Feeding the obsession

I got an antique sari today. It’s sublimely beautiful: a dusty sky blue, gossamer-fine, sheer silk with real zari woven borders and pallu (the zari has tarnished a bit in some of the folds). The field is plain, but the blue color is so beautiful. The woman I bought it from said her grandmother purchased it in Delhi in the 1940’s.

It’s very simple but absolutely gorgeous. When I shop for sarees in India, I always have to argue with the sales guys to show me “Simple! simple! more simple!!” They only want me to see the ones decorated like Christmas trees.

Now somebody quick! Get married and invite me so I can wear it!

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15 Comments to “Feeding the obsession”

  1. Thats a wonderful saree… Awesome..

  2. I love finding old sarees intact…so many of them have been cut up. It’s really lovely, very soft.

    I’ll look like such a memsaab in it! ;-)

  3. its completely gorgeous!

  4. Im green! orange! purple! with envy :D

  5. A bet it’s so comfortable to wear! This saree, however, is too casual for a non-widowed woman to wear to a wedding.

  6. Wow! What a gorgeous saree! Didnt know they had such nice colors in silk sarees back in 1940s. If I offer to get married and invite you, do I get to borrow it sometime? ;-)

  7. what a beautiful sari!!! where did you get it from? i would like to see i picture!!!

  8. I’m so glad others appreciate its beauty! Most of my friends (and family) just think I’m crazy.

    I think this is probably vegetable dye, I always think those colors are so much richer and more beautiful than artificial dyes.

    I got it where I get everything I own: on eBay.

  9. The sari is so beautiful – I absolutely love the colour, and it looks so soft and… welcoming, somehow.

    I had the same experience in India – ‘more simple, simple, simple’!

  10. I bought some dupattas once at the FabIndia store on MG Road. As I was paying for them, an Indian woman who was returning a sequined multi-colored kurti at the cashier next to me looked at them (they were plain colors—ivory, black and maroon—but the fabric was that to-die-for soft soft soft silk cotton) and she said:

    “You people have such good taste.”


  11. That is a beautiful saree indeed!

    I am sure with the right kind of accessories you can carry it off well at a wedding!

    How about a trail photo of yours in that saree?

    lagey raho !


  12. Oh, and I HAVE the accessories :-) Maybe one of these days I will do a modeling session.

  13. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have 6-7 very old orignal zari sarees , i have to sell them if anyone
    is intersed to buy them caontact me as soon as possible.
    Contact no-09250788070,09810948992.
    New delhi.

    Thanking you,

  14. Nice saree…the color of the saree is amazing…

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