Maha Badmaash (1977) Part 3

Our hero’s training continues with an endurance test inside the Room of Ice…as the temperature gets colder and colder! Mogambo urges him on—even Mike is rooting for him. Will he survive?

Oh, the suspense! The tension! The gazillion beeping gadgets!

Has there ever been anything sillier, dear readers?

Meanwhile, Pinky discovers the identity of her captor, while at the Hotel Hilton Seema fights off a love-lorn Mike—aided by her bellhop accomplice.

Mike finds solace with the hotel owner’s daughter Reena (Bindu):

and Ratan realizes that Pinky is not Pinky.

Will Seema and Ratan fall in love? Are there any two prettier people anywhere? Can Ratan hold his breath for fifteen minutes under water? Does he ever even really need to? Will twins Pinky and Seema be reunited? Will Pinky realize that Mike is not worthy of her love? Are there more Men With Sticks lurking?

Can Mogambo be defeated? And who IS he, anyway?

You will need to torture yourself by watching if you really want to know, because I have wasted enough time on it.

But I will give you this clue about what Mogambo is after:

And that’s the entire world, people, not just India’s particular section of it.

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18 Comments to “Maha Badmaash (1977) Part 3”

  1. OMG. That’s really all I have to say!

  2. What! No more instalments of our favorite serial? :-(

    This is just the movie to watch with a bunch of friends at home one evening – no need for drinks to get the party going!

  3. I’d still see it for luscious Neetu Singh. Her 50th birhtday today. It’s in the front page of Mumbai Times. And how Ranbir Kapoor hates to watch her films, because he does not like sharing his darling Momma.

  4. i have never seen Vinod looks so horrid, though he is in an ice box, but no need for that face!

  5. Awww… I’m sad to see the comic book come to an end! It was such fun. Thanks for the laughs – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything this ridiculous.

  6. Happy 50th Neetu!!! She looks just as fabulous now as she did then. I am sorry to cut the comic book short, but doing the screen caps was basically like watching it again, and twice in 4-5 days is too much.

    I might drag it out for a party sometime; drinks are definitely not necessary—in fact, if you drink and watch it at the same time your head might explode.

    Cheer up! Cheer up! Cheer up! :-)

  7. LOL I’m really sorry to see it end, but I sympathize with your screen-capping plight. Still, it was worth it to see Bindu in purple short-shorts and go-go boots. Mmm, face salt. ;-D

  8. Not quite sure what the salt of the face was about :-) Perhaps the “glow” of perspiration? There were so many go-go boots in this film, it was totally fab.

    They have to return to Africa at the end, so more racism and green-faced Indians pretending to be black. Also Vinod NOT having to hold his breath for 15 minutes or be in a freezing cold room for 20 minutes.

    I think by the end the director was like me: “Oh forget it. There’s no way to make sense of all the loose ends out there. Let’s just call it a day.”

  9. I am in adoration.
    I am so in awe, I dunno what to say- I sit slackjawed at my desk, struggling for comprehension!

    this is so so so good!!!!
    I am just wondering wth I am going to find a copy of this at!

  10. I got my copy at Nehaflix for a mere $7 plus shipping (or maybe $6).

  11. Is there anything sillier you ask? Why yes! yes there is! See: Dev Anand in Jewel Thief – “how I survived electric shock treatments to defeat the dastardly villains”. Not as pretty though. Gotta hand you that.

  12. Ha ha :-) It was really a rhetorical question of course. I’ll bet we could come up with many things at least AS silly, if not sillier!

  13. I started this last night and must have been in just the right mood because I LURVE IT. I lurve it like it’s the last movie on earth. Agreed it is very silly and seems like a pastiche of “evil villain plots” moments, but I’m finding every single detail to be superawesomehilarious at the moment :) E.g. even before the counter had even hit 0:01:00, we had a guy in blackface that looked green, a villain stroking a cat, and perilous cartography! VAH VAH!

    • I pretty much loved it too, gotta admit. It’s why I spent three whole posts on it, and most of them visual :D But it is not a GOOD movie. It’s really bad. However WE know that good is not always a requirement!

      Vinod in his swim trunks is reason enough to *heart* it, but they do provide us with so so much more.

      ps Can’t wait for your writeup, woot!

  14. Finished it. Loved it. VERY glad we learn what we do in the ending because I was seriously concerned about the structure of the whole thing before that – and kind of embarrassed I didn’t see it coming :) Will email you my other thoughts so as not to spoil for others. My only problem with this film, other than the tiny detail of it really not having any structurally sound arcs, is that Neetu only had one song and that is a criminal waste. But at least Bindu had two. But still – those ladies and only three songs? And really none for Vinod? BOOOOO.

    • LOL!!!! No structurally sound arcs! The only structurally sound things in it were Bindu and the swimming pool. Can’t wait to hear what you learned :) I don’t remember learning anything at the end, except that Africa is full of green people.

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