Tehelka article

Nisha Susan has written a nice article in the Delhi magazine Tehelka on some of us “firangi” bloggers called “The Mems and Saabs of Berlin.” Check it out, and browse around the rest of the magazine as well. It is very thoughtful and intelligently written and covers a wide range of topics for anyone interested in all things Indian.

5 Comments to “Tehelka article”

  1. Smart and refreshing article- kudos to Nisha, and phirangi bloggers alike :D

  2. Yay for ALL Hindi movie bloggers, I say :-)

  3. which edition is it? i would like to buy one! sounds interesting… :roll:
    you would kill to meet shammi??
    btw: where is his house. i could try my luck! ;)

  4. Nice article, that!

    I had noticed Mini Khan references in Beth’s blog but didn’t actually know that it was being circulated among Bollywood bloggers. Sort of like a Sisterhood of the Travelling Khan, I guess :-)


  5. I think there are some Brothers involved too, although I am not part of the Bollywood Bloggers group that is hosting him.

    Anja, I don’t know where Shammi lives. If I did, I would probably be stalking him :-) (noooo, just kidding, I would never do that!)…

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