For a cold rainy day

I once had a Russian boyfriend who was depressed pretty much all of the time. On one of those perfect April days—when the sun is spreading its warmth, flowers are exploding into life, and birds are chirp-chirping away—to cheer him up, I said: “Well, spring is coming!”

And he said: “Yes, again.”

True story!

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9 Comments to “For a cold rainy day”

  1. Excellent! I’d expect such from a Russian boyfriend. Great story.

  2. Yes…he drank a lot of vodka too :-)

  3. omg! i love it! this is a story that will stnad the test of time…:)

  4. yes…I think of it—and him!—every spring.

  5. Well, that a good reason he *Was* a boyfriend, instead of *is* :-)

    Lovely picture.


  6. The photo is of my favorite red dogwood tree…I took it last week before the rain and cold returned…

    and yes, M…that is basically the reason.

  7. While walking the other day, I noticed a similiar tree in bloom and suddenly thought of this post and wonderded if maybe, just maybe this Russian was actually in touch, and meant, “again” in a knowing, bring on the cycle of life sort of way. Then I thought, “Naaaa.” :)

  8. Ha ha :-) That’s kind of you, but no.

    He meant it as in “yes, again, just like last year, just like next year—life just goes on and on and on and on.”

    When I burst out laughing though, he saw the humor of it and laughed too.

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