Trivia time #11

It’s been too long since once of these! Can anyone tell me what these three actors have in common (and who they are)?




Okay, I’m giving up on all of you! :-) I thought at least someone would know who the actors at the very top and bottom are…

In order from the top down, they are Rajendranath, Narendranath, and Premnath; and what they have in common is their gene pool. They are brothers, and all three acted in Hindi movies for decades. Premnath began working in the 1940’s as a hero (and even for a while had a relationship with the gorgeous Madhubala); he went on to become a very busy villain, acting into the early 1980’s. Rajendranath was a very popular comedian/sidekick especially in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and continued working into the 1990’s. Narendranath was not as prolific as his older brothers, but found fairly steady work through the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

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6 Comments to “Trivia time #11”

  1. Like your new blog entries, even though I have no idea what these guys have in common. Same hairdresser?

  2. Ha ha! Maybe the same eyebrow stylist (and that is a bit of a clue right there).

  3. Ummm, do they lift one eyebrow up during an evil scheme?

  4. Maybe! but that’s not what I had in mind….

  5. they are brothers of krishna kapoor, wife of raj kapoor. krishna actually is raj kapoors aunt since she is prithviraj kapoors cousin…

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