Separated at birth

I’ve only ever seen this one photo of Harman Baweja (Priyanka Chopra’s bf and star of the upcoming Love Story 2050)—don’t actors usually have lots of pictures of themselves?—and to me he looks just like Ricky Nelson, the late singer (although I had trouble finding a photo of Ricky that matched).

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  1. It sounds horrible, but I’ve seen a short promo clip for Harman, and he truly looks like Hritik, as all the tabloids are professing. What they arent admitting is he looks like a scrunched up Hritik, which is a bit cruel, but true :D

  2. Yup, actually I had not read that (I’m clearly not keeping up! oh no!!!!) but I can see it. The flaring nostrils and defined lips maybe.

    I did see another photo of him yesterday finally, but he still looked like Ricky to me too. I couldn’t find a photo of Ricky ca. 1974, which is really what I needed.

  3. His expressions in a couple of the photos are similar to those in the photos of Ricky Nelson, but other than that (and that they’d look stunted when they stand up), I don’t see any other resemblance between them. Harman Baweja looks like Hrithik Roshan and Himesh Reshammiya morphed together.

  4. Hey,I don’t think the two of them look similar from any angle…
    Neways, I’m really looking forward to love story 2050…
    It is bollywoods first sci-fi movie !!!

    I’m sure Harman Baweja will be a huge super star and I cant wait to watch him star opposite Priyanka Chopra ….

  5. Himesh and Hrithik morphed together! Yikes! That’s just…wrong.

  6. Yeah, I would have thought that picture was Hrithik if I hadn’t read your intro (even though his hair is not to full-on Hrithik glory stage yet).

  7. Okay, then it’s just me who sees this one. But hey—it’s MY blog :-)

    One question: is he short or something? several references to his being “scrunched up” and “stunted” make me wonder!

  8. Here’s what I think Harman Baweja looks like memsaab:

    And here they both look (hawk and Harman) look like THIS!

    yet he also looks a bit like:

  9. Yikes – he looks like Hrithik was my first thought as well – a rather ill Hrithik, but still…

    AFAIK, he’s not particularly short – just in comparison to Hrithik who though not extremely tall himself (6’1″ is not *very* tall in my book), looks tall because of the length of his legs, poor Harry does look “scrunched up”!


  10. Sitaji dear, the hawk is much more beautiful. And…Billy Ray Cyrus? That’s just…wrong…urgh.

    I agree with all that he looks (somewhat) like Hrithik, but I just think “Ricky!” when I see him. Must be my 1970’s midwestern upbringing :-)

  11. Yeah he looks a lot like Hrithik and if I may add Ranbir Kapoor. What I call this piece is a mutated carbon copy.

  12. As the former owner of a Ricky Nelson 33 (I only liked Ricky as a singer, and not as a character on the TV show about his family), I definitely see what you mean.

  13. Yay Darshana!!!!! Vindication is mine!

    :-) (and ps I think I owned some Ricky Nelson records myself, maybe only 45s though…)

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