Another Ted Lyons sighting!

Movie-watcher and critic extraordinaire Todd over at Diedangerdiediekill spotted my favorite band Ted Lyons & His Cubs in the 1965 film Boxer, starring Dara Singh and Mumtaz. *So excited!* I don’t know why, but I love these guys. I wonder how many films they actually did? I’m at four and counting!

He was kind enough to send me some screen shots.

Doesn’t Mumtaz look so young? I love her how her dress matches the guitarists’ pants. That is just fab.

Now all I have to do is find the music somehow.

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6 Comments to “Another Ted Lyons sighting!”

  1. Tedddddddd!!!! Ohhh I’ve found you!! I’m gonna have to find this movie now, I have most of the movies where him and his great band appears! I love Mumtaz’s outfit, it looks nice and velvety as well as junglee, in the Masala Pradesh I have been trying to count how many times I see “the Monkees” or any Ted-Lyons rip-offs, so far 8!

  2. Do tell where else you’ve seen Ted and his Cubs!!!!! Please! The Monkees just don’t count, at least not yet.

  3. How Todd is so famous if he’s just a movie-watcher?

  4. I think you have Todd and Ted mixed up :-) Todd is another blogger; Ted Lyons and His Cubs are a band from the 1960s who are most famous for the “Jaan Pehchan Ho” song from Gumnaam (made known to white people mostly through a movie called Ghost World).

  5. any thing on DARA SINGH is most welcome.Though he was considered a B CLASS hero he was darling of masses and is the only actor who is still cosidred a man in demand.A noble giant and a wonderful human who servived on his great personality for such a long time.The only actor in bollywood who may not have given great hits but his producers never lost money on his films.some of his films had great music.If someone do a study I think he will find that DARA SINGH HAD MAXIMUM FILMS WITH 100 DAYS RUN.THE ONLY ACTOR WHO HAS SURVIVED IN THIS CUT THROAT COMPETETIVE FILM INDUSTRY WITHOUT ANY CONTROVERSY AND WITHOUT ANY PERSONAL PR.

  6. Hi Ratan, I agree; I love Dara Singh :-) Have finally watched Mard, will put that up here soon…

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