plays. It’s a gorgeous song (actually all of this film’s songs are), and Geeta is one of my very favorite singers.


9. “Pyar Hua Iqrar Hua” from Shree 420 (1955) (sung by Manna Dey and Lata, music by Shankar Jaikishan). I know I’d get comments if I didn’t include this one—but it’s such a beautiful song I would include it anyway! Nargis looks radiant (how come heroine makeup doesn’t run?) and I love the picturization: the gusting wind, the chai wallah, and of course the three Kapoor kids at the end.


8. “Hum Tum” from Hum Tum (2004) (sung by Babul Supriyo and Alka Yagnik, music by Jatin Lalit). Finally! Karan and Rhea express their feelings for each other in the song as the rain pours. Of course the best part is that they kiss on the beach (I think it might have been the first kiss in a Hindi film I’d seen). Rani looks gorgeous in her red sari, and Saif…well, he looks gorgeous too.


7. “O Ghata Sanwari” from Abhinetri (1970) (sung by Lata, music by Laxmikant Pyarelal). Also not a romantic duet, this is picturized on Hema Malini singing about the falling rain while she spends a cozy evening alone at home. She does her calisthenics and then luxuriates in the bath, just enjoying herself. What she doesn’t know is that she’s about to meet The Shash, who will turn up on her doorstep sheltering from that rain. Except for the Shashi part *sad* I can really relate to this song!



6. “Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein” from Ajanabee (1974) (sung by Kishore and Lata, music by RD Burman). Such a lovely duet between Zeenat Aman and Rajesh Khanna, who have crackling good chemistry!


5. “Dil Tera Deewana” from Dil Tera Deewana (1962) (sung by Rafi and Lata, music by Shankar Jaikishan). What a downpour! This song is windy and wild, and very sexy; and I wish with *all my heart* I were the heroine in this monsoon cavorting with Shammi.



4. “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) (background music). Okay so this isn’t really a rain song, but it’s my favorite rain scene and since Shah Rukh and Kajol are dancing to the movie’s theme song I think it counts. (It’s my blog!) Anyway, I can’t watch this without crying; it’s Shah Rukh at his intense romantic best and Kajol has loved him for so long…but then she remembers that she’s engaged already to Salman. It’s pretty much a non-stop tearfest from this point on until the film ends.



3. “Rim Jhim Rim Jhim Dekho” from Shehzada (1972) (sung by Lata and Kishore, music by RD Burman). Rakhee and Rajesh Khanna admit to their love for each other in this beautiful song. Everything is beautiful: the two of them, the scenery, the lighting. So romantic! I *heart* Rajesh, and I want to look like Rakhee.



2. “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si” from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1959) (sung by Kishore, music by SD Burman). Kishore is just so funny as he sings this song while he fixes Madhubala’s car and eyes her drenched figure. A classic song from a classic film; I can watch it and listen to it over and over again.



1. “Aaj Rapat Jaaye To” from Namak Halal (1982) (sung by Asha and Kishore, music by Bappi Lahiri). I love absolutely everything about this song. Smita Patil and Amitabh look like they are having so much fun as they tease and seduce each other; I think it’s the sexiest rain song ever. And it’s beautifully lit and shot, giving a lovely misty feel to the streets of Bombay.




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  1. Hi memsaab…I loved this post…u included my fav songs including the one of Amitabh and Smitha…only one notable exception though another one of Amitabh’s with Moushmi…rim jim ghire saawan sulag sulag jayein man….

    • Hi Shaila :-) Glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t seen Manzil yet (I think that’s the one with the song you refer to?)…but yes, I love love love the song with Amitabh and Smita.

  2. Oooh, I like your list.

    But no “Roop tera mastana” from Aaradhana? That’s also usually an Antakshari staple….

  3. great post memsaab, though i think “rim jihim” from 1942 might go up there on my list as anil is soo cute and there’s a bit of snogging in it too,
    “rhim jhim” from shehzada is pretty cute too, and of course a raj kapoor song would be on here, it would sacrilege! though i do love “dum diga diaga” from chhalia with raj as well, he does his charlie overgrown chaplin routine but alas i can’t resist his cuteness and qawalli hand movement!

    • Rum: Yes, I like the 1942 one too. It would have been in a top 20 post! And also the one from Chhalia, which is probably my favorite Raj Kapoor film (he’s bearable in it anyway).

