Gemma haiku

Pouring rain today
She had me groomed yesterday
Ha ha! serves her right


Delicate sneezes.
Still, she ignores me; I will
have to start barking.

Roll eyes, heave a sigh
Hindi movies make her cry
why does she watch them?

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7 Comments to “Gemma haiku”

  1. MemsaabStory’s great
    It’s full of great filmi posts
    What’s better than great?

    This wet dog Gemma
    May not be a Crufts Winner
    But she is a star.

    With a shaggy coat
    And a damp nose, she stands there
    With a gleeful stare.

  2. Wah! wah! gemma is so happy someone appreciates her greatness :-) Verrrrry nice.

  3. Must show this pic to Dhanno. She loves dogs, hates me for not letting her have one. She’ll love Gemma, for sure.

  4. Banno–I am sure Gemma would love Dhanno too :-)

  5. Aunt Marta:

    I want my own blog
    She says no way, since I lack
    Opposable thumbs

  6. Dear Gemma, don’t despair, you have so many other talents that have nothing to do with thumbs. Perhaps your mom is afraid of extra work. (-:

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