Trivia time #13

I thought of this while writing yesterday’s post. How were Mehmood and Meena Kumari connected in real life?


Anonymous UK is our winner today! Mehmood married Meena Kumari’s older sister Madhu, making him Meena’s brother-in-law.

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5 Comments to “Trivia time #13”

  1. According to an unreliable resource confirmed by a slightly less unreliable resource, Mehmood taught Meena Kumari table tennis and then later married one of her older sisters, Madhu, so that makes him her brother-in-law.

  2. Not so unreliable! Yes, he did marry her sister (and I think I have also heard that he taught her table-tennis, although that’s not what I was looking for ;-)

    Her sister was his first wife, and the mother of his children…one of whom is the singer/actor Lucky Ali.

  3. He was also later married to an American lady, I think her name is Tracy.

  4. why are we talking about their porsonal people never change.

  5. Because it’s interesting, that’s why! At least to “us people”…whoever we might be. At least we aren’t judging them!

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