Trivia time #28

Another musical question! Which actor and actress sang this song in a film in which they starred? They both sang for themselves in their early careers before playback singing became the norm.

Bonus points for the film name and music director!

A whole host of people, with madhu being first, knew that the singers are Ashok Kumar and Leela Chitnis, singing “Chal Chal Re Naujawan” from the film Bandhan (1940); music director credits to go Saraswati Devi (although I’ve also seen Vasant Desai and Ramchandra Pal credited). The lyricist was the inimitable Kavi Pradeep (also a good singer!).

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16 Comments to “Trivia time #28”

  1. Can u post the lyrics?
    the office firewalls streaming music from sites :(

  2. Bandhan, right? I can recognise Dadamoni’s voice! No idea who the music director was, but if I remember correctly, the actress/singer was Leela Chitnis.
    Frankly speaking, I do think Kishore Kumar was by far the better singer of the two siblings ;-)

  3. If it’s Bandhan , the composer is Saraswati Devi.

  4. Bandhan is the correct reply. It was made in 1940. The lyricist was Kavi Pradeepji. The voices are Ashok kumar & Leela Chitnis. The MD is Saraswatidevi.

    -Harshad Jangla
    Atlanta, USA
    July 30, 2008

  5. Finally got home and could hear it (drat the damned office- cant even listen to steamed music!)
    Yep I agree w/ everyone-
    Bandhan (1940), Ashok Kumar and Leela Chitnis
    IMDB credits both sarawati devi and ramchandra pal for music.

    I understand this was a big hit because of the independence struggle at the time…

  6. shweta—sorry, I had abandoned my computer for the day before your request came in; anyway, I have no idea what the lyrics are beyond the title :-)

    And Yay! to all of you because you are so right. Hope to see the film someday. Dadamoni’s voice is pretty distinctive (can see why Kishore was the famed singer in the family). Leela’s voice is very sweet though.

  7. Hello Greta-
    if you give entire song it is very easy for anyone to find the solution by just searching in So it will be better if you give a very small piece of the song to begin with and full song after the solution is given by others. That will make the riddle interesting

  8. Hi Sagar, That’s a good idea! Although I don’t want to make it too hard. Half the fun is doing the research if you don’t know it outright :-)

  9. I thought I recognized Ashok’s voice (yes! am learning!) but I’ve never seen anything with Leela-ji in it–yet. Still, I’m excited that I even had an inkling–the first time for a Trivia Time post! Yay!

  10. “Dadamoni’s voice is pretty distinctive (can see why Kishore was the famed singer in the family).”

    This reminds me of the song “Koi Humdum Na Raha”

    It was first sung by Ashok Kumar for the film Jeevan Naiya (1936), music director – Saraswati Devi. It was rendered by Kishore Kumar in the film Jhumroo (1961). I have heard the Jhumroo one, hundreds of time, Ashok Kumar’s version would be interesting to listen. Have never come across it though.

    Found this article on Saraswati Devi,

    Ashok Kumar remembers….

    “Ashok Kumar,elder brother of Kishore Kumar,relates a very amusing anecdote about his younger brother’s fondness for music.Ashok Kumar had sung on screen ‘Koi Humdum Na Raha’ earlier and little Kishore fell in love with the song and was determined to sing it.

    The complex beat and the rather poor(according to Ashok Kumar)voice obviously did not help.Then Kishore hurt himself and cried for an entire month!His voice improved and much later he went on to sing the hauntingly beautiful ‘Koi Humdum Na Raha’in Jhumroo.”

  11. Great links, Sumanth, thanks so much! Love especially the article on Saraswati Devi. It’s so nice that women had a presence in the music arena so early on…

  12. Isnt it strange that Dadamoni was classically trained while Kishore wasnt! Leela Chitnis sounds great though. I just find it very hard to imagine her playing a heroine because I can only remember her as Raj Kapoor’s ailing mother in all his movies!

  13. She was really lovely in her young days…I remember seeing her in Awara (at the beginning, when she is playing Prithviraj’s wife) and being amazed (photo of her in this post is from that film).

    Yes, Kishore did definitely have the edge in singing talent :-) I am sure Dadamoni agreed.

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