Separated at birth

Swashbucklers Ashok Kumar and Errol Flynn!

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8 Comments to “Separated at birth”

  1. Except for the moustache and hairstyle, cant really see the similarity! What movie is Ashok Kumar’s picture from? Cant remember seeing costume dramas of a young Dadamani…

  2. The hair and the mustache (and thick eyebrows) are enough for me!…I kept being reminded of Errol Flynn throughout this film.

    It’s Humayun (1945) and a whole post on it is coming up! :-)

  3. I love Ashok Kumar! (All of the Ganguly Brothers a great favorites of mine, actually…)

    He really was quite dashing as a young man. :D

  4. He really was!!! He was a pretty handsome old man, too :-)

  5. Ranya, wow I had not seen this article (I need to subscribe to Hindustan Times, I have seen such great articles there)…thanks for the link. I just have been reading his biography, but even it seems pretty sketchy as far as details of his life go.

    And he should have the stature AT LEAST of Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar. In Humayan (1945) he was already so much more muted in his performance for the cameras than his more theatre-oriented cast members.

  6. Ah ah ….Ashok Kumar and Errol Flynn ? I am sorry on what planet?

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