Filmindia covers 1946

Work is interfering with my blogging time once again. So I’ll let Baburao Patel’s Filmindia magazines entertain us for a while.

Equating cigarette smoking with Paradise since 1946!

Can you imagine the reaction this kind of image on a Filmfare cover today would engender?

Have a smoke and dream of…Angel Boobies! What better way to while away your time?

Wonder if the movie Sona will ever see the light of day again? I would love to see a 1946 vintage Madan Puri!

I much prefer the movie advertising covers to the product advertising covers. Sona and another film called Naiyya made it to the back cover several times. I really enjoy the optimistic tone of this ad:

Love all these people crushed under the weight of a gold bar.

Naiyya looks like it could be interesting too. Don’t mess with the gods!

They just don’t make magazine covers like they used to. Or film posters, either! I haven’t been able to find out much about DB Neroy online (the artist responsible for many of these images, as well as the ones inside) although DD Neroy seems a more famous name (his son, perhaps?). SM Pandit is more well known, especially for his calendar art. These covers would make a wonderful book, don’t you think?

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29 Comments to “Filmindia covers 1946”

  1. A freind of mine collects cigarette packs and ads. I’m going to send him a link to this page. He will be in awe of the ads.

    Such great posters!
    so full of pathos!
    Love them!
    Thanks for the upload!

  2. Wine, poetry and cigs!! Heaven on earth :)

  3. Boobs in 1946 !?? So open !!! Mujhe kuch kuch yaad aa raha hai (That kind of rings a bell for me)


    Motilal….KL Saigal….me…..

    Yes !! I think I know what I was in my previous life !!!

    I lost Rs. 36,574.25 on a Saturday at a horse race !!!!

    Thanks a ton Greta for this miracle !! Mujhe sab kuch yaad aa gaya !!!

    Can anyone be more filmy than me? :-) No not even Mr. Moore can vouch for that :-D

  4. @Greta – Mazhar Khan appeared to be ruling the roost in 1946, but we hardly know of him today (at least I don’t). Strange, isn’t it? Do you know what became of him.

  5. I love the helpful little arrows pointing out the box-office dreams of Naiyya! Sort of reminding us that we really ought to go see it so it can have its Big Chance at the Big Screen etc. :)

  6. Such fun stuff! Thanks Greta.

    There’s Madhuri Dixit in Gold?

    I laughed out loud when I read “Panama – way to heaven”. Indeed, if you smoke you’ll be there sooner than the rest ;) No?

    I’m surprised they had these angels on cover in those times.

    • The angels didn’t surprise me, their state of undress did! ;-)) Interesting, how things change over the years, sometimes in ways one couldn’t imagine. I remember, when I was a kid there was this huge furore over an ad (for a sports shoe, as far as I recall) featuring Madhu Sapre, Milind Soman and a python, all mostly in the altogether. You couldn’t see much of the two human beings except arms and legs – but it still had all the ‘good people’ up in arms!

      • I’ve seen that ad, and think it’s quite beautiful and very tasteful. People just don’t have enough to do in their own lives, to be so concerned over everybody else’s!

        • “People just don’t have enough to do in their own lives, to be so concerned over everybody else’s!”

          *rolling eyes*. You hit the nail on the head, Greta. Whew, if I ended up making a list of everytime I’ve wanted to bop someone on the head because they had nothing better to do than point fingers….!

  7. These covers made my day, Memsaab!

  8. Madhuri AND Dixit :)

    I love looking at them too.

  9. Really nice Memsaab ! How I wish you could get more copies of these magazines…excellent really. For those interested, Mazhar Khan can be seen in “Nirala” opposite Madhubala but for me his best performance was in “Padosi” and “Pehli Nazar”. He died in 1950 and gets the credit for introducing Veena and Munawar Sultana in the early 40,s

  10. Great find Greta. Hope to see more vintage ads soon.

  11. Advertisements on front cover of a magazine, and that too advertisement of topless females ! Indian publications as well as movies were certainly far more open minded those days.

  12. More will be coming as soon as I find the time to scan them!

    Agree, Atul—publications, movies, many things (and not just in India) were much less prudish than today.

  13. Absolutely fab. What a time that was. Can you imagine the uproar today over the cigarettes, the boobies, all of it. :) I’m going to steal these.

  14. The first two ads are ideal for my brother’s blog on advertising. As for the other ads they make me nostalgic — no, no I am not that old but during the sixties film advertising hadn’t changed that much. Those were the days!

  15. Boobies in paintings and sculptures were/are always acceptable, but I think then and now ‘real’ boobies would have raised objections.

    The cigarette ad is very sexist. Imagine thinking of women (showing boobies) and cigarettes in one same breath (of smoke)!
    I would have preferred cigarettes and an x-ray picture of her brain. :-D

  16. totally fantastically fascinating….ok, you get my meaning.

  17. Have you seen the new Filmfare? It’s a collector’s edition that seems to have primarily collected ads but hidden in the middle are some great candids.

  18. ….love these ads…guys if anyone know how to access the first motion picture of India Rajah Harishchanardas, I believe, please share it….
    I would love to see the first Film/Photos…I have seen that movie on tv but it is not surfing on the internet…


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