Shammi ji

I don’t even know what to say today…thanks to all of you who have come here to share your tributes and sorrow with me. He will always have a special place in my heart and I am so blessed to have been able to experience his warmth and enthusiasm and love of life in person: it never diminished, and now it never will.

Rest in peace, you lovely, lovely man. I like to picture you reunited with your beloved Geeta, and I wish for everyone whom you loved so much—especially Neila Devi, Aditya and Kanchan—to find strength in that love now. A star that shines as brightly as you always have can never ever be dimmed.

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  1. Found out almost as soon as we signed off yesterday and thought of you all night. If you need any of us to reflect and revel in that light with you, you know where we are. xoxo

    • I’m trying to decide if I can bear to watch him today, or if it will have to wait a few days…it seems ridiculous, how sad I am. But what a man! He earned every tear every person is shedding for him today.

  2. You are the first person I thought of when I heard the sad news Greta. I hope he’s happy where he is. He was one of the best the world had ever seen and will always be. My best wishes,

    • I’m really honored at the number of people who have thought of me :) I was reading through the emails he sent me over the past few years…the first one he ever sent (before I met him in person), replying to a fan-girly email I’d sent, said this: “I love you Greta and I love your dog.” (I’d told him how Gemma loved his movies too, she used to watch them with me and something about him always got her tail wagging!) I know he’s surrounded by a crowd right now greeting him, but I hope she slips in for a scratch behind the ears :)

  3. Sad, very sad.

    We will miss him, Memsaab.


  4. You were the first person I too thought of when I heard the news this morning, Greta. Though we all knew he was ailing, it still came as a big shock. I’ve been watching tributes to him all day on every possible Indian channel. In fact, am watching a programme on him right now.

    What a man! What a positive attitude towards life! And such a warm personality too! Lots of leading men are different in real-life compared to their on-screen persona but Shammi was huge, both on- and off-screen.

    You were lucky to be able to meet him in person. Am sure you’ll cherish those memories all your life.

    His legacy will live on forever even if he isn’t physically with us anymore.

  5. As soon as i heard the sad news about Shammi Ji’s death the first thing that came to my mind was O God …memsaab would be shattered….I might not have interacted with you but I am an avid follower of your blog maam and completely aware of your love for Shammi Ji… We have lost a great soul and he has gone to better place which will ease all his pains….my heartiest condolences to all Shammi fans

  6. Shammi was and still is my favorite. I must have watched Teesri Manzil over 50 times and never tire of the same because of Shammiji. He will be missed by all movie lovers.
    Here’s to YYYYYAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOing where you are. Rafi sabeh and Shammaji, the best combination there was in Hindi Movies. RIP.

  7. Thought of you too, Greta – I met you not long after your amazing meeting with Shammiji and Neila Devi, and still remember basking in the reflected glow of your own delight.


  8. Greta, I thought of you when I heard the news this morning. I hope he rest in peace and his family, friends, and fans find strength in wonderful memories he left for all of us.

    • His wife Neila Devi is such a lovely and gentle soul, they obviously loved each other a lot…she said she was his biggest fan when she married him :) I am thinking of her, and of his kids.

  9. Well Memsaab, I can only say that this day is equally painful to me as is yours. SK was my childhood version of a hero- energetic, handsome, comic yet endearing. His KKK and Rajkumar were my favorite films and in his memory, I will watch one of them tomorrow.
    What a man, what a star! Now only two icons match his caliber-DK and Dev Anand. May he return to this mortal world again in a new avatar to entertain us, singing like in TM or “An Evening in Paris.”
    And Memsaab, I request you to watch him perform again, and forget that he has expired-instead feel him sharing the couch with you, eager to hear your review and see your reaction to every scene first-hand. The one you will see would still be the real SK, YOUR ENCHANTER.

  10. He was my first love…One summer was drenched in Shammi video cassettes.

  11. Amitabh Bachchan has said, “Shammi Kapoor ji passed away this morning .. the flamboyance and joie de virve of the Industry lost !” …….. couldn’t agree more. Rest in peace, Shammi.

  12. And – I am sure you, Greta, really really gave him something precious in the late years of his life, I feel sure he had that “who would have expected this!” kind of pleasure in finding a sweet and devoted fan from a far-off quarter.

    • I think he thought it was sort of cute that I was so smitten with him :) But he was a man who knew who he was and what his effect on people was too. Bless him for that.