  4. Chevalier: I am sad to say that I don’t like Aradhana…although Roop Tera Mastana is a very pretty song and I love Rajesh! But I just can’t bring myself to appreciate the film.

  5. I particularly love #2 on your list! My favorites:

    3. Ishaaron Ishaaron from Kashmir Ki Kali.

    2. Zindagi Bhar Nahin Bhoolegi from Barsaat Ki Raat.

    1. A rain song that drove a film and transcended romance! I’m certain, Memsaab, you know which one I’m referring to :) (Hint: It didn’t really rain in its first appearance at the outset of the film, and was part of the background score to the climax which included rain and indications of the outcome of a love triangle.)


  6. Ha tBwF, of course I know which one you mean—Lagaan! That is a great rain scene. I haven’t seen Barsaat Ki Raat yet, have not been able to find it :( And my OCD won’t allow me to count Ishaaron Ishaaron as a rain song since it isn’t actually raining during it, just misty/foggy. I want to see a good drenching! :-)

    I think my next top ten might have to be my favorite Shammi songs. But it frightens me to have to narrow so many down to ten.

  7. You got it, of course! :) I guess I’d tend to include the drenching and wardrobe change that led to Ishaaron Ishaaron :P It’d be very difficult to narrow Shammi’s greatest songs to 10. Fifty* songs wouldn’t be enough for Shammi and Rafi alone! (*Okay, I made that number up, but if the two films I’ve seen are anything to by, there’s plenty out there I have yet to discover.)

  8. Even though I am not a Raj Kappor fan, I’ve always watched “Pyar Hua” happily, eagerly waiting for when his kids walk by- I never get tired of that 1 shot :D

    Dil tera deewana and bheegi bheegi raaton mein are both amazing- these songs will never die!

  9. tBwF: only TWO????? *jaw drops* what are you doing??? Get out there and watch some Shammi!! HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM ME?

    shweta: me too, on all counts :-)

  10. Love it memsaab! The Manzil song with AB and Moushumi (mentioned earlier in the comments) is a favorite as well. Also, RK and Neetu’s “Pyar ke din aaye kali baadal chhaye” in Mahachor–that was one of the v. few good things in that fillum :-) And the fabulous RK-Mumu Do Raaste number, “Chhup gaye sare nazare”–lovely, lovely. And Apna Desh’s “Kajra lagake” and Prem Kahani’s “Prem Kahani Mein “. Gosh, there’s enough for a post on RK’s rain songs :-D

    Incidentally, I remember reading that Smita Patil was so upset after the “Namak Halal” song that she cried. Apparently, the chasm between “parallel” and “mainstream” finally and forcibly hit her. I think her transition from one to the other was much more fraught than Shabana’s who’s pretty breezy about it. What a great song though.

    • Ha ha Suhan, I thought that too—Rajesh did a lot of rain songs! I wanted to spread the wealth fairly though…and oh poor Smita! It’s a very tastefully done song (by my standards, American as they are) even though it’s sexy too…and yes, Shabana seems to really enjoy her forays into masala. Good for her!

  11. :'( I meant two in my adult life. But no excuses, really. This will change. And since I have learned a *lot* from you, Memsaab, for now, I’ll go to a corner for this (actually, it’s more for this, but you get the point) =)

  12. Rain songs! Yay! I *love* that song from “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.”

    Two more that are really nice are “Barso Re” from “Guru” and “Megha Re Megha” from “Lamhe.” “Barso Re” is one of my favorite Aishwarya picturizations… :)

    And @Bollywoodfan, you really do need to watch more Shammi!

  13. Okay tBwF, you can come out now :-) But only to watch some Shammi!!!

    Filmi Girl: Rain songs are so Indian somehow. I love them. Haven’t seen Guru or Lamhe yet!

  14. I loooove rains and rain songs. Its so hard to explain to anyone unfamiliar with Bollywood and Indian seasonal rituals (which include a festival to celebrate the onset of rains) why rain is so romantic! ;-D

    I love all the songs in your list and here are some more that I also like (apart from the Barsaat Ki Raat one that is an absolute favorite) – Aaya saawan jhoom ke, O sajana, Barso re (a bit sad, but nice), Barkha rani (not the best picturisation but the lyrics are great – the guy is asking the rain to come down harder so that his girl friend cant go), Ek chhatri aur hum hain do (one umbrella and we are two – I love the lyrics), Koi ladki hai from Dil To Pagal Hai – o there are too many of these for me to pick and choose favorites!

