I am proximate


“This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY – nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

Banno, whose writing and photography I adore, and whose film I am dying to see when she subtitles it (hint, hint) has given me this sweet award. I had no idea when I started blogging that my world would grow so immensely. So here are some of those (and there are many more of you, but I only can pick eight) I’m particularly happy to have become acquainted with virtually and hope to meet someday personally!

Third Floor Music: PC claims not to watch Hindi movies, but I know that he does. Hopefully one of these days he’ll write about some of them, but in the meantime he posts original soundtracks to Hindi films which he’s ripped from vinyl form. That’s a lot of hard work, and PC—I appreciate it more than you know.

Indiequill: Amrita is funny, articulate and intelligent. I’d like to meet her relatives too, who sound like a bunch I would really have fun with. Kohl-smearers! Bra-burners!

Briyanshu’s Bollywood Butt Blog: A hilarious—and lingering—look at the butts of Bollywood courtesy of Briyanshu, who during his long and illustrious career at drooling over handsome Indian actors and cricket players has also absorbed an awful lot of knowledge about those secondary actors, extras and backup dancers the rest of us barely notice. Sadly, he doesn’t know much about the actresses (except his first mother-in-law Nutan) who are always getting in the way of his screen caps.

Diedangerdiediekill: Todd has made me realize that it is possible to be both lowbrow and intelligent! Thank you Todd, for making a love of Dara Singh and bad B-movie special effects cool.

thechasingiamb (or why you should not pick blog names in a hurry): Tehelka writer Nisha Susan’s blog, full of interesting and eclectic links and opinions. There’s a reason she writes for India’s best (in my opinion) magazine!

dustedoff: Another fan of the golden oldies (Bolly and Holly), she has (finally) started up her own blog which is now reminding me of some of my childhood films!

Filmi Geek: Carla’s exceptionally erudite blog which has fallen silent of late (because she has a life). Let’s start pestering her to write again! I know she’s watched at least a few films she hasn’t written up yet, because I watched them with her. Plus, she shares her hookah with me.

Post-Punk Cinema Club: Managing to be hysterically funny and insightful at the same time cannot be easy, but the ppcc makes it look effortless!

25 Comments to “I am proximate”

  1. Congrats, Memsaab! The “Proximity” award couldnt have gone to a more charming blog or a friendlier blogger.

  2. Oh you are nice, bollyviewer :-) I love your blog too, and hope we can meet up in person one of these days!

  3. Awww, Memsaab, thanks! Love you too! :)

    *feels warm and cuddly*

  4. And thank you, memsaab – that’s so sweet of you! But you’re the inspiration behind me beginning to blog anyway… and what a coincidence: I know Nisha Susan, and think she’s such an absolutely amazing writer too! *hug to you, and may you have a lovely weekend*

  5. Yay! It’s a day full of blogosphere-love!

    Hugs for everyone!

    And we all love you too, Memsaab :) What would I do without your hilarious write ups of films I’ll never get around to seeing…

  6. ppcc: remember this when you are a famous Bollywood script writer :-)

    dustedoff: Oh, I want to meet Nisha. She is funny and smart, my favorite kind of person.

    Filmi Girl: I’m v.v. glad I’ve gotten to meet you in person already, you podcasting gossip girl extraordinaire!

  7. Awesome; out of all those blogs I only read 3 on a regular basis, so that gives me much more reading material. Whoo-hoo!

  8. It was hard to pick just eight, but my sidebar has lots of good reads too ;-)

  9. I have to check out all these now!

  10. Actually, I am interested in prizes and self-aggrandizement, which makes me appreciate this award all the more. Thanks Memsaab. It’s an honor to be in such good company.

  11. That’s why I love you, Todd, that’s why I love you :-) That, and the Dara Singh and B-movies thing.

  12. awwww the best award for the best Shammi-converting fan! Lol I’ll send for a humungo hug from snowing(your snow foreshadowing was great) Vancouver, and a BARSAAT CRY full of pyar!

  13. I do so not watch Hindi movies!!
    Oh alright, once in a while then…

    Thank you :-)
    PC xx

  14. So you have won an award ! Congratulations, even though I must admit knowing nothing about this award and so my congratulation is that of an ignoramus than that of a person in the know. And I know for sure that you fully deserve this award.

  15. Hehe. Great. Am going now to follow up all those links.

  16. Rum: Shammi does not need my help! But a big snowy hug to you :-)

    PC: You do! you know you do (and it’s okay *hug* to you too)

    Atul: Well, I love your blog and it’s award winning in my book

    Banno: We can discuss them when we meet :-)

  17. Awww *blush*
    Thanks Memsaab! This my early christmas present.

  18. Congatulations to a most worthy awardee! Between your blog and those blogs that you link to, it is a wonder I ever leave my computer!

  19. Oooh, great new additions to my reading list. And I’m so glad Briyanshu might get some more publicity this way! That site is a hoot.

  20. Amrita: I love reading your blog. Truly!

    Mike: Thanks :) (why would you want to leave your computer?)…

    Beth: Yes, Briyanshu is a riot, and I always love finding people more obsessive than I am!

  21. Congatulations u r great memsaab

  22. Thanks, Memsaab!! You summed me up perfectly! lol To a T. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll have a Women of Bollywood post or two – someday after I run out of guys. :)

    Thanks again, you’re the best!!

  23. Briyanshu, I have spent enough happy hours on your blog to understand you perfectly :) Keep on posting those screen caps—and hilarious comments—we can ALL enjoy them!


    thanks memsaab


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