Trivia time #35


In what film does Hema Malini sing a song holding a little doll, which then comes alive (as a miniature Hema) and sings along with her?


This trivia is timed for those of you on the other side of the world who didn’t have a chance at the last oneĀ :-) Bonus points if you can tell me the name of the song and the hero (also in doll and human form) who joins in!

website statisticsSongmeister Atul is correct—the film is Bhai Ho To Aisa—and he’s kindly added in some of the lyrics in his comments below! Thanks to Bollyviewer for a link to the song on YouTube as well! Jeetendra was the hero, and he had a little doll too which came to life. I loved the film, by my favorite director Manmohan Desai. Review coming soon!

13 Comments to “Trivia time #35”

  1. My Sherlock Holmes like duductions tell me that it has to be “Bhai Ho to Aisa” and the song is “bol meri gudiya iraada tera kya hai” sung by Lata and Kishore Kumar.

    Jeetendra was the hero, who joins in the song. He was not called Jumping jack for nothing !

  2. The precise lyrics being
    “Bol meri gudiya gudde ke sang jaayegi
    jaake piya pyaare ka angnaa basaayegi
    gudde se kahdo main hoon matwaali
    resham me lipti phoolon ki daali” etc etc

  3. And here’s the song. Thanks for refreshing memories, memsaab. I remember seeing this on TV as a kid and always wished my dolls would do it, too!

  4. Atul is right! I too remember seeing this as a kid

  5. would be great to make a list of songs, where dolls and or puppets start singing!
    There are so many of them, but I can’t recall any specifically.
    Kathputli with Vyjayanthimala should surely have one and of course paheli

  6. Interesting idea, harvey! Here’s my two cents: “Jahaan main jaati hoon waheen chale aate ho” from Chori Chori, in which two puppets that Nargis and Raj Kapoor are watching become them.

    BTW, memsaab: So do we get to read a review of this film? :) *hint*

  7. Great song and question. And Atul went on to tackle the song here:

    If I were a kid in India at the time of this movie, I wold have gone mad, dropped out of school and got a job sweeping floors in the movie house where this played in order to see it again and again. LOVE IT!

  8. This reminded me of another Raj Kapoor scene, the song with Raju and his joker doll in Mera Naam Joker (“Jane Kahan Gaye Woh Din”):

  9. I see that there may be a need for a puppet/doll song post, as harvey suggested. And I just realized leaving a comment for Atul at his blog, that my interest in India was sparked early on in my childhood indirectly by a doll; I had a View Master reel (remember those?) where Barbie took a trip around the world, and one of her stops was in India at the Taj Mahal. She was dressed in a sari, and I thought I had never seen anything more beautiful than that picture (the Taj Mahal, the sari—my little childish dil went *ooooooh!!!!*) :-)

  10. Eeek, I must see this one! Where do you suppose I could get the DVD? (My usual supplier Nehaflix doesn’t seem to stock it..)

  11. sitaji: I surely will as soon as I have time!

    veracious: It took me forever to find it, and I just can’t recommend the seller…it was painful. But it is on YouTube, see Richard S’s comment with the link under the film review.

  12. The song may be something like –

    “Bol meri gudiya gudde ke sang jaayegi
    jaake piya pyaare ka angnaa basaayegi
    gudde se kahdo main hoon matwaali
    resham me lipti phoolon ki daali….”

    Bollywood News

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