  13. one of the best.he was great in Professor

    • He was one of the few who could elevate just about any kind of material handed to him; when he had good people and music and stories to work with he was just awesome.

  14. And to think how many lives he touched without even knowing about it.. it’s mind blowing! I’m liking how you think about him being reunited with Geetaji. God bless him.

    • I think I mentioned this when I wrote about meeting him, but he talked about Geetaji still with such love and sadness. He clearly adored Neila Devi too :) He was a lucky man to have two such wonderful wives.

  15. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year but commenting for the first time. Though all the Shammi that I see is in movies alone, it does feel like a terrible loss. It must be harder for you cuz you have met him in person.

    • Well, it’s not nearly as hard for me as it is for those who knew him day in and day out. I am just so glad I did get to meet him, will always cherish that memory.

  16. I have no words really. I fell in love with him when I was five and kept loving till the end. I wish his near and dear ones the strength to go on and the joy and solace of his memories and love.
    We will ALWAYS have him.

  17. You were very lucky that you knew him personally, and could meet him.
    It’s such a great loss. We will miss him immensely.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  18. Greta, truly sad to hear this news through your page! For days had been meaning to watch Teesri Manzil again! Now, am listening to the songs from Brahmachari… Dil Ke Jharokhe Mein; Teri Tareef Kya Karoon; Tu Bemisaal Hai… Yes, Shammi, Tu Bemisaal Hai! Main Gaoon Tum So Jaao… sad…

    Sorry for your loss, Memsaab. Your dedication on these pages, brings joy, sadness, all other deep emotions to life! Thank you.

  19. one of his own kind , an inspiring personality , style icon, fantastic actor, one of the last few remaining legends..!! he will always remain alive in our memories.. ! long live shammi kapoor.!!

  20. The RD Burman biography relates how prior to landing the Teesri Manzil gig, Pancham had to audition for Shammi who had originally wanted Shankar Jaikishan or OP Nayyar to score. A few tracks into the audition, Shammi stopped him abruptly and said “You’ve passed. Your are my music director”. I like that story.

  21. May he RIP. He had a short career as hero as he started getting health problems quite early (mid 40s). This while most other actors keep playing the main lead till they are well into their 50s.

  22. It was a shock to hear about his death. Somehow in my mind Shammi Kapoor has always been the young, energetic person he was in his 60’s movies such as Teesri Manzil and Kashmir Ki Kali. I remember being completely smitten with him as a 10 year old after watching the “Baar Baar Dekho” song from China Town. When I think of all the times I was happy after watching him on screen, it does feel like a little bit of joy has gone out of life.

  23. I read the news this morning, and thought of you immediately – your meeting with him and the joyful way in which you have shared that with all your readers. I was watching Junglee a few weeks back and thinking of you when I was watching that movie. He was my hero in those wonderful pre-teen and teen years and he brought a lot of joy and pleasure to all of us in those days. While other heroes also danced and sang and wooed their leading ladies, Shammi’s joy was exuberant and the audiences were caught up in his joy. He may not be on this earth any more, but he will live forever in our memories of him.

    • I found him late in life but I more than made up for it, ha ha :) He brought so much joy to me in such a short span, I can’t even imagine having grown up with him—how wonderful for you :)

  24. As noted elsewhere to you before, they (the stars!) bring such joy into our lives and I’m so glad, Memsaab, that you were able to tell him so in person. How would one escape from everyday dreariness if not for their handsome faces and winning ways?

    I think newer readers of your blog would love to see the account of your visit with him a couple of years back, so I am linking the two posts you did on that. What pictures too :-)

    The first is indeed aptly titled ‘I can die now’!

    Your write-up about the visit is toward the end of this other post.

    What a lovely man he was, forever ‘amar’ in our dils.

  25. He was the reason we got into Hindi cinema, and he’ll always be my first Bollywood love. My husband wants to watch a Shammi movie in his honor, but I don’t know if I can right now. What a man he was!

  26. My mom just told me that the news of his passing was on National Public Radio this morning! I am so pleased that he made the national news here too, as he totally should.

  27. I heard of this only today, and the first person I thought of, is you, Memsaab. Shammi movies are my go-to remedy when I am down and in dumps. Today, I would need them again. He is the cause and he will be the remedy.

