Gemma haiku (filmi)


My favorite film
Is Haathi Mere Saathi
Why? Elephant race!!!!

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7 Comments to “Gemma haiku (filmi)”

  1. response Haiku on Haathi Mere Saathi:

    Raju left alone

    Elephants love the orphan

    Kajol’s mom is cool

  2. More, sitaji, more!

  3. Raju had his dream

    Tanuja should have trusted

    Elephants taught her

  4. Baby got away

    Young maid failed to watch the tot

    Elephant breaks chain

  5. Ahom India:

    There was elephant fighting,

    At Assam’s Rang Ghar.

  6. If I didn’t have to travel in the cargo hold, I would sooooo go there to watch that!

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