Mini-review: Dharkan (1972)

With a hero like this, who even needs a villain?

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  1. LOL, memsaab! Seriously! I wish you would sub-title *every* screen cap you use with your comments. It made my day! And thanks for warning me off this film.

  2. It is just an awful story. But the songs, my God, the songs. They are AWESOME (and one of them has a decanter in it like mine!) :)

    This one is my favorite, although all of them are wonderful.

  3. Why, oh why, did I start reading this? I am sick, coughing and now I can’t laugh because it makes me cough even more, but if your review wasn’t enough to have me in splits, the song was even better! I have never heard this song before, and I am surprised, because such a song would definitely have caught my attention then, considering that I was at the right age then (now it is a different story!). Hats off to the lyricist who thought of making a song with commercials in it. How do you find these priceless gems?

  4. Thank you Memsaab, I’m going to watch this, AND invite all my friends. No greater fun than watching a really baaad movie with friends! I speak from experience :)

  5. Elpar saadiyan, Cherry Blosson Boot Polish, Limca, Modern Bread!! etc etc
    Oh the memories!!
    *smilimg very very broadly*

    A Villain who’s a hero.
    The role of the brother-in law who pushed the sister and slapped the mother (both women) would fit him like a glove.

  6. I had seen this movie on TV and found it so-so. However the song – Main To Chala Jidhar Chale Rasta is my favourite which I can listen to any number of times.

  7. Your mini-review was hilarious. I must see the film. I know it will be nauseating, but Mumtaz and Master Alankar, not to be missed.

  8. This is a wonderful idea to make screen cap comics! Love it!
    More of such filmi screen cap comics!

  9. I LOVED this. Your reviews are fantastic and always wonderful reads but this type of thing is also very good indeed. Already a fan of your comments on pics but this one took it up a new level.

  10. I’ve seen the movie but don’t remember a thing about it – clearly I need to keep it that way.:-)

  11. Sanjay was handsome but this movie was bad.

  12. I remember watching this movie on DD, and it was probably the earliest reincarnation movie I saw. I liked it when i saw it for the first time although Im pretty sure I would hate it today. Don’t recall much of it now, but do remember something involving a tree, a bracelet and fake skeletons.

  13. I remember Jeetendra saying in one of his interviews that he didn’t get any movies during the Sanjay Khan era. He chose “Farz” (1967) not because it was one of the few good scripts, but that was the only movie that he was offered to him.

    Looks like Sanjay did have his good times in Bollywood. Especially when several of his movies in late 60s went on to be hits. “Dus Lakh” (1967), “Ek Phool Do Mali” , “Inteqaam” and “Shart” (all 1969) and finally “Mela” (1971) are a few examples.

    Not that I am a big fan of Sanjay, but…….

    Of course, that his well-known bad temper proved to be detrimental to him will only be an understatement.

  14. All quiet on the Western front :) … it must be brrrr cold now. ‘Ts the Season to be Jolly! As I won’t be seeing your blog till after Christmas, here’s wishing you A MERRY CHRISTMAS. Have lots of cakes and wine & dine. I am sure your doggies will be snuggling up to join in the festivities. Have a great time :)

  15. Great ‘mini-review’. This is one bizarre reincarnation drama. Why did I ever watch this? Roopesh Kumar gives me the creeps!

  16. If I were asked to rate reviews this one would beat all the reviews hands down. I love your comment – with a hero like this who needs a villain– you see I just did not like Sanjay Khan so I avoided and continue to avoid watching his films.

  17. Sorry for bombarding all your reviews with comments… I’ve been hooked to Memsaab for over a week now :)

    Isn’t this the film with the dream montage completely made of ad jingles, including Modern Bread among others? The last jingle in the montage was Nirodh, thus packing in a message on family planning!

    • Yes it is, see the second comment above!!!!! :) I liked it so much I went to the trouble of finally figuring out how to upload things on Youtube!

      • @Memsaab – Sorry for coming in late but this song seems to be the best part of your review. Imagine advertising for a saree with a mini-skirt! Maybe they wanted to let people know that they could cover up well and proper :)

  18. Best best best review I ever read, particularly of this film, Memsaab!

    (palm still on face)

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