    I agree with you Memsaab, I imagine that he did indeed moved on to a more exciting and happy place reunited with Geeta. Perhaps there everyday will be exciting like being on a hill station and dancing to folk music. (

  28. I was watching Brahmachari, and then saw the news, Shammi ji is no more :( Could not believe it, but as many of you have said he has gone to a better place. RIP Shammi ji. Thanks for all the memories :)

  29. He’s always live through his great body of work and in our hearts. RIP Shammi.

  30. It was the first thing I read this morning and felt so sad. I remembered how we all at your blog and other blogs have always delighted in expressing our affection for him, and how much we loved his films. He’s one of the reasons why 60s is so great and why I love films from that decade.

    I watched Teesri Manzil, but it was so different watching it this time. I just continued feeling sad watching him sing, dance and just being his lovable self. Of course I stopped watching after some time.

    RIP Shammiji. We’ll always remember you and your thoroughly entertaining films.

  31. I haven’t watched anywhere near as many of his films as you have, but from his classics like Kashmir Ki Kali, to the lesser ones that he tried hard (and somewhat successfully) to better, like Shalimar, I thought he always brought a large dose of himself and his personal charm to the project. May he rest in peace.

    • He definitely elevated everything he was in :) Even Shalimar! And in person he was just as charming and larger-than-life in spirit. People like him are very rare and precious.

  32. Like most regulars here, I too thought of you when I came to know of this sad news.

    Like I have commented elsewhere, we remember him everyday, so there is no way we are going to forget him ever. He has brought sunshine in the life of millions on people over several gnerations. He will forever live in our memories.

  33. I started an email to you this morning after hearing the news but couldn’t finish it. I ended up grabbing Junglee and playing a song or three for my two year old twin boys. Watching them mimic Shammi and laughing all the while made me smile. Many thoughts with his family, you and the readers of this blog.

    • It would have made him smile too no doubt :) Yes, his family have an especially large hole in their lives to deal with and I hope that the outpouring of love for him everywhere helps them.

  34. Right said. For us, he will live forever in the wealth of movies he has left behind.

  35. Greta, it seems i am the last to know this sad news – just now during my lunch time! I immediately thought of you and clicked on ur blog.

    He was truly a phenomenon and will be missed very mucy. How I wish I could get hold of “Prince” DVD for i believe he was a true prince among hindi film heroes.

  36. I had been very busy this weekend and I was catching up on the “news” via Twitter and saw Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet. I ran to the computer with tears in my eyes and, like so many here, you were the first person I thought of.

    I have not seen very many of his movies, but I have liked the ones that I’ve seen. But what really made me a die-hard fan was his YouTube Channel “Shammi Kapoor Unplugged.” Through his reminiscences and anecdotes, he revealed to his fans much. He was a marvelous storyteller and truly a great person. He obviously had a great deal of joy and love and optimism and shared all of that with everyone he touched. He was truly a lover of life and a generous spirit. We will all miss him.

    And, when I mentioned it to my boyfriend, he said, “Oh, I meant to tell you, I saw that on the news.” Our local news in St. Louis made mention of his passing. (That, to me, was a very cool thing.)

    You are blessed, Greta, to have had the opportunity to meet him.

    • I am so blessed, I know :) Will treasure that memory forever. And it is really so lovely for me that so many of you came here first…I feel like I should do something to honor him and celebrate that but am not sure what…suggestions always welcome :) And yes—several of my friends from “real life” and my mother mentioned they had heard about it via the media here in the US. I’m very glad about that too :)

  37. That rather long comment was not meant to be anonymous. Hit “Post” too quickly.

    Suzanne in St. Louis

  38. Good-night, sweet prince;
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  39. Greta, I’m trying to introduce Shammi’s films to a friend, and I’ve only seen a few. We have to go with online downloads with subtitles. She doesn’t tend to like extremes, either of melodrama or slapstick. Which would you suggest from the following that I’ve found online: An Evening in Paris, Andaz, Manoranjan, Prince, Professor, Tumse Najin Dekha, Ujala and Zameer. Thanks.

  40. Another memory. In Ludhiana his film Tumsa Nahin Dekha ran for 25 weeks (Silver Jubilee) and the theater owners distributed Laddoos and paper napkins with all the songs printed on them! My uncle saw it that day and he gave me one Laddoo and that napkin. I was about 10 years old; I wish I had kept that napkin.

