What do you think?

My social calendar for the past few days has been too busy for film watching, sadly. Although probably it’s good for me to get out and about occasionally so I don’t lose all my social skills.

Instead I’ve indulged in a little Photoshop-fun, greatly helped along by my friend Per-Christian’s fab cover art scans of his ginormous equally fab collection of Hindi film music albums. Thanks, PC!

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36 Comments to “What do you think?”

  1. Love your new header but the last one was great too. Why dont you cycle them?

  2. I could…Wordpress doesn’t allow you to do it automatically, it’s purely manual though (at least as far as I’ve been able to discover). And I am extremely lazy! But I won’t toss the old one, I’m kind of fond of it too, esp. since I took the photo myself :-D

  3. Hello there

    absolutely love ur new header very apt very kitsch…:))

  4. Thanks, Shaila! I like having Shammi front and center looking at me with those sultry eyes :-)

  5. It’s a win/win. Both headers are great!

  6. Funnily enough, I chose both the Upaasna and Sharmilee pics the one time I considered making a custom header for 3rd Floor (but never finished).
    Looks good :-)
    PC x

  7. thank you sitaji :-)

    PC, yes well three of the most gorgeous women of Hindi cinema are in those two pictures. And one of my favorite guys! I think I can mine those album covers for at least two or three more headers. Maybe I’ll even take a stab at one for you (not that you would have to use it).

  8. Nice, I like it. :) I think for a change it’s good to pause blogging or take a break… then we can come back all recharged. Hope you’re enjoying the social time.

  9. It’s very “your blog,” Memsaab! I like it very much. :-D

  10. Hey Memsaab

    The new header is real cool.

    U right about having pics of 3 gorgeous women of hindi films. Adding Hema Malini and Vyjanthimala will add further glam!

    Hope u r having a nice break

  11. Love it. All your favourite people in there, and mine too. So how could it be wrong?

  12. It’s faaaab, I LOVE it!! And is the Shashi/Rakhee from Sharmilee then?

    Must be something in the air, because I just changed the PPCC’s look as well.

  13. I guess I’m the only one who preferse the old one. Not that the collage is bad, it is very good but the other one was more suited to your blog.

    But in the end your choice Madam, will be the best suited and of course I’ll eagerly wait for reviews!!! :)

  14. “prefers” of course.

  15. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Glad you like it mostly :-) Shashi/Rakhee is from Sharmilee; Mumtaz/Helen from Upaasna; Vinod/Zeenat from Bombay 405 Miles and Shammi from my own collection of screen shots (Professor)…I would have liked to stuff Rajesh Khanna in there too along with Dharmendra and Asha Parekh and Amitabh and Parveen Babi and Hema…well, it was getting crowded.

    Eliza: I like the rajahs too, good memories for me for that photo. I haven’t gotten rid of it, but I needed some color for a change. It’ll be back! You weren’t alone, either—at this point there are six others on board with you!

  16. “I like having Shammi front and center looking at me with those sultry eyes :-)”

    well…this it a bit disturbing to me lol but I second “anonymous” in having these 3 gorgeous women…

  17. Shammi looking at me disturbs you, or Shammi looking at you disturbs you? :-P

  18. Having Shammi looking at ME like this lol

  19. Ah, then no need to worry, I’m pretty sure he only looks at ME like that :-D

  20. Gaaahhh!!! Now that Juanito mentions it, I’m starting to feel unnerved when I look at the header and see Shammi staring at me. But I feel a little better when I shift my gaze slightly to the right and see Helen looking right back at me. :-)

  21. LOL, see my comment above :-)

  22. I realize now I should be looking closer at my record sleeves…!
    PC x

  23. or maybe not! :-) At least you can rest peacefully knowing that the Shammi pic creeping out juanito and sy is not from you (it’s a screen shot from Professor)…

  24. I agree with those who like both, but I am also a firm believer in trying new things. I like the idea of keeping the blue one as your classic header, but enjoy seeing what you come up with when you’re feeling playful. Shammi is definitely looking mainly at you. Can you get a shot where Vinod looks at me?

  25. Marta, I like both too, will definitely rotate and probably add to the mix. I am glad you understand that Shammi is looking at ME and I will do my level best to find a photo of Vinod gazing only at YOU.

  26. Well a pic of Amitabh (looking at me – preferably making the “kiss” sign in Abhimaan) would certainly change my mind :)

  27. Oh my, I am going to have to fit a lot of things into the next one :-) Eliza I did not know that you were such an Amitabh fan!!

  28. Yay, the new header! You needed something more funky and colorful. The old header was tasteful and classy, but if all of the movies you covered were tasteful and classy, I doubt I’d be such a dedicated reader.

  29. Only watching classy and tasteful films would be like only eating cucumber and butter sandwiches on white bread with the crusts cut off. I like cucumber and butter sandwiches, but not on a daily basis.

    Mango pickle, though: that I could eat every day!

  30. Meemsaab,

    Its good. But if you also put Super Star Rajesh Khanna it will have better look.


  31. Memsaab, Amitabh is the actor I like best in Indian cinema. His eyes can speak volumes and his performances always please me but I wouldn’t really call myself a fan per se (there are still lots of films starring Amitabh that I haven’t seen or may never see – Toofan for instance)

  32. V Manohar: I’ll put him on my next one, promise!

    Eliza, that sounds completely reasonable and very mature :-)

  33. Thanks Memsaab for put our Super Star Rajesh Khanna in your web

  34. No contest. Love the super groovy new header, not the least because it has Shashi/Rakhee on it and I love them sooooooo!

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