  15. I grew up in southern Africa, where we had a rainy season and a dry season. I loved the rainy season; it would rain really really hard for about two hours each day, which was really fun, and the rest of the time the weather was beautiful. Dry equaled HOT. :-)

    I *have* to watch Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke, I love all the songs from it. I started it once, and then for some reason was distracted and never made my way back…the others I haven’t seen either, and I am DYING to watch Maan Gaye Ustad but haven’t been able to find it. It is a fab song.

    Thanks for such a great list, bollyviewer!

  16. Very good countdown list here, memsaab. And a lot of good suggestions from others. What about ab ke saawan from Jaise Ko Taisa ? Very catchy, lilting music, very sexy. Check it out !

  17. One of my favourite Desi rain songs/videos is ‘Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho’ from Hanste Zakhm (1973)

    Even though these are Pakistani, I may add them to my list because unlike those on your list, they’re not necessarily romantic in joyful way and these also doesn’t have rain in the videos (am I breaking the rules?):
    Koel – ‘Rhim Jhim’ (1959)
    Aansoo Ban Gaye Moti – ‘Rhim Jhim’ (1970) I prefered this video to the one where there is joyous romance and rain

  18. Great post … some of my most favourite songs are listed in your top ten! Here are some more that come to mind:

    O Sajana Barkha Bahar (Parakh):

    I like this one mainly because it’s so simple. I loved the photography and Sadhana looks so beautiful and there is a great deal of drenching!

    Hai hai yeh majboori (Roti Kapada Aur Makaan):

    This one is another fave – mainly because Zeenat Aman and getting caught in the rain in a sari were made for each other! Didn’t like the film – but loved this song!

    Tip tip barsa paani (Mohra):

    I used to like this one (I loved the song when it was released – it’s still drenchworthy but a bit in your face.

    Kaate Nahin / I Love You (Mr India):

    Still love this one! Sridevi looks great in this. Ahhh – looking forwards to the next rainstorm … !

  19. By the way – watch Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke when you get the chance. I really thought that the movie was good!

  20. Oh how exciting! Greta, I love your list. It’s making me want to make mine now… but I will have to recall my favorites. I absolutely adore “dil tera deewana” and “aaj rapat jaaye to”.. others are nice too, some of them I hadn’t watched like the “bheegi bheegi raaton mein” with Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat. Thanks. :) I’m gonna go brainstorm now for my list. ;)

  21. This is my favoritest rain song, nobody else comes close!

    Monsoon and Mumbai – Magic!!!

  22. Lovely rain songs, Greta. I learnt about some new rain songs from this post.

    I too had once written a post on rain songs many months ago in my other blog.
    Ten rain songs are just too few, I dad come up with over twenty such songs in my post .;)
    here it is

  23. Another favorite, mostly for the gorgeous picturisation of monsoon magic in Bombay –

    But hey, I like your list too! :)

  24. Ah, delightful list – and it features many of my favourites! But, being what I am, here’s my two cents: O sajna barkha bahaar aayi (from Parakh – awesome movie too), and Garjat barsat saawan aayo re (from Barsaat ki Raat – not exactly a rain song, but it’s one of the best songs about the rain there is!)

  25. Lovely to be reminded of the rains when it’s so, so hot here, even though it’s December. Goa did have a couple of showers though last week, unseasonal. I was inside a theatre though, so did no cavorting :-)

  26. Great idea and some very good songs here.

    But my own list of favorite rain songs would have to include “More Ang Lag Ja Balma” from Mera Naam Joker:

  27. My master plan has worked!!!! Now I have so many new songs (and films) to discover, thanks to all of you! How I love to make lists. Thanks :-)

    And I can’t wait to visit Bombay in the monsoon season some day.

  28. Atul’s post linked above reminded me of one of my very very favorites—I can’t believe I forgot it! *Kicking self*

    Jaane Chaman Shola Badan” from Gumnaam. Gorgeous song :-)

  29. Ohh…I love your list….!!! I like this Sridevi one

    “Megha re megha” from Lamhe.

  30. Great post hai. I could spend the evening watching all of these and the others listed in the comments. Yes, like Filmigirl say, “Barso Re” (A. R. Rahman) from Guru is fantastic.

