Be afraid…

From Shaan (1980) which I had the great fun of watching with Beth, Gesine, the ppcc and Carla (with Mr. Carla) last evening.

I have had haircuts—in fact I’m growing one out now—that looked like they were done in a saloon.

And by the way, Mazhar Khan and Zeenat must have had really gorgeous children.

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9 Comments to “Be afraid…”

  1. Amen to that!

    Only rascals get shaves in saloons.

  2. In the VENUS Hair Saloon.

  3. I tell you one thing: representin’ and self-respectin’ goris do NOT patronize the Venus Hair Saloon. At least not without some whiskey in them first.

  4. Yes, no telling what we will do with some whiskey in us though.

  5. Any my family still uses the word “saloon” to mean barber – heading to the saloon for a monthly haircut! I had to explain saloon to my 8-year old son, who had no clue what that place was!


  6. M, do you mean they use salon? or do they really use saloon (here in the US, saloon=bar or tavern; salon=hair dresser)…

  7. Memsaab,

    Yes, I know Saloon here is a bar – Louis L’Amour taught me that, but the word used is definitely Saloon! Only men’s barber shops are saloons though – women’s used to be “Beauty Parlours”, now replaced by “salons” and “spas” :-D


  8. I used to love Louis L’Amour! :-) That’s so interesting. I figured it was a typo, but maybe not! Still cracks me up though :-)

  9. I am really late with this comment…still discovering the gems on your blog. M is right, in India people often say saloon for a barber shop. I am assuming that someone got confused between “saloon” and “salon” at some point and the confusion spread. This is so common that even after living in the US for 8 years, it took me a moment to realize why that subtitle was weird. Don’t know about other Indian languages, but in Hindi it is always written as saloon. Now that I think about it, transliterating “salon” (with the correct pronunciation) in Hindi is tricky which maybe contributed to saloon becoming popular.

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