Trivia time #36

Who can tell me the singer, music director and film name/year for this song?

And also: all my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for good luck at the Oscars tonight, especially for AR Rahman!

The answer is, as the Bollywood Fan (well, a friend of his) and bollyviewer knew: Raj Kapoor singing in the 1947 film Dil Ki Rani, music director was SD Burman composing music for what I believe was his fourth Hindi film.

I thought this evening that it would be nice to visit Hindi film music as it was 62 years ago, and may music forever be a part of Indian films!

Edited to add as the evening goes by:

  • Simon Beaufoy wins for Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Anthony Dod Mantle for Best Cinematography
  • Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty (yay Banno’s batchmate!!!!—who also gave a very sweet acceptance speech) for Best Sound Mixing
  • Chris Dickens for Best Film Editing (richly richly deserved, IMO)
  • AR Rahman for Best Score! yeah baby! and he said: “Mere paas Maa hai” at the beginning of his speech (how I love him)
  • AR Rahman and Gulzar for Best Song “Jai Ho”…Memsaab khush hua (may I add that both of his speeches were short and sweet, just like he is)…
  • Danny Boyle for Best Director!!!
  • BEST PICTURE!!!!!!!

I’m going to bed now, but I’m very very very proud and happy. Jai ho!

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19 Comments to “Trivia time #36”

  1. Okay, I must admit I cheated, but I’m at an Oscar watch party, and one of the experts on oldies is certain it’s Raj Kapoor singing in Dil Ki Rani (1947). He seems slightly less certain that the music is by S. D. Burman.

  2. I see theBollywoodFan beat me to it! The year is 1947, lyricist is Y. N. Joshi, and the music director is S. D. Burman (credited as Kumar Sachindra Deo Varman). The cast doesnt have any singers credited so I am assuming that means all actors were singing for themselves – which means RK was singing for himself and Madhubala for herself.

    I hope you mean to write about the movie. I got it for Madhubala and ten minutes into the film, RK is already getting on my nerves (inspite of his great singing)! But I’d still want to know all about it.

  3. tBF: You are in good company indeed!!!! And SD Burman is absolutely correct :)

    bollyviewer: I am not surprised that you have so much detail to contribute! Madhubala didn’t sing for herself though…Geeta Dutt sang for her in probably one of her first movies. I was surprised to know that RK sang in several films!

    AKNYC: She looks gorgeous, and I love that the kids are all pestering the big stars for their autographs (and getting them!)…

  4. Im watching Im watching… Frieda is wearing this really gorgeous dress. I want to be skinny and wear that dress.

  5. Now I want to be skinny and wear Anne Hathaway’s dress…. oh the choices!

  6. I like my mac ‘n cheese, so I will go with an Omar The Tent-Maker original. It’s all about the JEWELRY, anyway, which never ever doesn’t fit!

  7. Okay Banno, I want to meet him and see his Oscar when I come to Bombay next time! :))))

  8. oooh am so happy for ARR…couldn’t watch them live at the end, as it was 2 am in the morning and we had been hiking all day so….

  9. Congrats to everyone and I felt really the most happy for A R Rahman :)

  10. wow gulzar won an oscar!

  11. It was great to see them all up there. The kids were just so adorable, pestering everyone for autographs. I hope they had a great time. ARR and Resul gave such lovely acceptance speeches too.

    And who knew Raj Kapoor could sing? Am I the last to find out as usual?? :-)

  12. The book on Nargis I’m reading claims that people thought RK was going to become a music director when he first started out. (And I’m sure a celebrity bio is an impeccable source).

  13. I’d heard RK’s singing in his stage appearances but had no idea he’d actually sung in movies, too! Any idea who’s singing for Madhubala in this movie?

  14. did you notice his nod to masala in the acceptance speech…”mere paas ma hai” :))

  15. That song is available as a duet with Geeta Roy(later Dutt) as well!

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