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This is one of my favorite lines from the 1987 film Mr India. It comes near the beginning, after Mogambo’s henchmen have told him how much money they have made through their various nefarious activities. His response:

There’s nothing like investing back into your business!

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11 Comments to “Dialogue of the day”

  1. Great choice of dialogue! A business on such a lavish scale probably does need investing in. :-)

  2. Good one Memsaab! I miss Mogambo. In my filmy duniya, he is right up there with Gabbar Singh (Sholay) and Captain Russell (Lagaan) as all-time favorite villains. Mogambo was smart enough to understand the business and express his appreciation of the work his men did. And “Mogambo khush hua!” was one of the more pervasive dialogues of its time!

  3. Didn’t remember that one. But will now. Truly a great line.

  4. Mogambo has such a great business plan! It’s right up there with Don’s gang’s nefarious schemes to hand off briefcases full of money and/or explosives back and forth as a money making venture.

    “Arrey karte hain hum pyaar Mister India se….”

  5. I had to rewind it to watch it again…could not believe it. Fell on the floor laughing. An excellent business plan indeed.

  6. The PPCC will use this blog to ruin and destroy other blogs.

    The PPCC is happy.

  7. If the ppcc is happy then Memsaab is happy too.

  8. Man, how throwaway is that for an anal-retentive villain. Someone should start collecting these sub-title beauties.

  9. Nisha, I am trying to keep track of the best ones. It’s difficult to keep up though :-)

  10. Awesome. Isn’t there a similar line in Mard, too? Something about “keep looting and destroying Hindustan while I’m out of town” or something? Gotta love a direct villain…with a plan!

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