    I also love “Koi Ladki Hai” (Madhuri & SRK) from Dil To Pagal Hai. Hope this link will last:

    I also love “Bheegi Bheegi” by A. R. Rahman with Tabu from Thashak, rated PG-13 I think since it’s a little hot:

  31. Your blog’s snowing!

  32. I know! I love WordPress :-) It’s snowing outside my house too, our first snow of the season. Those big fat snowflakes drifting lazily down…happppyyyeee.

    trupti and sitaji: Those are great songs too :-)

  33. Memsaab,
    In the interest of accuracy in blogging, I wanted to clear up that the song from “Thakshak” that I incorrectly said was titled “Bheegi Bheegi” is really titled “Boondon Se Baatein” and the playback singer is Sujata Trivedi. :)

    Here a link to the lyrics in case anyone is interested:

    All the best!

  34. @Sitaji, I was about to come back with those two; just recalled them yesterday. They’re my favorite ones and definitely in my top ten. Thanks for the links. :)

  35. It’s snowyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  36. It really is!!!! snowing snowing snowing. Happy holidays and merry winter to everyone, even if you are hot!

  37. I second Shaila in comment # 1 – the song from Manzil is beautiful.

    Another song about rain, but not picturised during rain, is Barsaat Mein from Raj Kapoor’s Barsaat. Beautiful, beautiful, haunting song –

    For a really fun and wacky song, Sridevi in Chaalbaaz: . It even references some other movies.

    Was there no rain song from Satyam Shivam Sundaram? ;)

  38. I tried stealing your code to see if I could get snow on mine… only partially successful; falling squares wasn’t what I had in mind. Oh well :-)
    (I wonder if it’s difficult to encode slaps…)
    PC x

  39. If it were my code, I’d happily share it with you PC…alas, all I had to do was turn the snow “on”—WP took care of the rest. Slaps is a whole different story though, I’m sure :-)

  40. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!! Every. Single. One. Of. My. Favorites.

    In more recent fare, I love AR Rahman’s rain songs: Ghanan Ghanan from Lagaan, Kabhi Neem Neem from Yuva, and Barso Re from Guru. And the saddest most affecting rain song is a Tamil song, an Ilaiyaraja composition from Mani Ratnam’s Nayakan:

  41. Amit & Amrita: Ooh more songs I don’t know and some I’ve forgotten. Thanks!!!!

  42. I LOVE your list – I love ‘Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si’. Others have already mentioned ‘Barso Re’ – great song, beautifully shot. Others have also mentioned ‘Koi Ladki Hai’ from ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, another of my favourites. ‘Main Pyaasa, Tum Saawan’ is a pretty song, although I’m not fond of its picturisation or indeed the film it’s from (‘Faraar’). I also like ‘Door Rahka Na Karo Baat’ from ‘Amaanat’ (with Sadhana and Manoj Kumar) – the picturisation is very sweet and so is the song.

    Like you, I love rain and thunderstorms, here in Lagos it’s been raining heavily – very unusual for December, right in the middle of harmattan (dry) season… I went to an open-air concert on Friday night, the heavens opened up, and I got thoroughly drenched – singing and dancing in the torrential rain, with lightning flashing and thunder rumbling, was a simply magical experience… I totally felt like I was in a movie. Hope you get your sari-in-the-rain day soon!

  43. DG, thanks both for liking my list, and adding more to it! Africa has great rains too…I miss them :-) Maybe one day all of us Hindi film fanatics can dance in saris in the monsoons of India!

  44. Long time regular lurker, first time commenter. Your site is fantastic and I don’t just say that because I too am in awe of Shammi.

    Growing up in India, whenever it would rain, we kids would either run out to the courtyard in our house or on to the roof and dance (read run around like spastics) around while getting wet. The adults in the meanwhile would be busy preparing tea and hot fried snacks. Your entry made me reminisce in a good way. :)

    Also, I’m surprised that no one has yet mentioned the “Paani re Paani” song from Shor – The song lyrics, picturization, social commentary is superb. (As an aside, – another song “Ek Pyar ka Nagma” although not a rain song is a song that I can listen to over and over again.)

  45. Great List, memsaab!

    Since you have asked for our list as well. here is mine. Not in all songs is rain there but in the lyrics. Your list is based on video, mine is exclusively in audio, i.e., I like the sound of these songs.

    Most of these songs were played on Vividh Bharati, when I was small at the onset of the monsoon. The songs are not in any particular (qualitativ) order. i’ve just written them down as I remembered them.

    Kaali ghata chhaaye mora SUJATA Geeta Dutt
    I just love this song. It feels so romantic and tugs so really at your heart. And there is another quite profane feeling to it for me. I always get a great longing for crispy bhajiyas (pakoras) when I listen to this song!

