Pyar Kiye Jaa (1966)


Attention all Shashi fans (and I know you’re out there)—this is a must-see movie for you! It is just so much fun, and Shashi is so…well…Shashilicious! His first song alone is worth buying the DVD for (I’ve watched it many times already and just can’t get enough of it). It’s called “Kehne Ki Nahin Baat” and it features Shashi dancing like Shammi, a marching band and a bunch of guys wearing berets with pom-poms.





As you may have gathered by now, Shashi’s character Ashok is annoyed with Ramlal (Om Prakash) because Ramlal has just fired him from his job as assistant manager of Ramlal’s estate. Ashok had earlier insulted his two daughters Malti (Kalpana) and Nirmala (Rajshree), not knowing who they were. Ashok is incensed and sets up a tent across from Ramlal’s house with a bunch of picket signs, planning to stay there until he gets his job back.

In addition to his two daughters, Ramlal also has a son Aatma (Mehmood). Aatma aspires to be a film producer—his company will be called Wah! Wah! Productions—with his miserly father’s financing, naturally. He has roped in the daughter of the estate manager Meena (Mumtaz) to be his first heroine. This running subplot is hilarious, thanks to Mehmood’s talents as a comic actor. Aatma has absolutely no clue, but indulges in every stereotype of the filmi world he can dream up.


Ashok continues to tease the two sisters with another fun song (“Gore Hathon Par Na Zulm Karo”):


And of course eventually he falls in love with Nirmala, who falls in love with him too (after he rescues her transistor radio from a canal—sometimes it just doesn’t take much!). Unfortunately, he is firmly on the bad side of Ramlal by now, who also wants to marry off his daughters only to rich men. Ashok calls his friend Shyam (Kishore Kumar) and asks him to come visit.


He convinces Shyam to pose as his sixty-year old billionaire father to impress Ramlal. Ramlal is overjoyed at the prospect of a billionaire in the family and happily approves of an engagement between Ashok and Nirmala. Aatma hopes to get the remaining financing he needs for his film. Meena is progressing nicely from simple village belle to full-fledged heroine too.


Then, imagine Shyam’s surprise when he discovers that Malti is the girl he’s been romancing in Bombay! The plot thickens further in the form of Shyam’s father—he has come there to buy some property, and he and Ramlal discover that they are school friends from childhood. They decide that their children should get married—Malti and Shyam. Shyam is very happy but Malti has no idea that her beloved in Bombay and her father’s friend’s son are the same person. She’s not thrilled when Ashok’s “father” starts hitting on her either.


What a tangled web! Will the truth come out? Will they all manage to get married? Watch to find out (be prepared for a long, drawn-out ending); and also for the great songs by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Mehmood’s deft comedy and, of course, Shashi.

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35 Comments to “Pyar Kiye Jaa (1966)”

  1. LOL! Shashi looks so camp here, especially in the fifth film still along with the subtitles. In the seventh film still, the girls look painfully pale – I like the way Shashi teases them by imitating their moves! It seems like a fun film!

  2. He is positively mischievous in this.

    The girls looked like they had been white-washed or stuccoed, the makeup was so thick and so…WHITE. It’s kind of typical of ’60’s films though.

    I forgot to say that Mumtaz out-sparkled them both, even this early in her career. Gorgeous!

  3. OMG, camp Shashi singing about worker’s rights and socioeconomic injustice? And my beloved Om Prakash!?! Is this the best movie ever?!

    I actually, just by coincidence, was watching Gore Hathon Par on YouTube the other day, wondering what the movie was like and whether it was worth a viewing. I’ll admit: early Shashi doesn’t do it for me, but the campiness might convert me.

    Fie on gori-fying 60s makeup! Hail to the food!

  4. Om Prakash is pretty funny here (as he usually is)…at the end he just keeps saying “I’m a fool” over and over again :-)

    It’s very very entertaining. The first song “Kehne Ki Nahin Baat” is also on YouTube—sadly without subtitles. But still—Shashi’s dancing is hilarious! I think he was imitating Shammi, although of course he doesn’t carry Shammi-ness off like Shammi himself did.

  5. Hi

    This is a remake of the tamil movie, “Kadhalikka Neramillai”(has a cult following especially for the comedy track), by the same director, C V Sridhar.

    “Dil Ek Mandir” is another great film from Sridhar



  6. Thanks for that information, Arun! I’ll have to look for the Tamil version and compare :-)

  7. This movie rocks! I’ve seen it like 4 times, and still love it as much as ever.- Truly Shashi at his best!

  8. Hello, All!
    ~Saw ‘Pyar Kiye Ja’ when it first came out. We skipped college classes to see it!
    ~The Mehmood-Om Prakash scene is one of the funniest ever anywhere! Rajashree (South) was fat and sexy as only the Southern women can be! Kalpna, the dove eyed cutie was totally ‘outcuted’ by Mumtaz! Mumtaz-Mehmood sparkled! Kishore was very funny in disguise!
    ~One song needs special mention: ‘phool ban jaaungi..’ for its fresh lyrics!
    ~It was a very pleasant change in those days of melodramatic family dramas and C grade thrillers and syrupy, teary romances and mytho-religious ‘epics'(?)!
    ~I just discovered your site and am glad for it! Please keep up the great work and let me know if I can help!


  9. It is right up there as one of the films I will watch over and over.

    And welcome, relaxedesi—relaxed people are always ones I want to hang out with!

  10. I am a crazy fan of Mehmood and Kishore Kumar.With due respect to Shashi Kapoor, these two have just outperformed him in this movie.I recently got an opportunity to see its Tamil version.But I strongly feel that PKJ is head and shoulders above the Tamil version.