  41. My dad was a huge fan of Shammi Kapoor and used to entertain me with dialogues and scenes from his movies. One of the first hindi film dialogues I ever learnt was `Mike kabhi time se nahi chalta, time Mike se chalta hai’ (Mike never takes note of the time, time takes note of Mike) from China Town. We also used to joke about how he would never get spondylosis due to his energetic dancing. Dance on, Shammiji…

  42. madamji,

    Aug 14th morning, at 9.30, I just switched on television, I got this sad news, Just felt like visiting your(sorry,its our blog)and feel like giving you the news, but something prevented me. I don`t know why?
    While writing this also, I feel very sad. What can one write…oh I will leave it just like that.

    By only seeing his movies, I am just sure about this one thing,
    HE is a GEM of a person and will always remain in my heart.


  43. RIP, Dear Shammi Kapoor!

    Never thought we will say this to you, so soon in any case…
    A giant bundle of joy and enthusiasm..Hard to find words to describe the tallness of this star!

    • He was really *literally* tall too, and such a charmer :)

    • Hi Nagesh – completely agree with you about the way you have described him.

      But RIP does not somehow seem the right thing to say for him…. I like “Dancing In Heaven” – Hrithik Roshan said that about him – and I think for Shammiji that is perfect!!

  44. As soon as I heard this sad news on TV yesterday, I thought of you Memsaab! He was among my favorites as well and so yesterday was indeed a sad day for me.

    I had just bought 3 of his movies last week – teesri manzil, tumsa nahi dekha and dil deke dekho. will have to watch them to relive his magic and as a tribute to his amazing talent.

    May he find peace wherever he is!

  45. I have never really wept for the passing of any other film star… but this was different. I’m not crying now, haven’t cried, in fact, even when I heard the news. But the gloom refuses to lift.

    • Yes, this was very different for me as well. But then I have never fallen head over heels so hard for someone up on a screen—admired, yes, but there is something about him that reached out from the screen and felt so personal.

      I did cry, and will feel sad for some days. But I feel so blessed to have his movies to watch again and again and to know that he was such a fine person too offscreen.

      • I know what you mean when you say “but there is something about him that reached out from the screen and felt so personal.”

        I have never felt this sad about any celebrity passing away…. This was like a very close friend, a dear family member’s demise… I cant explain it…

        I was completely cut off from the media till 21st evening and then spent 2 days just trying to read up about him and his death…And could not bring myself to watch his songs or movies yet.

        But, finally last night, I made myself see one of him films – Pagla Kahin Ka – and at “Tum Mujhe yuh bhula na paoge…” I started crying… turned off the movie after the song.

        • Yeah….that’s probably not the movie I would have chosen to look at first ;-)

          I think he is very happy now whatever he is doing!

          • I chose that movie purposely :-) It seemed like the right movie at this time…

            And yes, I agree with you about him being in happier place. In fact I think he must be going “Yahoo!” there…

  46. Again, thought of you when I heard the news. Indian television is full of retrospectives and tributes… All his movies, songs and interviews. May he rest in peace.

    • I am sure! I am mostly skipping the coverage because it’s the same songs and the same stories over and over…but I think “An Evening In Paris” is on my agenda for the day :)

  47. Shammi ji will definitely be missed, and I just thought of you when I got the news yesterday Memsaab… here’s something for you, I know you must’ve seen it, but still here’s the man and the message –

    You have to live with it…not die of it

    • I love that interview! “My kidneys have flopped.” He truly was so strong and persevered through a lot—and he was lucky to be surrounded always by people who loved him genuinely for himself, and to know it.

  48. I have been following your blog on and off for a while now and knew how much you loved shammi ji. I got to know about his death in the morning and was in an utter shock for a few moments. I knew he was not doing well for sometime now but never spared a thought on him leaving us like this. I checked your blog after so many weeks today because I knew how much you loved him. But I guess everyone is sad on the demise of such a wonderful soul.
    RIP shammi ji- we have to bid him farewell even if we are not ready to……

  49. Dear Memsaab,
    His passing was covered on SBS Television channel here in Australia.
    I thought of you & the wonderful expression of passion at this site.

