Trivia time #25

Bollywood evening on Wednesdays with Carla is becoming a tradition. Yay! Last night we watched a film in which this actress appeared, and trying to come up with her name was driving me insane. Of course I woke up at 3 am with it at the front of my brain, finally.

Her career spanned 40+ years. Who is she?

Bollyviewer and Shweta got this one: she is Protima (or Pratima) Devi. She was in films from the early 1940’s until the early 1980’s. I always like to see her because she has a dignity and presence when she’s onscreen that is very unique to her. She plays Kishore Kumar’s mother in this film, Dilli Ka Thug (1958).

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11 Comments to “Trivia time #25”

  1. Ah, so you want a clue, do you? Okay. The film is “Dilli Ka Thug” with Kishore Kumar and Nutan.

  2. Is it lalita pawar..or minu mumtaz or smriti biswas
    search results courtesy – Google

  3. Leela Chutnis?

  4. I think it is Pratima Devi.

  5. Protima Devi! I 2nd Bollyviewer :)

  6. Yay Bollyviewer and Shweta. She is Protima Devi. She started acting in the early 40’s (according to imdb, which is not admittedly very accurate—in fact, they don’t even list her as part of the cast for this film) and did her last film in the early 1980’s! So this one is only about halfway (not even) through her career!

  7. I’m sorry to intrude in this trivia post esp. when I haven’t got a clue but Gretaji you must see/listen to these:

    here are two lovely numbers from ‘The Lord of the Rings—Musical’ which were composed collaboratively by A.R.R and finnish group Vartinna.Give them a listen—you won’t be sorry!:

  8. Is this a new Broadway/West End show or something? I will definitely check them out, thanks.

    Edited to add: very beautiful songs! I never would have guessed ARR was part of it though. And I see it is/was a London production (I’m not really much of a theater-goer so woefully ignorant!).

  9. I watched naukri and proffessor both had a striking old lady playing mother of heroes..would like to know more about her. her name is pratima devi.
    it is amazing such gems are lost forever and there is no information anywhere on web.

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