    Rhim jhim ke taraane KALA BAZAAR Mohammad Rafi, Geeta Dutt
    Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman under a umbrella, reminds me of the onset of the school semester (the school and the monsoon began in Bombay in June), thus smells of new books and new book cover.

    Rhim Jhim Ghire MANZIL Kishore Kumar
    Amitabh and Moushmi walking along the Marine Drive and the sea waves and the rain making them wet. Again a great longing for pakoras.

    Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi CHORI CHORI Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar
    As far as I remember it doesn’t really rain during this song, but it has rain int he air and romance. Though Raj Kapoor is not one of my fav actors and don’t really consider him handsome, the erotic tension in the air is thick enough to cut.

    Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Main AJNABEE(OLD) Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
    The ultimate rain song. If this song doesn’t pull you out in the rain,nothing will! One should just hear Lata sing: “Aisa lagta hai…” Freedom and love must feel something like this.

    Ghanan Ghanan LAGAAN
    Wicked, wicked clouds! i don’t understand, how they couldn’t make rain. Teh sound is enough for me to feel the rain drops falling on leaves and the prospect of greenery is already there.

    O sajana, barkha bahar aayi PARAKH Lata Mangeshkar
    Such a simple song and such a longing for that special one! One of the real gems. Teh Germans would say “eine Sternstunde” in hindi music history.

    Rhim jhim dekho SHEHZADA Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
    Pyar hua ikrar hua hai AWARA Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar
    Your commentary to the both songs above is so comprehensive. I have nothing to add.

    Chattri na khol DO JHOOT Usha Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar
    A hardly known song! But so much full of mischief! Brings back old memories!

    Though it is time for snow now, you brought us in the warm rain!

  46. tjs: Wow, that is a great song. I’m not much of a Manoj Kumar fan but that is lovely and so well picturized! Thanks :-) I’m glad you came out of the shadows, and I’m always glad to meet another Shammi fanatic! I loved running around in the rain too when I was a kid, particularly I loved big puddles.

    harvey: I see we have some of the same ones :-) Thanks for the others too, I’ll look for them!

  47. Hi Memsaab, here comes a list of my favorite rain songs. Thanks for this inspiring post. :D

  48. Very good postings Memsaab.

    If u keendly anyalise all movies of Super Star Rajesh Khanna there will be compulsarly a rain song/dance with his heroines. After seeing Super Star Rajesh Khanna’s movies most the other Director’s have also started rain dance/songs in their movies which has become hit.

  49. Maybe for his birthday I will do a favorite Rajesh Khanna songs post or something :-)

  50. Memsaab: If you have a weak spot for Sanjay Dutt movies (and I think you might) you could add “Akhir Tumne Aana Hai” from “Yalgaar” to your list. The couple are married (although estranged) allowing some censor-challenging heat…

  51. Now Laura, how did you pick up on my love for Sanju? :-) What a fabulous song! Must see the film too!!!!

  52. Laura – thanks for the reminder. This Yalgaar song is such a fun song. I remember when the movie came out how it was such a big deal that Nagma wore a bikini! No one however ever mentioned Sanju being shirtless during this song. :)

    While I was watching that song, I remembered another one that I used to listen to back then with just as much frequency – “Yaar bina chain kahan re” from Saheb – I just watched that video; I had forgotten that it is filmed in the rain too! What a happy coincidence!

  53. Ooh rain disco!!!! :-) That’s fabulous tjs! Anil and Amrita are so cute!

  54. Memsaab: Sadly, “Yalgaar” is not such a great movie, although the song certainly is enjoyable. That You Tube clip cuts off the end of the song, where he takes her into the pool and Eeek! kisses her. Does “Yaar bina chain kahan re” qualify as a rain song, if the rain is in front of the camera only, and nobody gets wet? Love the disco/break dancing cultural overlap!

  55. But…Sanju is in it…..*trails off*…and a kiss! I can count Hindi movie kisses on one hand :)

    And I think Yaar Bina qualifies, there are clearly raindrops there. I think maybe I am too blinded by the disco lights to see wet hair :)

  56. just had to add a wet zeenat aman singing ‘hai hai yeh majboori’ from roti. kapda aur makan to the long list here..

  57. This List Must include the last breath of RD burman…Rim-jhim from the movie 1942-A love Story….Apart this as said the song 4m Manzil..and of course Ghana-ghanaa..Lagaan.

