Maha Badmaash (1977) Part 1

This film could have just as easily just been a comic book. A racist, stupid comic book, but a comic book nonetheless. So that’s how I’ll pass it along to you, faithful readers—in installments, since it’s hard to swallow this much insanity all at once.

Somewhere in the Sudan, the evil unseen Mogambo (yes! years before Mr. India! same cat though, plus a walking stick) watches as his henchman Mamba (Rajan Haksar) prods a prisoner by threatening his daughter Pinky (Neetu Singh)…

Bombay, one week later: new lair, same mysterious Mogambo.

Pinky and Mamba go to the Flush Club to “recruit” its owner, Ratan (Vinod Khanna).

Pinky gives Ratan an incentive package:

and takes him to meet his new boss.

Up next: Ratan receives his training (and more!) as mysterious men with walking sticks that match Mogambo’s flock to the Hotel Hilton!

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9 Comments to “Maha Badmaash (1977) Part 1”

  1. ohhh dear, those silly subtitles inadvertently made me laugh instead of being upset

  2. I think I might be scarred for life. But the comic-book layout is oddly compelling. ;-)

  3. Oooo Vinod Khanna and Neetu Singh – can watch pretty much anything for them. I think its a great idea to comic-ise them! Is Vinod practising to be Dick Tracy here?

  4. Ok – did I really just read ‘one negro, saheb’?? I have to say that Neetu and Vinod look quite hot. Looking forward to the next instalment… and I really like the comic idea.

  5. Where do you dig these films out from? I didn’t even know of this one. And in 1977, I was watching 2 films a week. It must have been a super-flop then, for me to have missed it.

  6. Banno, I’m not even sure why they bothered to put this one on DVD, although as bollyviewer and DG say (and it’s the reason I picked it up)—Neetu and Vinod are yummy. It is one of the cheesiest films I have ever seen, although of course that made it completely hilarious in parts. The racism (negros? in the late 70s?) just added that extra fillip.

    If you feel that you don’t understand the plot b/c of the comic book format, don’t worry. I didn’t understand the plot in movie format.

    • Oh yes, racism is still rampant in South Asia, especially toward “kallus.”

      Hell, there was recently a commercial made with Priyanka Chopra on trying to get her philandering husband/lover[?] with… Pond’s skin lightening cream! *gag*

      Also, if you haven’t seen it, check out Dharamendra sporting blackface in “Razia Sultan.” Movie, itself, is good except for that one detail…

      • I love the music from Razia Sultan, one of my all-time favorite soundtracks—but haven’t seen it yet although of course I will adore Dharmendra as a “black” slave :)

  7. Thanks again for your work memsaab! Bahut enjoyable to read. I’ve heard of Mr. India’s Mogambo, and now I know he appears in more than one film. Another thing to look forward to.

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