This is my dog:

This is my dog with a cat in the house:

This is the cat:


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9 Comments to “Cat-sitting”

  1. Whose cat?

  2. A friend’s…he’s lovely, but refuses to come out from under my bed…Gemma is just crazed. She wants a go at his food in the worst way.

  3. It’s probably battle of the sexes.

  4. Excellent! That second picture shows such anticipation and a thrilling need to play. Poor little cat just doen’t understand it. Poor little dog dosesn’t understand why that other thing won’t play.

    Have you ever looked at cute overload?
    One of my favorite time using sites EVER. Consider yourself warned:

  5. or species :-)

    Gemma definitely wants his FOOD, I don’t know about playing. I don’t think he’s afraid of her, just a little traumatized at being in a strange house. He also has cancer and has been through surgery and radiation recently. Poor little guy.

    They’ve met before on his turf and Gemma has given him a wide berth and pretended she couldn’t see him, as she normally does with cats (’cause she’s SMART). I guess now that he’s on her home territory the rules are a little different.

    I may have to do some sort of zoological treatise when it’s all over.

  6. OMG Gemma is adorable. And her expression in the second one reminds one of the lolseal: SUMFING BRUSHED MY LEG!

  7. Okay, I am not the biggest fan of the whole LOLcats thing…but that seal pic is HIGH-larious. “Mebbeh it was a kitteh” indeed.

  8. See, Memsaab? That’s why we like LOLcats! The animal pictures!

  9. I just prefer my animal pictures unsullied by bad spelling and cutesy phrases…although LOLcats do make me laugh on occasion (see ppcc link above) :-)

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