    But the Best one 4 me is…….hai hai yeh Majburi..yeh sawan aur yeh duri 4m Roti-kapda Aur Makaan……but alas no one has mention tht,..
    how could u all people forget this one ???

  58. Sorry Jaspal, looks like several people already mentioned that song. :-)

    Actually I got one to add as well (it’s probably one of my overall favorite songs of all-time), but I wonder if it qualifies as a true-blue rain song since it’s there for only a portion of the song – “Kaho Kahan Chale” from Bulundi (1980):

  59. It counts if there’s rain in it! (even if it gets nobody’s hair wet, see Laura’s comment above :-)

    Ooh and Danny and Kim! That gets a thumbs-up from me no matter what!

  60. Mehga Re Megha from LAMHE

  61. Rain songs:

    1. R D Burman’s first song. Movie Chote Nawab. Lata sings “Ghar aaja ghir aaye badra sanwaria”. Picturized on Ameeta and a dancer (unknown name). Maybe somebody could identify her. Others in the movie: Mehmoud.
    RD Burman’s first hit song. But nobody gets wet here. It is about rain and clouds and ….longing..

    2. “Kajre bhadarva re marzi teri hai kya”. Movie “Pati Patni” .Cast sanjeev Kumar Nanda Mehmoud Mumtaz. RD Burman’s music. Lata’s voice…mesmerizing….

  62. I haven’t seen those, will have to look for them :)

  63. I completely forgot:
    Jaise Ko Taisa – Ab Ke Sawan Mein Jee Darre.
    this is a must in every rain song list.
    you can’t get it wetter!

  64. just saw kajre badarva re on you tube. Thanks for the tip, bluelotus!
    would never have thought it is pancham.
    is it inspired by any chance from a bengali song?

  65. While going through this post again, I realised that not one Rajesh Khanna- Mumtaz song made it to your list. Come on, don’t tell me you have not watched their movies. They had at least one rain song in every movie where they worked together.

    • No but several of them made it to my favorite Rajesh Khanna songs list :-) Hey—there were only ten songs to pick, and Rajesh made a LOT of rain ones. I had to give other people some room on it too!

  66. Oops, I have posted the same matter twice. Please delete one of them.

    Coming to the song “ghir aaye badra” from “chhote nawaab” that bluelotus has mentioned above, the dancer on which this song is picturised is Sheila Vaz.

  67. Most of the songs here are with hero & heroine in the rain.
    There are very few with just one of them in the rain.

    One such rain-song that I really like is “Rama rama gazab hui gawa re” from Naya Zamana.
    Everything about it is perfect…Hema Malini in the early 70s dancing in the rain, very pleasant desk-thumping music by SD Burman, Dharam standing in a dignified manner with Hema dancing.

    Not sure if it has already been mentioned here but hey, I swear I did make an effort to go through this thread first before posting this song. ;-)

  68. Yes, that is a good one, Raja. In fact this is one of the very first rain song that I became aware of.

  69. Well, one of the things I love about rain songs is the romance :) although the Hema one from Abhinetri in my list is also a solo one. I saw Naya Zamana a while ago, and don’t remember that much about it. One of the benefits of writing this blog is that it helps me retain things better :-)

  70. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  71. Hey Memsaab,

    Ur blog’s become my fav. timepass when I feel like slacking off from work. Love the ‘rain songs’ post- quite a concept.
    As already pointed out by quite a few people I would definitely have the following two in the list:
    “Rim Jhim gire saawan” ( and thandi hawaa, kaali ghata (

    Personally, I would also put ” Dil Tera deewana hai sanam” right on top of that list just for the boundless energy and joy in it.

  72. LOL, I am very proud and happy to contribute to anybody’s slacking off from work! I haven’t seen Manzil yet, must rectify that…and love the song from Mr & Mrs 55 too…but couldn’t fit all the good ones onto a list of only ten!!!

  73. So many movies I still haven’t seen! Thanks for maknig my shopping cart/wishlist even bigger memsaab. I just have to throw in my vote for Pyaar hua, probably my number 1, ghanan ghanan, Rimjhim Ke Tarane Leke and Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolegi – I bought Barsaat ki Raat simply because it has THREE qawwalis, and so discovering that the “theme song” was such a beautiful masterpiece was a real bonus.

  74. “Badal yun garajta hai” from Betaab.