    To live on so brightly through his marvellous work is really wonderful. 2 generations of my family discovered Shammi’s work. For us he is by far our favourite onscreen talent from any film industry at any time. That presence is so funny, so full of grace & that artistic freshness is still so vibrant, & of Now, in a way most Stuff today is certainly not. Like all great art, he took many traditions & inspirations, but then made something wonderful of it
    Bless you Dear Shammi Kapoor.

    • Yes, his movies are forever going to be with us I hope! And I hope that maybe someday we can even see the full versions of them, as they were intended to be seen ;-)

      • Now seems to be an appropriate time. I am pointing out in the South Asian press in their comments sections:

        On a practical note amidst a sea of levity, & admiration, honour this man, through deeds; Remaster & restore his films on DVD.
        Notorious example: A masterpiece like Teesri Manzil has about ½ hour is missing from the DVD.
        That’s a mini remastering project. It’s a micro project!
        Is there 1 Indian journalist or participant in the Indian film industry, 1 industrialist looking to do worthy acts, a professional acquaintance or family willing to run with this?
        Indian film is a cutting edge art form, it has an incredible tradition. Teesri Manzil is a true classic.
        Get serious & honour it.

        • Well, I will put this out there—-if anyone has a decent quality VHS tape of the whole movie, I know Tom would do it and we’d have no trouble finding people to subtitle it either!

          And good for you! :)

          • That is something that I’d love to see. I hope it comes to pass. Tom has a great talent and we owe him quite a lot for all the work he’s already done and shared with us. As well as all the gracious people who have subtitled as well.

  50. Ma’am,

    The shock of this news was too much to digest yesterday. I couldn’ believe. I had read an interview in the newspapers, very recently. And he seemed to be set to go on for ever. Age seemed never to have touched his spirit. I childhood idol for me, he is the Prince, the true Prince of the clan, and will always remain thus for me.

    For all these years, just that he was there, seemed that the youth and excitement was sustained in my life too –
    ‘tum ho salaamat,
    hum ko nahin gam,
    tum se hamaari,
    duniyaa jawaan hai’

    “tum se achhaa kaun hai”
    Yes, there is none to hold a light to him.

    I have been an avid follower of this blog for sometime now, but never commented. But today, I need to be here, and to share this loss with you.


  51. So glad to see so much love for Shammi here. He’s still bringing people together.

  52. Rest in Peace Shammi ji.

    Include me to the people who thought of you first when heard about this Memsaab and my condolences to his family, friends and fans.

  53. Shammiji will be remembered for his on and off screen greatness! May his soul rest in peace.

  54. There is very little to be said about Shammi that has not been said already. His joie de vivre in the way he coversed, sang and danced was very infectious. His is the perfect example of living life to the fullest irrespective of ailments or physical limitations. RIP Shammi Kapoor!

    • You forgot his stunning good looks ;-)

      • Yes I forgot that :) I must’ve missed out many other things. His vivid memory for one. As I read a few of his interviews from recent years, it seemed remarkable that he not only had a recollection of past incidents in great detail but seemed to be very clued in about the current happenings in B-town. He was also upfront about his ailment and the treatment he was undergoing.

        • He told me a hilarious story about Feroz Khan. He and Feroz were good friends—they had a lot in common (a keen eye for pretty girls for one), and Shammi would tease Feroz about mimicking him onscreen, as he did in his early days (he said Feroz admitted freely to it). They were drinking together one evening, and Feroz confided that he thought his current love interest was cheating on him. Shammi said that he knew for a fact that she was, because she was cheating on Feroz with Shammi! But they remained solid friends until the end. Shammi had just seen Feroz in hospital and was happy that Feroz was going home to his farm in Bangalore. Feroz had told him that he wanted to die there. And so he did, about a month later :( I hope they are having drinks and reminiscing together even now!

          • I did not know that they were buddies. I’m sure they’re partying and looking down from the skies at all of us. I just finished watching the interview series that you shared below and it is interesting how he divides his life neatly into phases.

  55. I found out just now! My Saturday had ended on a sombre note having read about his hospitalization on your blog, but I had hoped, no, I was sure he would pull through.
    Memsaab, you were so lucky to have met him, you’ll always have that. I especially loved the title of that post.
    He’ll live on forever in my heart, with that earnest, goodnatured face and his gentlemanly demeanour, as he did all these years. I’ll still turn to his movies to cheer me up, more often now, probably. I had no trouble believing that this man, in real life, was everything that he assured his leading lady on-screen he was.
    Wherever his soul has gone to rest, there will be warmth, smiles galore and cheer forever.

