Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966)

Or: The Effects of Alcohol Part II

and his home, to a nautch-girl.

which is not necessarily a bad thing.

which is not necessarily a bad thing.

and cat-fighting!

and cat-fighting!

As much as I wanted to like this film (Pran in a red wig! Kind, handsome Rehman!) I just couldn’t. It is such a downer!

Life is excessively hard for poor Shankar (Dilip Kumar), what with his status in the household being lower than an insect’s and all. His adoptive brother Ramesh (Pran) hates him for no good reason and abuses him terribly. Shankar tolerates the abuse for the sake of Rupa, Ramesh’s sister (Waheeda Rehman). He loves her and she loves him, but she doesn’t have the courage to stand up to her brother. Ramesh is drunk all the time, and we know what drunkards are like.

One day Ramesh flogs Shankar and throws him into the sea, leaving him for dead. Shankar is rescued by fishermen, and things brighten up a bit when he discovers during his travels that he is the long-lost heir to a kingdom. But on his return home to marry Rupa, he discovers that Ramesh is still relentlessly hateful even though he has lost all his wealth; and Rupa is now engaged to Satish (Rehman), who doesn’t seem to mind her endless sniveling and self-pity.

Much gnashing of teeth and vengeful plotting ensues, ensnaring innocent people too. Everybody suffers, no one more than this viewer.

Thank goodness for Tun Tun and Johnny Walker! They play a married couple who have had nine children in five years.

Before the film is over, Tun Tun is giving birth to four more, while her husband argues with the hospital Matron…who looks strangely familiar.

The special effects at the beginning seemed familiar, too.

I think I hear Mr. Bill squealing in terror.

I think I hear Mr. Bill squealing in terror.

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20 Comments to “Dil Diya Dard Liya (1966)”

  1. Can’t wait to see part III.

  2. We may be populating the panels in Part III :-|

  3. Please mark the post as “Office Unfriendly”- I have kept myself from bursting into giggles with much difficulty.


  4. This was apparently an adaptation of Wuthering Heights! Wonder what Emily Bronte thought about this version of her book!!!

    And did any part of Johnny Walker’s wife come loose apart from the babies? lol!!!

  5. Seriously???? Wuthering Heights? Well, it’s been a while since I read it, but I never would have put the two together.

    Luckily Tun Tun stayed all of a piece :-) They did have SO MANY kids though.

  6. Hahaha! Mr. Bill! Good thing they had a big bathtub or the special effects budget would’ve gone over. :-) I tend to avoid alcoholic movies as a rule (Devdas being the exception since IMO he isn’t an alky) but this one might be kind of entertaining.

  7. All I could think of while the “ship” was being tossed around was “oh nooooooooo”…

    It’s not entertaining, except for that brief moment and Tun Tun and Johnny. Otherwise, it makes one want to stick needles in one’s eyes.

  8. I love Pran so much.

    SO, SO, SO MUCH.

    I will watch this. I MUST WATCH THIS.


    (Sorry, I can barely control my excitement for Pran. PRAN. PRAN PRAAAAAAN.)

  9. ppcc, I must admit that I couldn’t wait to see what you would have to say about this :-) Pran swills down a whole lot of VAT 69 (which actually someday should merit a whole post by itself), and is terribly mean to poor stoic Diliip and poor fragile Waheeda.

    Rehman is a bright spot that I forgot to really mention—I can’t figure out why Waheeda doesn’t fall head over heels in love with him when he is so nice and handsome and besotted with her.

    I think this may be the film that finally drove Dilip Kumar over the edge and onto a psychiatrist’s couch.

  10. It looks so nice though. Lovely reds. Your poster yields much fun. And more to come??

  11. Banno, I did not call the poster the Best Present Ever for no reason :-) I feel sure it will bring hours and hours of more fun!

  12. Oh lord, I can’t believe you actually saw this movie. Wait, no, I can – on paper this sounds great. Wuthering Heights remake with DK and WR. But this was my choice for all time worst movie I ever sat through for the sake of its leads. By the time Waheeda is fainting and begging god for guidance for the eleventy millionth time, I just wanted them all to die so I could too in peace. Urgh.

  13. I don’t mind a bad movie so much if it isn’t also depressing as hell. But this was both. Awful!!!! Thanks for the validation, Amrita :-)

  14. I watched this after reading your review as I tought it would be right up my alley, and indeed it was. I enjoyed every single melodramatic minute of it. My only complained would be that the ending was too cheerful.

    A muched improved ending would have been Roopa throwing herself out of the window on her wedding day; and dying in front of Shankar who promptly expires form gun shot related injuries. Or Shankar dying first and Roopa ending up throwing herself out of the window as his body passes by.

  15. Do I need to come over there and do an intervention, Gebruss? :))) Actually, I really could have cheered for an ending like yours! Especially if Rupa threw herself out the window and LANDED on Shankar, thereby finishing him off.

  16. I am perfectly fine. :)

    You are being rather harsh on poor Shankar; at least he could have had a dramatic death scene with touching and overwrought last words.

  17. Please note the subtitle in the first picture it sayys SARA BAI’S house instead of Sharabi or SARABI

  18. Yep! It’s Wuthering Heights.
    Just saw this film.

    Believe me, the book is much much worse than the film.
    Dilip Kumar (playing Heathcliff) is much more likeable.

    I detest the book very much.
    It’s bleak, dreary, negative, full of hate and revenge. The main character is almost a psycho destroying every character he encounters not even sparing his own wife, and son

    So compared to all that we have a bruised Dilip Kumar who can’t keep up the act of hate and revenge long, being overpowered by his love for Rupa (of course she isn’t married yet as in the book).

    The happy ending was a relief.

  19. This is absolutely hilarious! I love it! Where do you find these captions in chaste Hindi?
    I haven’t seen the movie, or read the book. Wuthering Heights was never my kind of book – I absolutely detest the dark, gloomy stuff and my book had the cliffs and this tall, dark haired guy with a gloomy expression on his face on the cover, thereby putting me off the book forever. I would have watched the movie, though, just to watch Dilip and Waheeda together, but this was released in my senior year in school, and so didn’t see too many movies that year. I might watch it now, just to see Pran in his red wig and Dilip in that red jacket.

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