Trivia time #15

These screenshots show an actress and an actor who play husband and wife in this film. Who are they, and what is the name of the film (hint: the actor plays the title character)?



Our winner is Shweta, with a big assist from v9y and Carla. I thought this was a difficult one, but guess I will need to try harder!

The movie is Halaku (1956). Pran plays Halaku, a Mongol conqueror of Iran, who falls in love with Meena Kumari. This doesn’t go down well with his wife (Veena) or Meena’s beloved (Ajit, in one of his early hero roles, before he became a stock villain). The music by Shankar Jaikishan is beautiful, and Helen and Minoo Mumtaz have a dance together too!


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14 Comments to “Trivia time #15”

  1. To not take pleasure of solving away from others, here are my cryptic answers. You will know if they are right.

    Both the actor and the actress have two Hindi consonants in their names, one of which is ण. The movie’s anagram could be Kuhala.

  2. You are of course right :-) Thanks for the extra hints…the actor should be relatively easy for people, but the actress and film not so much…

  3. Is the actress Veena? It’s so hard to tell from one picture.

  4. Yes! She is Veena.

  5. And the movie is Halaku – 1956!!!

  6. Verrrrry good!!!!! :-)

  7. Awesome! I don’t recognize Pran even after being told that’s who it is – I just can’t see him in that face, maybe it’s the makeup. But Veena is one of my all-time favorite filmi faces.

  8. I love Veena too, think she is gorgeous. She so very often plays negative characters, as of course did Pran; but in this film she is very sympathetic and Pran is not a bad guy either. It’s a nice change of pace for both of them.

  9. You are right about the music. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear or see the name “Halaku” is the absolutely wonderful Rafi, Lata duet – “aajaa ki intazaar me.n”.

  10. I love Ajit when he plays hero- he was so so good looking before he became the 70s villain… pn the other hand, because of all her -ve roles, Venna scare sme somewhat :D

  11. She’s good here, so watch this one. Ajit is very handsome and Meena looks beautiful too.

  12. Oh this looks fantastic! I LOVE Pran! Thanks for posting this.

  13. The man would be Pran, no?

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