  56. Hi Greta

    I’ve been following your blog for many days now. I love your posts and comments on various movies and actors. You were the first person I thought of, when I heard about Shammi Kapoor passing away.

    I’ve read so much about Shammi and your love for him, here that I decided to join your blog and add my thoughts.

  57. I’m glad Aarti—Shammi’s last gift to me, that people are coming out of the shadows and commenting :)

  58. How happy Shammiji would have been whenever he read your blog and articles on him. Thank you Memsaab, for being one of the few ppl who could bring a smile on his lips. We will always miss him…!!! Wanted to meet him oneday, but that dream will now remain unfulfilled.

    • He wouldn’t have read them, I think, because he looked forward and lived in the present. I think he got tired of talking about the past (same old stories!). And he always had a smile on his face, he was a very sociable man :) But yes, we will all miss him a lot.

  59. No words are enough. There was only one Shammi, there will always be only one Shammi. He is irreplaceable. It will be hard to ease him from his fans’ collective memories. He will live on forever.

  60. I’m saddened by his death, ultimately his highly entertaining movies with great dancing and popular songs will remain for years and that is what matters. Bless you Shammi, for you have left us with wonderful memories. Now that he is in Heaven, why do I feel that very soon there will be a cure found for kidney failure – Shammi’s doing! He is not going to sit idle. God bless. RIP.

  61. You were the first person I thought of when I heard the news. I listened to Rafi’s songs all day long. Songs like Main gaoon tum so jao seemed so apt somehow! Somehow Rafi always seems like Shammi Kapoor’s voice.

    I love his movies because they make one feel so alive! Hope wherever he is he is happy now.

  62. Shammiji was not one to live in the past. But we are thankful to have the movie/DVD medium to re-live our memories of yesteryears and of the joy when we saw him appear on the screen. His passing away has closed a chapter of our lives – of a reality that has now become history. Memsaab, when I read the news today you were the first one to come to mind. We join with you in praying that his soul rests in peace.

  63. Hi Dear, i’m a regular visitor of your blog but this is the first time i’m sharing anything on any blog.When on sunday, i came to know about Shammi Ji’s demise, along with so many others, i also thought of you…i host a retro show on a leading FM channel and i’m doing a week long dedicated show on Shammi Ji…just want you to know that that you are not alone in this grief..we are all there with you..n Shammi ji will always be there with us…in our memories….

    • Oh I know that—it is really nice to see the attention it’s brought…so often people who were once so adored pass on unnoticed. But Shammiji always remained so active and so approachable. I hope that his family finds comfort in the outpouring of grief and affection.

  64. Memsab
    You are truly blessed. Really. When I heard of his death, like so many others, I immediately remembered you. What else do you need ? He accepted his growing old and aged gracefully. So, I completely agree with you that he played roles that suited his age. May be you know this- he played Saira Banu’s lover in “Junglee” and her father in ” Zameer”. When someone asked him about this, he rubbished the query saying it was a role after all. But when you listen to the story how he got married all of a sudden, you have to admire his guts. But to all of you members, isn’t it heartrending to think of a man like him, whose wife died young, leaving behind two toddlers ! What a great tragedy ! Despite that he picked up the piecrs of his life and survived. e is in that sense a true fighter

  65. Memsab
    The greatest tribute that you can give is write a book on him. I don’t think anyone else can do justice to him.You can make a trip to Mumbai and speak to his family members. Hopefully, you can plan the launch of this book on his birthday or on August 15, 2012. Won’t that be great ?

    • :) You are nice, but if I ever write a book I think it would be on the more neglected people who were so important to our enjoyment of films but overlooked. I wish Shammi had written an autobiography—THAT would have been a great read! He had such a good way of telling stories, and such a sense of humor about everything. Bless him.

      • I am touched by first line of your writing. Love you for your precious thought. God Bless you.

        with regards

  66. He looked great even in his later days. If everyone grew old like him, Botox would run out of business.

    • If Botox went out of business maybe everyone WOULD grow old like him :) You are so right though—I was amazed when I met him at how handsome he was, seriously he made my knees weak. A very very handsome man, and he knew it but wasn’t vain about it…although when I told him I thought he was still gorgeous he was pleased.