  75. my god…i luv rain songs!!! n kuch kuch hota hai’s is by far my favorite!!! luk at the sexy couple…can anyone compare Kajol n SRK?????? (okay i know ash n duggu can(Jodha Akbar anyone….chemistry was beautiful!:)) still the song is so stunning n the music sticks in ur head!!! Sure i luv DDLJ as well but i think here is where the love just overwhelms them for each other!!!KKHH is one of my fave movies hands down!! SRK n Kajol are just MEANT FOR EACH OTHER yaar!!!! anyway sorry about that spheal…but i love ur post n i love KKHH!!! GO SRK!!

  76. Hi memsaab,

    First off, your site is jaw droppingly fantastic. I’ve ben on a 70s Bollywood music binge recently, and I’d like to add Aaj Ki Raat from Anamika (1973) to the mix here. We liked it so much in my band, that we recorded it on our last album (blasphemy, I know, I know).

    (the rain starts about a minute in, but Helen’s pink rain ensemble should give it away)

  77. i am interested in black&white era melodious hindi filmsongs particularly romantic duets

  78. i would have rated pyaar hua iqraar hua as no. 1… anyways, all are good songs..

  79. Fab! I also really love ‘Geela Geela Pani’ from Satya. So sexy! And beautifully sung :)

  80. hello Greta!

    Check out this song form film ‘Dahek’ starrn Akshay Khanna n Sonali Bendre. It shows ‘actual’ Mumbai rains.. we all have faced such rains (nd worse!!).. m sure u wil like this.. i cudnt find one wit subtitles though!!

  81. And this one by Shubha Mudgal… fun in rain!!

  82. nice comments.good collection of monsoon songs.

  83. Hello Greta! Did u like d rain songs I hv posted?

  84. i love rain songs ,i find it out a lot of songs i like very much ,still i am looking forward a rain song ;aai barkha bahar pde ras ki phuhar dukh jane na hamaar bairan root brsat ki ,dukh hmari abhagan preet ke ,wo hi jane jo hara ho jeet ke tooti kajre ki dhaar loota mn ka sansaar dukh jane na hmar bairan root barsat ki
    if you can send me this song Iwill always thankful to all of u n ur blog

  85. How can we ever miss Haeey haaey yeh majboori from Roti Kapda.. and surprisingly, no one else mentioned it… Not a huge Zeenat Aman fan but this song was a knock-out.

  86. Well… Tip Tip Barsa Pani (Akhshay/Raveena) was also awesome but maybe it could be too raunchy for folks to mention about that song. That song showed Raveena’s curves in bes possible angles… Never liked Raveena better

  87. more rain songs for your reference:
    1.PYASA SAWAN:(producer:jeetendra)(music:laxmi pyare lyrics:santhosh anand singers:lata mangeshkar & suresh wadkar)
    song:MEGHARE MEGHARE,MEGHARE MEGHARE, MAT PARDES JAARE, AAJ TU PREM KA SANDES BARASAARE(picturised on Moushumi chatterjee and jeetendra)(based on classical raag)
    2.KAALI GHATA(director:ved raahi music:laxmi pyare Sung separately by lata and mohd.rafi, picturised separately on shashi kapoor and rekha not amidst of rain, but picturised as haunting song)

    3.BHOOMIKA(director:shyam benegal music:vanraj bhatia singer:preethi saagar(the one who sang Julie song “my heart is beating,keeps on repeating” and nursery rhyme singer-daughter of yester year actor MOTI SAAGAR)(Picturised on smita patil beautifully)

    4.JUNOON(produced by shashi kapoor and directed by shyam benegal)(music by vanraj bhatia)(singers:asha bhosle (please correct me if I am wrong, & varsha bhosle(yes asha`s daughter)
    song:SAAWAN KI AAYEE BAHAAR RE, BELA CHAMELI KI CHATAK GAYEE KALIYAN, RIMJHIM RAS KI PHUHAAR RE(picturised on deepti naval(one of her first screen appearances)

    5.RIMJHIMI BARSE PAANI AAJ MORE ANGNA,RIMJHIM RIMJHIM:please help me in finding out who is the singer of this song whether sudha malhothra or geetha dutt/roy, I don`t know exactly the film`s name also.It must be from Indo russian co production B/W PARDESI(starring nargis, padmini and prithiviraj kapoor)

  88. Rimjhim gire saawan is one of my favorites. Esp the lata version which actually has rain – not the kishore kumar one.