  11. Narendrah, I agree that Mehmood and Kishore are the real “stars” of this film, although I think that Shashi’s “job” here was to be the straight man for them—which he did very well too. He balances out their lunacy perfectly.

    • Thanks for the reply, but that part could have been played out by just anybody and may be better than SK.Like for eg if you compare Sunil Duttji’s performance (I am a big fan of him as well as Late Feroze Khanji, Vinod Khannaji, etc.) in Padosan, then it would be clear what I am trying to emphasise here.He has played the part of Bhola to the perfection and we are made to believe that in real life also, he could be the same (i.e bhola bhala as well as stupid).But then, nobody can stand in front of KK and Mehmoodji.

    • And yes, thanks for responding to comments.

  12. I don’t know how I missed this when you posted it. I’ve just been bitten. I had to watch that song four times in a row (and post about it) before I could move on.

    I’m glad you said something about the girls’ makeup. On my tv their faces have a greenish cast, making them look decidedly undead or vampirish or something. Awful.

  13. Beth, you of all people will love this film. It will be one of your favorites :-) Yes they were supposed to look “very fair” I’m sure, but they looked more like zombies.

  14. This is one of the best movies ever! I have been trying to find a DVD but have not been to find one. Anyone know where I can get one?

  15. Hi Ameet, my favorite online store has it (…I don’t know where you live, but I think they ship all over the world.

  16. Mehmood aspired to open a production company called wah! wah! production in Andaaz Apna Apna as well…talk about bollwood self-referencing

  17. If I started a production company I would feel compelled to call it wah! wah! productions.

  18. incidently theres a movie called Wah Wah..

  19. Is it related to this one?

  20. I love, I love, I love Mehmood and I think this movie would be among his best roles……..the best Hindi film comedian ever as far as I am concerned, followed probably by Rajendranath (just for his complete nuttiness)….Others such as Johny walker etc. I have always found overrated…..

    Anyway, would love to read a post on Mehmood as I am sure would many others….I really like ur choice of movies………

  21. Hi Rahul (I just heard Kajol’s voice in my head when I wrote that ;-)

    I love Mehmood, Rajendranath and Johnny Walker. All I have to do is look at Johnny and I start laughing. But I agree—this was Mehmood’s finest moment. He was just brilliant. I will think about a post on him; I have his biography and he led a pretty interesting life!

  22. Hey any one can please help me to find out this movie on net to watch online or download……….please i am so hungry to see this movie…. i cant get this movie from anywhere ……. please help me

  23. Seen this movie in telugu and hindi versions. I wanted to see online again and again and again and again…………..pant(ing). The best comedy movie in line with old Padoosan (Kishore kumar, Sunil Dutt, Mehmood and Saira banu)

  24. Hey Om Prakash is really funny too. He was just lovable in Chupke Chupke. Love Johhny Walker too.

  25. One must see this film atleast ten to fifteen times to be able to grasp each joke.
    this is the only movie in Indaian film history where each punch is countered with a better one and the third one follows with even more hilarity.
    Each actor have surpassed each other time and again
    we have a following of atleast fifty in our circle who have most of the movie dialogues by heart and even our next generation whoe are in early twenties are enjoying each moment.
    it takes a group of people to understand the full potential of the comedy, otherwise one person alone cannot grasp everything.


  26. The actor who plays Shyam’s father is Chaman Puri, brother of Amrish Puri and Madan Puri. While his brothers are well known, Chaman Puri’s career had been quite obscure even though he worked in more than forty films.

  27. I saw Chaman Puri recently in another film, and he looked exactly like a mix of Amrish and Madan (who don’t resemble each other that much to me)…a good blend of both :)

  28. was on my top ten comedies of all times,there are so many comic onelines in the movie that u can only get after watching it repeatedly,love the expressions on om prakash’s face and the way he sucks upto the rich kishore kumar,the movie would have been 100 times watchable if only the southern sirens were replaced by tanuja and nutan as the sisters.STILL BRILLIANT

  29. I FINALLY found links to many of the songs from the Tamil original of this, including “Kehne ki Nahin Baat” ! Yay!

  30. Hi Memsaab, I did my own post on Pyar kiye ja today, and borrowed a couple of your screen shots (didn’t had the dvd). Hope you don’t mind.

    Also would be great if you could stop over to take a look.


  31. Saw this movie yesterday after trying to get hold of it for the longest time. I was laughing like an idiot in my room while my mother prepared dinner. She joined me to watch the Mehmood-Om Prakash scene where he narrates a horrific scene of his movie, which I’ve heard to be ranked among the funniest moments in HIndi comedy. The Mehmood-Om Prakash chemistry is just too good. The other funny scene is the one from the 6th screencap where Shashi’s narrating a story for Atma. Good comic chemistry there too! This is one of the rare Mehmood movies where his comedy is unparalleled. Loved it!

    The only disappointment(s) in the movie were the choice of leading ladies, and I must say that the disappointment was huge. Kalpana didn’t have the charm of Professor. She was too dolled up. The other girl was totally the wrong choice for Shashi. She looked too ummm…Old for him. I believe this was a South production and so perhaps getting a Southern girl was a prerogative but, couldn’t they find someone more suitable for pretty boy Shashi? I kept wishing that Mumtaz had been paired instead. She looks hands down the prettiest of the 3 ladies! Shashi is truly Shashi-licious in this move, much like in Jab Jab Phool Khile. So much of Shammi shining through him in this move though – especially in the first song and the Gore hathon par one.

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