  67. Was moved by sad demise of Shammi Kapoor ji…i thought this was the most appropriate place to share my feelings….

  68. New Shammi interview series up on YouTube. I think they are cool even though I can barely understand most of what’s said (same old stories anyway!). But it’s like being driven to Lonavala by Shammi himself!

    Here’s the first of five “episodes”:

  69. Sad, sad news…his youtube channel made me like him even more…such a loyal husband, such joy in life, such spirit and optimism even with failing health…. And you know what Memsaab, all through that day the song going through my mind was tumne mujhe dekha – no kidding! Thought of coming over here and seeing and sharing in the tributes I knew I would find here…and imagine my reaction when I saw the song you had selected. Sigh…wither such charismatic men, such larger than life personalities…shammi, shashi, dev – some of the stars who truly epitomize(d) ”living life king size”. RIP Shammiji…

  70. memsaab, I was shocked to see this sad news.I can’t believe on my ears.Its so sad.
    Shammi ji please come back……………………

  71. This is so sad. Hope he is somewhere up there with his music, and all those he loved. Geeta, Rajendranath, Mohammed Rafi….. what a riot it must be out there………

  72. Oh my Lord, I couldn’t believe the news! And the first thing I thought was, “Memsaab will be devastated.”

    He iwas,alongside Dilip Kumar, one of the last great stars from the “Golden Era.” I have always been drawn to his wild and fun loving energy–sometimes touching, sometimes naughty, sometimes haughty, always fun.

    I really dug his pout, like that the one he demonstrated in the first half of “Jungalee.” His portrayals along with his comic timing was always spot on, and his dancing amongst the best.


    • I am sad, certainly, but he lived a great life and seems to have enjoyed it to the fullest :) I keep thinking of his wife Neila…she is such a lovely woman, and must be missing him so much.

  73. so often people who were once so adored pass on unnoticed

    Bingo! Of course there was a reason I was groping for, a reason why I was insane enough to want to come here and post.And then I remembered he was the reason why I ever came here in the first place. :) No one ever forgot him. Precisely because what he had was something special.

    It seems to me life is about living precisely because we have to die. All the film bloggers I was reading had this in common – they were not living life. And somewhere they too knew it. :) But loving IS living. And thank you Greta for sharing your love with us. :) :)

  74. ……. main kaise khuda hafiz keh doon, mujhko to kisi ka yakeen nahin…… Hard to believe Shammiji is gone

  75. For obvious reasons I have not been very active on the net, thank you for your words of comfort. You know something dad worked with all the heroes of his time but somehow he did not get an opportunity to work with Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor. He almost did work with Raj Kapoor, Kapoor wanted to cast him in Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai but found him too young for the role and cast Raj Mehra. Personally I was disappointed that he never acted with Shammi Kapoor. Shammi Kapoor’s will power despite his illness is admirable.

    • ((((Hugs)))) I sort of know what you’re going through, although of course everybody is different. But I am sad you lost your mother :( Like Shammi and Geeta, hopefully she’s happily reunited with your Dad now.

      I always wish that Shammi had starred in Gumnaam instead of Manoj! Then he would have worked with your father and we can only speculate on what it would have done for the film itself :D.

  76. I have the pictures of his final Journey, the funeral procession attended by his peers and dignitaries. But I do not know how to upload them here. I can forward the email if you like

  77. Shammi ji we love you.

  78. I have been lurking in your blog for about a year now. In a strange coincidence, I was telling my family about you and your love for Shammi Kapoor that morning, and then heard about his death that afternoon. My best wishes to you. If you do correspond with his family, please convey my condolences to them as well.

  79. Art director, Shanti Das who worked with Shammi Kapoor ji in many movies also passed away on 14th August, 2011. God….

  80. RIP Shammiji. I hope you get the same kind of joy and happiness in the world of love that you spread over here.

  81. I heard the news of his demise on 14th morning in Manali, just when we were leaving on our Manali – Leh safari…. And then I knew why he had not replied to my last email…. He used to reply, many times one liners. Once even just one word. :-)

    I was very sad, but there was no way for me to find out more as I was completely cut off from the media from that day till last evening.

    But while driving through the Himalayas on the way to the state that he loved so much (J&K), I kept seeing him in the snow clad mountains and I was shedding silent tears…. But I think being cut off from the media and not hearing the news channels go on in high pitched commentry about him was actually a good thing.
    I could think of him in peace and quiet of the mountains.