    I remember seeing this really cute movie from Rajshri productions – Paheli – with some newcomers of that time. It had a very lovely rain song that went some like “Sona kare jhilmil jhilmil …something something…brishti pade tapur tipur”. The song is picturized on a luscious green locale and it makes me wanna go there. Here’s the link to the song on YT

  89. don’t you like “Rimjhim gire saawan”? :( It’a a loveeeerrly song ) for a change, moushmi chatterjee looks cute :P

  90. Not making the top ten list doesn’t mean I don’t like it! I like way more than ten songs, thank you very much :)

  91. I always thought that that I was one of the very few rain lovers. Tagore was one for sure.Normally people think that you are lying.
    Anyway some of the Hindi songs on rain (I like most of them) have mind blowing lyrics. One of my favourites is “Rimjhim ke geet sawan gaye” from the movie “Anjana”.

  92. nice collection. “Rimzim gire saawan, sulag sulag jaaye mann” should have been in the list though.

  93. Mumu and RK in Gore rungg pe na itna….
    Vinod Mehra and Zaheera in Jhoomta Saawan dekho aaya…
    And two people, I not have mentioned my favourite – Rimjhim gire saawan (Lata).
    O ghata saanwari and Dil Tera Deewana and Ek Ladki bheegi bhaagi si – yes, yes and yes.

  94. To answer Prakash Chandra’s point number 5 (July 26, 2010 post above), the song “rim jhim barse pani aaj more angana” has been sung by Meena Kapoor. Another very beautiful song she’s sung in the same film – Pardesi – is “rasiya re man basiya re, tere bin jiya mora laagay na”.

  95. thanks memsaab. It is raining outside my window as I write (And RD Burman’s birthday week)
    came to your blog looking for songs that combined some R and R (no not Rest and Recreation, rather Rain and RD!!)

  96. Remembered this other sweet one – Jhir Jhir barse badarwa barse from Parivar. And I am happy to recall both the Meena Kapoor numbers mentioned above.

  97. Uff-oh, yeh mention hua ke nahin – Yeh saawan rut tum aur hum tararararum from Dastaan (a very Clark Gable-ish Raj Kapoor and stylish Suraiya)

  98. Great list. My favorite already mentioned by some others – “rim jhim gire saawan”. :) Came across your blog for the first time. It’s great!

  99. thank you very muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  100. Hi all, here most of you have mentioned about the old classics but there are some 90’s and 2k’s rains songs which i think are also worth mentioning, viz ,
    1.sawan barse tarse dil – Dhek
    2.dekho zara dekho barsaat ki ghadi – Yeh Dillagi
    3.taal se taal milao – Taal
    4.sun sun sun barsaat ki dhoon sun – Sir
    5.tip tip barsa paani – Mohra

  101. The song from Sheazda rim Jim rim Jim is just amazing. RK and Rakhee look divine. My all time favorite rain song. Nothing else,with the exception of Kishore and Maduballa measures up.

  102. Just a few more rain songs to add.
    1. Bheegi bheegi rut hai from Taqdeer ka badshah
    2. Boonden nahin sitare from Sajan ki saheli
    3. Aaja re aa zara, possibly one of the most romantic rain songs ever, beautifully sung by the legend that is Mohd Rafi, from Love in Tokyo!

  103. Greta this list was great as were all the comments. I feel like my knowledge of songs in the rain has increased 300 fold!
    It’s pissing down rain here today so was sniffing around for songs to put on my FB page. I’ve spent all day here!

  104. Saawan barse tarse dil – already mentioned.(dahek was a decent movie on the hindu-muslim marriage issue but with a botched /underwhelming climax)

    Megha chhaaye aadhi raat – sharmilee(the story writer was so unfair to the character of sharmilee’s twin sister in this film)

    Haay re haaye – humjoli (surprised. no one liked/mentioned this one)

  105. Saanson ko saaso mein’ of ‘Hum Tum’ is right atop my list… The song has everything going for itself – beautiful lyrics, unforgettable melody (the song is still on my playlist), perfectly timed, Bollywood’s finest romcom couple (Saif and Rani) and RAIN :)

  106. Rimjhim Gire Sawan – From movie Manzil picturised on Amitabh Bachchan and Mausumi Chatterji. Simply precious song in every aspect…be it the poetic and ultra romantic flowery lyrics , the love, the chemistry, the sweet maiden and the gorgeous hero…the picturisation…all !!

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