If this is wrong I don’t want to be right

I got some gourmet dog cookies for Gemma. They are delicious. They taste like ginger snaps, and go perfectly with a cup of chai.

Should I worry that I’m eating my dog’s cookies? And don’t want to share?


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4 Comments to “If this is wrong I don’t want to be right”

  1. Perhaps it’s time to go to the grocery store (for humans).

    Poor Gemma!

  2. They are GOURMET cookies, with all-human type ingredients (like flour, eggs and molasses) (and no preservatives!).

    I bet you would like them :-)

  3. Gourmet or not, these are dog biscuits for a reason, e.g. the ingredients aren’t cut and washed, some health and hygiene regulations [for humans] are overlooked etc etc.

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