    I am still very sad to know he is gone, but I think he is in a happier place. And he will live on in our hearts…. forever…

  82. Maybe unrelated to the original post, but I think you should watch Khel Khel Mein. A nice film, comedy in first part and thriller in second part. Interestingly Mithun Chakraborty debuted as an extra in that movie.

  83. I can imagine, how you feel!
    but he is in a better place now without the pain and sufferings.

    But especially for you, who had met him. it must be hard to say goodbye.
    Three hard blows in a year. You are a strong woman,memsaab!

  84. Another really lovely Shammi interview (The RKB Show)—might be the best I’ve seen yet. Part 1 is here:

  85. I wasn’t going to write or say anything about the great passing of Shammi ji. For me it was too painful. There are some people you wish would have lived for ever. I never met the man and yet for years he seemed to have had an amazing effect on people through his movies. He will surely be missed by millions who are NON ASIAN. One cannot forget the opening title song of An Evening in Paris (1967).
    He was to the ladies–A Romeo personified and the young fellas wanted to woo girls in that same fashion
    Who will ever forget Teesri Manzi(1966) My regret is not seeing more Shammi ji /Asha Parekh
    post Teesri Manzil. My other regret is that EROS Entertainment killed my joy by failing to add English Subtitle to the DVD Songs. Can anyone help with this problem?
    How can anyone forget Andaz 1971– I can NEVER forget the closing scenes how Shammi Ji confronted
    Achala Sachdev ( who played his mum in the movie) over past infidelity. (When she refused to accept Hema as a bride).
    Some of these Shammy’s Movies of the 60s where somehow way ahead of time. If released today they perhaps will give Shah Rukh Khan a run for his money.(lol).
    Memsaab i feel for you. I share the loss and memories with you. I am thankful that he lived a good and long lfe almost 80. Many Superstars left this world in their prime but our Shammy was so blessed. We all will miss him. What do you think?


    • “My other regret is that EROS Entertainment killed my joy by failing to add English Subtitle to the DVD Songs. Can anyone help with this problem?”

      Well, I have five subtitled on my channel at YouTube, although I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the translations:

      The fifth, the great Aaja Aaja, is blocked everywhere but India and Nepal by the geniuses at Eros:

  86. “Rajkumar”, indeed he is. In Shammi, people found a dream world that was far off from the reality; intoxicated with the magical tunes of OP Nayyar, SD Burman, and Shankar Jaikishan.

    And then he had Mohd Rafi, God’s own voice…

    Rafi and Shammi Kapoor = superhit songs

  87. As I respect my respect to Shammi, I also express my gratitude for building this virtual community of like minded people where we can share our sentiments and feelings.

    If one is not awrae, Youtune has many Shammi Kapoor Unplugged Videos where Shammi hshres some personal story. He is also a supernb strory teller.

    Here are couple of videos to get you started:

    Has anyone met this Haidkhan (or Herakhan) Babaji ?? I had just come to know about him recently(accidently thru Youtube Video). Couple of months ago, I was surprised to find this video where Shammiji is taking about Babaji as his Guru…. There are many videos about Babaji on Youtube and I would love to hear more from People who have met this Babaji. I am usually very sketical and cynical about Swamiji and Pundit type of folks. In this case, strangely I am getting curious enough to know more about him

    • I don’t know too much about him, although it’s an interesting story. Shammi surely cared a lot for him, and credits him with changing his life—and Shammi was no fool :) I am sure if you google his name you can find out more about him.

  88. So sorry Greta, I will be thinking of you and Shammi today! Be strong.

    • I see that his family along with Asha P, Sharmila Tagore and some others are taking his ashes to be immersed in Dal Lake, in Kashmir, which he made so famous. I think it’s lovely :)

      • The news about Shammi’s ashes being scattered in the Dal made me smile – it seems so appropriate. I remember being on the very same Dal in the summer of 1989 and our shikarawala regaling my cousins and I will tales of Shammi during the shooting of Kashmir Ki Kali. Sigh. Those were the days…

  89. Can’t believe that it has been over a year since we lost him in body. Just saw Rockstar and he was still such a star :) I made this fan video of him at youtube hope you all like it:

  90. Couple of days back i found out that a late release movie Chhote Sarkar exists. Wonders never cease.

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