We are two!

Perhaps it’s too self-indulgent to celebrate one’s blog’s second birthday, but I am nothing if not self-indulgent so I’ll do it anyway, with this from Cha Cha Cha:

Everybody do the Indian Twist with Dara!


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35 Comments to “We are two!”

  1. Happy Burday To You!!!! And many many happy returns.

    Thanks for lighting up the blogging world with your fun posts and lovely pics. Here’s to more and more blog posts and lots more twist on MemsaabStory!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!

    Tum aur tumahra blog jiye hazaro saal aur saal ke din ho pachchas hazar!
    (may you live for thousand years and each year have 50,000 days!)
    from Sujata.

  3. happy birthday!!! may you life veeeery long!

  4. A very happy, happy second birthday!! Memsaab, you truley make my day with each new blog entry!! I wish you many more such happy birthdays.

  5. memsaab…Happy Birthday…”I would like you to dance
    take a CHA CHA CHA Chance” :)

    You say it’s your birthday
    It’s my birthday too, yeah
    They say it’s your birthday
    We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you.

    Yes we’re going to a party party
    Yes we’re going to a party party
    Yes we’re going to a party party

    I would like you to dance (Birthday)
    Take a CHA-CHA-CHA-chance (Birthday)
    I would like you to dance (Birthday)

    I would like you to dance (Birthday)
    Take a CHA-CHA-CHA-chance (Birthday)
    I would like you to dance (Birthday)

    You say it’s your birthday
    Well it’s my birthday too, yeah
    You say it’s your birthday
    We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you.

    – Lennon/McCartney.

  6. Can’t find my original choice (Ashok Kumar, I think singin Hum bhi agar bachche hote), so I’ll just leave you with youtube’s choice

    : )

  7. Now see, this is why I like being self-indulgent :-D Thanks, all of you. I’m really happy that you come here and comment and teach me new things about Hindi cinema and share in the joys and sorrows of it all—I feel very lucky!

  8. Believe it or not, being in a very jolly mood today, I sang …**Happy Birthday**…… along with the ‘crowd’. :-)

    I’m looking forward to further good times here with all the fun of your reviews and other trivia!

  9. A very happy birthday to Memsaabstory and many thanks to its Memsaab :-)

  10. Happy Birthday!!

    Here’s to smiles, perceived and reflected by you :)

  11. I’ll just sing “Happy Birthday” in the ubiquitous off-key style of most fillums. Cover your ears!

  12. Yay! The terrible twos! Congratulations, Memsaab. Looking forward to reading your fab commentary for years to come.

  13. Happy Birthday Memsaab over 220+ films and counting, its always a pleasure coming here, i never tire of going through your a-z film reviews, no surprise its one of your most read items

  14. Happy second birthday baby! I am sure you are too full of cakes and lollies from all the greetings!

    Keep blogging and light up the world!

  15. Zordaar Taaliyaan! Congrats, Memsaab. :)

  16. Happy Birthday! And look forward to many many more. Just read about Khazanchi. Have seen it years ago and now feel like seeing it again. Cheers!

  17. Thank you all again :-) I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stick with a blog (I am very good at starting things, not so great at following through!)…thanks to all of you it’s been a lot of fun!

  18. Happy Birthday Memsaab! In your honor:

  19. I too want to see this movie just for Balraj Sahani and songs. I think it is a kind of soppy movie from what i hear. haven’t seen it yet

  20. Oh dear, how did I miss this post? Anyway, belated happy birthday and may you continue to entertain us, educate us and astound us for a long, long time to come! (And may you find many more Ted Lyons appearances in many more films!)

  21. So the blog is two years old. It is like watching a baby grow. and this baby has shaped up so well. The blog is a must read for me everyday and if I am unable to visit for a few days, I have a huge backlog of posts to cover.

    And the amount of information on old movies that I have gained from this site is just mindboggling.

    And I have not yet talked about the fun observation about facts that many of us missed out when we first watched these movies ( in case we did it in the first place).

  22. Happy birthday. How could your blog be only two years old? It seems like such a well advanced resource in this niche that we share. I’ve always looked at it as something of an institution. Of course, I mean that in the best sense of the word. :)

  23. Aw, thanks Richard :-) I’m in good company, after all!

  24. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day yaar!

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